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Spores: The Nemeses Within 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Just a matter of time ...

Just a matter of time ...

The Formidable Jeremiah Evans ...

David Albertson sits back in his chair at Albertson Enterprises feeling very satisfied with himself. He has bought the old Thomasville Conservatoire for ¼ of its actual value because of the stigma surrounding the facilities. He has Bernie Lancaster doing the renovations and Pete Weatherby overseeing actual construction. To top it off, he just closed the deal with the country’s top scientist in the field of microbiota-genetics, Dr. Benjamin Riley. What could possibly go wrong. His telephone buzzes, introducing an incoming call.

“Yes Blanche, what is it?” David asks, not liking having his good feelings disrupted by work.

“Two things, Mr. Albertson. First, Mr. Chamberland has sent the documents regarding your recent purchase by courier. Second, you have a call from Colonel Broadnax on line 3.” Blanche replies as she knows that whenever her boss hears the name he sits up and takes notice.

“File those documents and I’ll take the call.” David retorts. “Colonel, how may I help you?”

“Mr. Albertson, I am sending Jeremiah Evans to assist with Project Alpha 2-X. As you know, it was named in conjunction with our objective—control of the beast for military purposes.” Colonel Broadnax begins.

“Yes Colonel, I am well aware of that fact.” David is wishing that Broadnax will get to the point—bureaucracy!

“Good. Jeremy has worked on other projects with us. Let him work as an assistant to your top man, Dr. Riley.” The Colonel suggests.

“That won’t be such a good idea, Colonel. Dr. Nelson Cooper and Dr. Hilton Frye are already accommodating that position.” David informs the man.

“Good men—the top in their fields. I can’t argue with that. Then let Jeremy work under Dr. Cooper. I insist, David.” The Colonel is getting personal, using his first name.

“Since we are dismissing the formalities Stuart, why am I getting stuck with Evans. Level with me on this.” David inquires.

“Hold on David, I’ve got to make sure that no one can over hear this conversation. In fact, let me call you on my cellphone. I’m due for a break.” The Colonel responds.

“Right.” David pulls out his own phone and awaits the call. Ten minutes later it comes through.

“Sorry about that, David. We’ve known each other for a long time. This is the first time that we have been able to work on a project together. I don’t want anything to go wrong. I went to bat for you.” Stuart says.

“And I appreciate that Stuart but what could go wrong?” David has moved from his desk and taken a seat by the large plate-glass window.

“Plenty. Jeremy Evans is General Thomas Evans’ nephew. The man is a brilliant scientist in his own right, but much too impetuous. To tell you the truth, I’m glad you’ve got Dr. Riley running things.” Stuart responds, then picks up his cup of coffee and takes a long, relaxing sip.

“Sounds like the boy’s bad news. Then why in hell is he being placed on an important project like this? Hold on a minute.” There is a knock on the door and Blanche enters with a cup of Earl Grey Tea for him. David nods and gives her a look that says he doesn’t want to be interrupted. Blanche gives him the okay gesture with her fingers and leaves the room.

“Sorry Stuart, Blanche was giving me my tea.”

Jeremy has been kicked off one project after another because of his impetuousness! Now he's on this one.

Jeremy has been kicked off one project after another because of his impetuousness! Now he's on this one.

“Great assistant you’ve got there, buddy. Wish I had one just like her. Anyway, back to Jeremy. Like I said, I’ve worked with him on several civilian projects with different companies.” Stuart informs him.

“Several different companies?” David responds incredulously.

“Yes, several different companies. He keeps getting into trouble for his risk-taking and being so darn impatient.” Stuart grudgingly replies.

“And you’re sending him to me? To me? Thanks a lot.” David is not at all pleased.

“I’m sorry but my hands are tied—chain of command thing. The General refuses to understand that his nephew is bad news! Jeremy just doesn’t have the temperament for important research projects. He wants quick results and that can be dangerous.” Stuart retorts.

“You’re telling me! Especially this one. Well, I guess I’ll break the news to the doctors in the morning. No need in wrecking their good night’s sleep.” David shakes his head in total disbelief.

“I know, and if there was anything I could have done—” Stuart stops short.

“Chain of command. Let me tell you that I’m sure Dr. Cooper isn’t going to like this one bit. If this guy is like you say he is, then more than likely his reputation precedes him.” David says.

“And not in the most favorable way.” Stuart adds.

“You know, I should have known that this was just too good to be true. I was just sitting in my chair a moment ago congratulating myself on what great strides I’ve made.” Again, David shakes his head.

“You know Murphy’s Law. Anything negative that can happen in a situation general will.” Stuart says. “Look, I’ve got to get back on my post. I never know who’s listening in on the office phone. Had to give you a heads-up.” Stuart responds in way of an apology.

“Thanks. I will let my people know although I’m sure that once I say his name, I probably won’t have to go too much further.” Is David’s response.

“Have a good night, David. I’ll be going home soon myself. Then it will be back to Mr. Albertson and Colonel Broadnax.”

“Good night, Colonel.” David laughs and both men hang up.

David returns to his desk and finishes his tea. Then he looks out into space. “Just when you think nothing can go wrong, somebody shoves a stick up you’re a—” His thoughts are disturbed by the office phone buzzing again.

“I’m getting ready to leave, David. You’ll be here alone. Is there anything I can bring you before I go?” Blanche inquires.

“A glass of water and a bottle of aspirins.” David relays to her.

“That bad?”

“Yeah, that bad.”

David hangs up the phone and rises from his chair. He walks over to the window to observe the setting sun. Being Monday, the streets are pretty deserted as they always are in Thomasville at the beginning of the week.

Blanche knocks once, then enters with a bourbon on the rocks.

“I figured you could use something a little bit stronger and more relaxing. I also let your chauffeur know that you’d be needing a ride home.” Blanche smiles.

“Stuart Broadnax is right—you’re one hellava assistant.” David acknowledges, gratefully accepting the drink. “Tell Monica I’ll be home shortly and have a good night, Blanche.”

“You, too David. Whatever it is—I’m sure it’ll work out.” Blanche changes the direction of her thoughts when she observes the look on her employer’s face. “At least I hope that it will.”

“We’ll see, Blanche.” David nods as his administrative assistant quietly closes the door. “Damn!”

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Nemeses Within 4

  • Spores: The Nemeses Within 4
    The first rule of a good soldier is to never underestimate your enemy’s strength. Jeremy Evans has been assigned to Project Alpha 2-X under the protest of most of the people involved. Dr. Ben Riley is sure that he can subdue the wayward Jeremy!

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