Spores: The Nemesis Within 11

Updated on May 8, 2020
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Mixing different strains of spores can be deadly!
Mixing different strains of spores can be deadly!

A Master of Manipulation …

Jeremy has been in confinement for over three weeks now. At first he had to be restricted to the Containment Chamber because of his passive/aggressive behavior. His meals consisted of meat cooked medium rare, a toss salad and a milkshake that contains a calming agent. His hair and his nail have to be cut often, the latter being extremely sharp. Two armed security guards have been posted at his Containment Chamber and he still makes growling sounds when he is upset.

Janice Cooper has been assisting her cousin through this seemingly trying time however, Shirley Woodard is holding up exceptionally well.

“I must admit Shirl, you have been handling this far better than I would have. I mean—I would have been an emotional wreck.” Janice says incredulously.

“To be perfectly honest, it all happened so fast. Jeremy has a way of manipulating people when he feels that it will be in his benefit.” Shirley justifies.

“If you weren’t 100% sure about his feelings, why on earth did you agree to marry him, Shirl?” Janice inquires.

“A part of me wanted it to be real. His handsome, intellectual charm is an ambrosia. I said before, he can be quite convincing.” Shirley states.

“Actually, the word you used was manipulative—did you suspect that he was doing that to you?” Janice questions.

“Maybe. I saw him a couple of times talking with one of the technicians, Debra Beechman. I’d ask him about it, and he would always say that it was in the line of business.” Shirley says.

“She did work in Research and Development, Shirl. Hey, wait a minute—” Janice pauses.

“What is it Janice?” Shirl asks in excitement.

“Debra was in charge of extracting blood specimens from the alpha wolf. It would have been easy for her to give Jeremy a sample for his private research. I bet that he put the protein of the alpha into his Advanced LX-90.” Janice deduces.

“That would definitely explain his wild behavior. But to what extend does the serum have on him? Would it turn him into some type of half-man, half-wolf hybrid?” Both Shirley and Janice stand up simultaneously in the Albertson Lounge. Neither says a word.

“Is this some kind of girl thing?” Nelson jokes as he enters the Lounge with a Chef Salad. Then the ladies turn to him and tell what they think. Nelson drops his fork.

“I think you may be on to something. My family never did have a shortage of brain-power.” Nelsons responds and the three of them laugh.

“But before we give this information to Ben, I think we need to have a little talk with Debra.” Shirley suggests and the other two agree.

Several minutes later, they enter the Albertson Pharmaceutical Laboratories Research and Development Section. It is beautiful, with high-end equipment, separate workspaces for each Research Specialist and a discrete area where the wolves reside in an environment that would be conducive to their habitat.

For moments, the three just stare until the subject of their investigation approaches them.

“Hey Dr. Cooper! What brings you down here with Janice and Shirley? Is it family hour or something?” The spunky redhead replies, focusing her attention more on Nelson than the others.

“We want to ask you some questions.” Nelson takes the lead.

“I’m rather busy right now.” Debra suspects that something is amiss.

“Your continued services here will depend on it. If you cooperate, I will make sure that you won’t be dismissed.” Nelson reassures her.

“Oh—so you found out?” Her normal sunny disposition becomes cloudy.

“What is it that you think we found out?” Shirley queries.

All kinds of discoveries can be made in the Research and Development Lab!
All kinds of discoveries can be made in the Research and Development Lab!

“You know that I allowed Jeremy to use my passkey to enter the Wolfen Habitat, don’t you?” Debra responds sheepishly.

“Why would you do that, Debra?” Janice interrogates.

“He said it was necessary for the further development of a critical project he was on. He swore me to secrecy because it came straight from General Evans himself. He said that I could get dismissed if I refused and that he would personally file a complaint against me if I didn’t adhere to his orders.” By this time Debra is at the point of tears.

“Don’t worry Debra. I know how persuasive Jeremiah Evans can be. It was a lie. He was performing experiments that were not sanctioned by anyone, less known the General.” Shirley tries to comfort the girl.

“I was so scared every time he came in here. No one questioned him because he was your assistant, Dr. Cooper.” Debra is crying.

“It’s alright, Debra. We are going to try to undo the damage that Dr. Evans has caused. I don’t know if we can—but we are going to try.” Nelson reassures the frighten girl.

“Will I be dismissed from my post?’ Debra receives a tissue from Janice and begins to dab at her eyes.

“Please don’t hold it against her, Nelson. Again, I know how it feels to fall under the spell of Dr. Irresistible. I was engaged to him.” Shirley reminds her cousin.

“I know. I will have to make Ben aware of this information and of course it will be up to him. He’s in his office now. For the time being, just get back to work Debra. We will take it from here. However, in the future make sure that you verify what anyone tells you. Especially in regards to anything that is not normally their functionality, understand?” Nelson first replies harshly, then smiles.

“Yes sir, Dr. Cooper.” Debra manages to smile back and rushes back to continue her work.

“What are you going to do, Nelson?” Janice asks.

“Have a talk with Ben. Give him the facts as we know them. Then hope he will be as understanding toward Debra as I am. However, the real problem is what are we going to do about Jeremy.” Nelson looks first at his sister, then at his cousin. He turns slowly and heads toward Ben’s office.

A tap on the door and Nelson hears Ben’s voice.

“Come in. Hey Nel—by the look on your face this is not a social visit. You know, you are going to have to stop coming to see me if you are about to unload a truck full of problems in my lap.” Ben jesters.

“I’ve just finished talking with Debra Beechman.” Nelson flops into the closest chair, feeling the full weight of his 38 years.

“Nice kid—a bit on the energetic side but she really loves her work.” Ben compliments.

“Allow me to tell you what I’ve learned from her.” Nelson gives him a cold serious look which makes Ben stop in his tracks.

“What’s wrong, Nelson?” Ben then returns to his executive chair and becomes the professional.

Nelson starts first with the assumptions of both Shirley and Janice. Then he continues with his interrogation of Debra, ending with his astonishing conclusions.

“He has been using the protein spores of the alpha wolf to accelerate the process. What a brilliant mind—but why the hell did he have to try it out on himself?” Ben is in absolute disbelief.

“Because he wanted to turn himself into some kind of a super freak?” Nelson tosses his hands into the air.

“I am just wondering if the process can be reversed. It’s just no telling what all this maniac has put together. We may have to start looking for signs of his losing his humanity.” Ben answers.

“I’ve heard tell of strange occurrences up in the Northern Lands. Have you ever heard of lycanthropy disease?” Ben leans over in his chair.

“Well—explain it!”

“It is a widespread disease of the blood that has many strains. In lycanthropy there are serious changes of the human body. Infected individuals are known as lycanthropes.” Nelson explains.

“In what way do they change, Nelson.” Ben further probes.

“They become a werewolf!” Ben almost falls out of his chair.

To Be Continued ...

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      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        2 weeks ago from Memphis

        He was caught up in the moment. The fame, the fortune and impressing Dr. Nelson and Dr. Riley. Jeremy is much too impulsive to see the big picture. It just finally caught up with him!

      • DreamerMeg profile image


        2 weeks ago from Northern Ireland

        He may not find the changes so undesirable, surely he knew of the possibility? But then, maybe not and maybe he thought it wouldn't happen to him? Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        2 weeks ago from Memphis

        Jeremy's reckless behavior can definitely lead to very undesirable consequences!


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