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Spores: The Nemeses Within 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The implications of such a drug as LZ-90_2 is phenomenal.

The implications of such a drug as LZ-90_2 is phenomenal.

That’s My Business ...

The Aces & Eights is the “in” place for patrons in Thomasville. There you can meet with old friends in the Cavalier Lounge. You can have an interesting business meeting in the Executive Dining Suite, or an intimate dinner in the Rendezvous Room. Ben, Nelson and Hilton definitely enjoy relaxing in the Cavalier. Dottie has become their favorite hostess.

“Hello boys, haven’t seen you for a while.” The subtle siren greets them in her husky voice.

“Dottie, you know that we’ve been busy.” Nelson offers, giving her a knowing wink. “What’s been happening?”

As Dottie seats them in a corner booth, she bends over to whisper. “Your boy Dr. Evans has been frequenting here lately.”

“Dottie, this is the best hostelry in town.” Ben remarks which pleases Dottie Brewster very much. Her husband Phil started the place when the only steady customers were a couple of ground squirrels. The two of them built it into a very successful tavern/guest house.

“Nelson told me to keep an eye out and I’ve got to say these brown eyes have been very busy.” Dottie smiles down at Ben.

“How so, Dot?” Hilton chimes in.

“Ever since you guys took up residence in Albertson Pharmaceuticals Jeremy comes in about 9:00 pm, have a couple of beers and then heads upstairs.” Dottie is still speaking in a low voice. A few new customers mosey on in and she motions to one of her other servers to handle them.

“Go on honey.” Nelson probes. A bit of a flirt himself, he never misses the opportunity of being cordial to the owner.

“Anyway, we’ve got this tenant upstairs. His name is Ian. Talks with a bit of an accent. Jeremy is up there sometimes until almost closing.” Dottie says as she hands the men a menu.

Ben is a seafood lover; Hilton is more a meat-and-potatoes man while Nelson is strictly vegetarian. It’s interesting that three men who share such close alliances would have such variations in food and women. Ben and Nelson are single and relish an occasional wild fling. However, Hilton is happily married with two year old twin sons.

After Dottie puts in their orders, she returns with three complimentary Space Barley by Sapporo© beers. After the men express their gratitude, she continues her previous conversation.

“I don’t mind treating my favorite customers to the very best.” Dottie smiles. “But like I was saying, Jeremy spends a lot of time up there. I don’t know what they are up to but knowing the reputation of the General’s favorite boy—it can’t be very good.”

“I’ve often wondered why the General is so tolerant of Jeremy.” Ben remarks.

“Some say it’s because of Jeremy’s mother. I’ve heard Thomas Evans was really sweet on that woman but then she married his brother.” Dottie is the last word on gossip—past and present.

“He does kinda favors the General, doesn’t he.” Nelson jokes and brings a round of laugh out of everyone in the booth.

“I’ve wondered about that myself. At any rate, I’ve heard that Tom Evans is getting fed up with Jeremy’s antics. Enough! I’ve got other tables to attend to, guys. Even though I’m the owner I’m busier than the rest.” Giving Nelson a platonic kiss on the forehead, Dottie sways off to accommodate other guest.

“That’s an interesting bit of news.” Nelson says wiping is mouth.

“Well I, for one, am not sitting around, waiting on Jeremy to show up. I’ve heard enough about that fellow for one day. I just want to relax, enjoy a nice meal then return to my wife and kids at home.” Hilton replies.

“Sounds good to me.” Both Nelson and Ben recite.

Dottie Brewster is not only a shrewd entrepreneur, she is also a good judge of character!

Dottie Brewster is not only a shrewd entrepreneur, she is also a good judge of character!

After a gracious meal, the doctors are ready to call it a day but not before leaving a hefty tip for Dottie. Ben and Nelson head for home on the west-end of town while Hilton heads for the north to give the wife a much deserved break. The sun is going down, and night is rapidly approaching.

Meanwhile ...

Jeremy has enjoyed a nice nap and is now anxious to meet with his friend Ian. Brushing his hair back into a stylist coiffure, Jeremy stands back to admire his handiwork.

“Perfect!” He affirms to his reflection. Then he grabs his sports jacket and heads toward the door. He stops suddenly remembering that he has forgotten the most important item—his vails. Opening the refrigerator, he retrieves the serum and put the vials into a metal thermos.

“It’s really not a good idea having them in my refrigerator loose like that. It’s no telling what they could have been exposed to. I’ll have to see if Ian will let me keep them in his portable refrigerator. He really doesn’t use it and I can try to get the necessary supplies I need from Heinrich to start my own test.” Jeremy thinks aloud. With everything in readiness, Jeremy gets into his Jaguar and journeys toward Aces & Eights.

About twenty minutes later, Jeremy is parking in the back lot and walks around toward the front of the building. Looking cautiously once again, he believes he sees a shadow of a man within the trees. He thinks aloud again.

“I know I’m not crazy. I bet that bastard Dr. Riley has someone tailing me. They just don’t trust me, do they?” Jeremy begins to chuckle at his own comment. Of course, they don't trust him, duh!

When Jeremy gets inside the building, Dottie is there to greet him. By this time there are not that many people in the place. After all, it is the beginning of a working week.

“Jeremy, can I help you, tonight?” Dottie ask quite innocently.

“Just the usually honey. A cup of coffee, a small salad and a roast beef sandwich. It’s quiet tonight, huh?” Jeremy makes small conversation.

“It’s Monday, Jeremy. People are adjusting to the beginnings of yet another workweek.” Dottie reminds him in her usual husky voice. She gives Jeremy a friendly smile, hoping to loosen him up a little.

“Tell me about it. It’s only Monday and I just can’t wait until Friday.” Jeremy laments.

“Having a rough time of it, sugar.” Dottie says as she hand signals to one of her long-term servers what is needed at this table and that she will be there for a minute. Gladys nods as she knows her boss very well.

“Yeah, those jerks at Albertson Pharmaceuticals are just a bunch of losers. I have great ideas and they knock them down before they can leave the launch pad.” Jeremy laments.

“Aw sugar, everything works out in the end.” Dottie puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles again.

“You bet your ass they do—oh sorry Dottie!” Jeremy apologizes because there is a strict no profanity rule at the Aces & Eights.

“I’ll let you slide this time, Jeremy but you know the rules.” Dottie reprimands him.

“Gee thanks Dottie. I wish my mum were as understand as you are.” Jeremy replies, failing to note the winch Dottie displays when being compared to someone’s mother.

“Here’s your meal. Hey, what did you mean when you made that comment anyway?” Dottie asks.

“Ha, ha wouldn’t you like to know. All I’m saying is that I’ve got something in this case that will make me one happy camper.” Jeremy brags patting the satchel beside him as he eats his meal. When he’s done he hurries upstairs clutching the black bag close against his chest.

A man sitting in the shadows of the room notes the entire scene.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Nemeses Within 8

  • Spores: The Nemeses Within 8
    The identities of both The Boss and The Shadow are revealed. Jeremy has definitely “bitten off more than he can chew.” Dr. Benjamin Riley finds out about Jeremy’s secret life. Dr. Nelson Cooper’s cousin, Shirley Woodard has made some discoveries, too

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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