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Spores: The Nemeses Within 13

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

An interesting turn of events ...

An interesting turn of events ...

A Very Extraordinary Dinner Party …

Audrey greets her guests in her usually charming manner and requests that they have a comfortable seat in the Living Room. As always, Ben likes to get directly to the point.

“You’re going to tell us about the Blue Moon and Lycanthropy?” Ben queries.

“In due course, Ben. First, we are going to enjoy the lovely dinner I have prepared for us. Next, we will inquire regarding each other’s health and such trivial conversation. Then, we will adjourn to my Meditation Room. There we can relax, and you can indulge in a special herbal tea blend and I will entertain you with the history of Lycanthropy and the Blue Moon.” Audrey smiles as she dismisses herself to make the final touches on dinner.

“Why does your wife have to be so dramatic?” Ben asks.

“The same reason you have to be so uptight.” Shirley counters. “You have a thing for girls named Shirley, too.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ben is becoming a little defensive.

“I’m talking about Shirley Crenshaw. You remember Shirley don’t you Ben?” Shirley Woodard jibes. “That’s when you liked your coffee black!”

Nelson gently pokes Shirley in the ribcage and Janice shakes her head in disapproval.


“Let me see if Audrey has everything ready in the Dining Room.” Hilton is happy that he has a reason for backing out of this conversation. All is uncomfortably quiet until he returns.

“Dinner is ready.”

Everyone makes their way into the Dining Room. Audrey has gone to great lengths to prepare the right atmosphere and cuisine for what will transpire afterwards.

“Oh this is very nice!” responds Janice. “When I decide to have a dinner party will you assist me Audrey?”

“I will be more than happy to, Jan. How is the food, Ben?” He has to wait until he swallows before commenting.

“I like this very much. I’m sorry Audrey for being such a flippant guest.” Ben replies. Hearing his graciousness makes Shirley aware of the fact that she too needs to amend her ways.

“Let me also extend my apologies to you first, Ben and then to everyone else. This experience with Jeremy has me raddled. My comment was not only uncalled for but tacky at best.” Shirley confesses and everything gets back on an even keel.

“I’m going to get the dessert. Help me out, dear.” Audrey tells Nelson and the two of them retire into the kitchen.

“This whole affair is bothering Shirley more than she is actually willing to admit. I think when this is over, she should take a few days off.” Audrey tells her husband.

“It’s too bad that things didn’t work out with Ben. That man has his head buried in his work that he can’t see the light of day.” Hilton chuckles.

“What about Nelson?” Audrey unceremoniously licks the spoon after dipping it into her special treat.

“I’m not sure about Nelson. He’s involved in his work but not to the point that he would jeopardize a good relationship—it one ever came.” Hilton decides, then he helps Audrey finish filling the bowls with her marvelous concoction.

Reentering the Dining Room, they receive the same response as previously experienced.

After being thoroughly satisfied—Audrey leads her guests into her Meditation Room. It is a delightful place with comfortable seating arrangements, plants and atmosphere! Ben is the first to respond to the enchanting environment.

“I understand why you always rush home from work. Audrey, this is simply a wonderful place to relax.” Everyone is surprised at his remarks. Shirley even says so.

“Ben, I never thought you would enjoy a place like this!”

“I’ve never experienced a place like this. I guess I’ve never let this side of me show before. Audrey, there is definitely something about this room that makes me want to forget—even about the pressing problems at hand.” Audrey is simply thrilled regarding his response.

A lovely place of total relaxation ...

A lovely place of total relaxation ...

“That’s just what I want it to be, Ben. I work hard at my profession and so does Hilton. When our twins are away we sometimes spend hours in here, lying around.” Audrey informs him.

“You have a spare room in your house, Ben. Why don’t you let Audrey design something tranquil for you.” Hilton suggests.

“When this is over Hilton, I’ll do just that. Yeah, I just might do that!” Ben smiles at Shirley and she blushes slightly.

“Now, everyone—find yourself somewhere to roost. Hilton will go get the herbal tea and then I can begin.” Audrey motions to her husband and he immediately leaves the room. Ten minutes later he returns with a lovely earthen pot along with matching cups. Audrey pours everyone a cup—no need to add anything special because it has already been done.

“Relax everyone. Let me tell you the story about Вячеслав who was in love with a beautiful native girl named Amaliya. Let your mind drift to a simpler time. A time when technology wasn’t a passing thought and alchemy and mysticism reigned.” Shirley is sitting close to Ben while Janice is absorbed in her cushiony chair. Nelson is almost about to fall asleep while Hilton is just enjoying it all. Everyone is totally relaxed as Audrey spins her tale.

She talks about the Rising of the Blue Moon

“The rising of the Blauen Mondes is a time when die Welt des äußeren Reiches—The Outer Realm has access to the world of man. When a breach exist between the two worlds due to some injustice, the spirit of the victim is allowed to seek recompense. When this is not possible, havoc and chaos reign!”

“That’s why this has become such a dangerous time.” Hilton adds. “In a few days, we will experience such an event— the Blauen Mondes, the Blue Moon!”

“Can this be real? Can such a phenomenon actually be happening?” Ben suddenly stirs from his tranquil mood.

“I can give you documented occurrences that cannot be explained away as mere coincidences.” Audrey replies.

“Imagine that—in the 21st century!” Nelson proclaims as he looks at his sister Janice.

“It’s difficult for the scientific world to grasp.” Audrey explains. “I am blessed to have a husband who is open-minded. Also, he is a darn good researcher. Up in the Northern Plains, there are many unexplained incidents that have been hidden from public scrutiny.” Audrey retorts.

“There is a sheriff by the name of Hamilton. It is said that he possesses the Spirit of Вячеслав and can beckon it on command.” Hilton whispers.

“Really?” Shirley replies mesmerized.

“Oh come on now.” Ben replies, not wanting to believe such nonsense.

“It’s true and I believe that one day you will have firsthand knowledge of this fact. For now, we need to keep this under wraps. Beyond these four walls, the legend of Вячеслав or Sheriff Hamilton must never be uttered, vow this!” Audrey demands.

“Yes, we vow.” Every person declares, including Ben. He has never seen the fierceness in Audrey’s eyes.

“So what do we do?” Ben asks.

I will tell you the legend of The Silver Bullet.” Audrey answers.

By the time she has finished her tale it is after 11:30 pm. Ben happens to glance at his watch.

“I can’t believe we’ve been here so long. It only seems like we’ve just arrived.” He says.

“There are a couple of guest rooms at your disposal. Please, wait until morning. It’s rather late for the girls to be out anyway.” Audrey suggests.

“Thanks for the kind offer, Audrey. The four of us came together. Since Shirley is staying with Janice, they will be fine. Nelson and I always keep a little something for emergencies.” Ben replies and Nelson nods in agreement.

“Perhaps some other time—when it is a social visit?” Audrey queries as she escorts her guests to the door.

“I’ll hold you to it.” Shirley happily exclaims.

“Thank you for a lovely time.” Janice says. “It was both informative and enjoyable.”

“I had a lovely time, Audrey.” Shirley says.

“We all enjoyed everything.” Nelson responds, giving Audrey a brotherly kiss on the forehead, then he looks at Hilton. “See you in the morning.”

And they are gone. Audrey looks at her husband. Hilton shrugs his shoulders and they close the door.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Nemeses Within Finale

  • Spores: The Nemeses Within Finale
    Drs. Riley and Cooper along with Dr. Frye believe that they are fully prepared for the coming rising of the Blue Moon. They have knowledge plus they believe, know how to handle whatever happens tonight. Funny, but life still has a way of hitting you

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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