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Spores: The Nemeses Within 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

It's not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!

It's not nice to fool around with Mother Nature!

Refusing to Listen to Reason ...

Early Friday morning is when Ben plans to release Jeremy from the Infirmary on the condition that he suspends his private experiments and allow Dr. Riley to study and treat his condition. In the past, animals were the subject of the Advanced LX-902 serum—now the first human exposure. Ben admits that it is both fascinating and troublesome. He tells as much to Nelson.

“All of our clinical trials have been focused on animals. I just don’t know what to expect regarding humans. If Jeremy follows the pattern of our alpha male, he may one day become unmanageable.”

“I thought that one day we would be modifying the serum to control aggressive humans—it’s a type of mind-bending drug.” Nelson reminds him.

“Yes, but we are not quite ready to try it on humans. This is dangerous grounds. I just don’t know what affects the drug will have on him in the long run. Nor do I know if he has combined anything else with it since he refuses to say.” Ben responds.

“Remember when I told you how Jeremy talked about enhancing the ligand binding by the introduction of receptors with higher levels of affinity and specific activity combined with lower non-specific binding?” Nelson queries.

Yes, to detect low receptor densities and receptor specificity. You don’t think that he—” Ben pauses.

“Yes Ben, I do.”

“This is sheer madness! And he used himself as the test subject?” Ben is accessing the implications in his mind.

“Fools rush in—” Nelson doesn’t finish the sentence because his sister Janice walks in.

“I went to check Jeremy’s room before you sign his release and it’s in a shamble. Apparently, he’s broken free of his confinement and shredded his bed linen, clawed the drapes and walls, then urinated all over the place.” Janice tells them, feeling sick to her stomach.

“What?” Exclaims Ben as both he and Nelson make their way to the Infirmary. When they arrive, Jeremy is naked—sprawled out on the floor with bloody hands. The window has been shattered and there are also cuts and abrasions on his arms and legs.

“What the hell—what happened to him?” Ben demands to know.

One of the security officers comes in to explain.

“We had to put him down. He was acting like a wild animal. I never saw such strength. I had to call for backup. Luckily, Nurse Janice Cooper was here. She’s the one who sedated him after four men pinned him down. It was the darndest thing.” Officer Coleman acknowledges.

“What was that?” Ben questioned.

“He started growling at me. Tried to bite me. I slugged him but it didn’t do much good. Then, Janice—Nurse Cooper gave him a sedative, and this is the results.” Officer Coleman points to him on the floor.

“I guess you’re going to get a chance to use that cage.” Nelson tells Ben.

“Right. There is only a bed and chest of drawers in the cell. Nothing fancy like in here. Boy, did he do a number on this room.” Ben replies.

“Are you going to call the General?” Janice asks.

“Yes, and Shirley, and Colonel Broadnax and Dominic—” Janice interrupts.

“Who’s Dominic?” Janice inquires.

“He works for Army Intelligence.” Her brother tells her.

“Oh poor Shirley.” Janice leaves in search of her cousin.

“Why couldn’t this clown leave well enough alone. Why did he have to screw things up royally?” Nelson laments. At that moment Dominic enters the room.

Dominic takes his job very seriously!

Dominic takes his job very seriously!

“What’s going on here?” Both Ben and Nelson inform him of what they know.

“That’s not the half of it. When I returned to the house, everything was taken from the Laboratory. The equipment, the vails, the papers—everything! There is nothing but a vacant room. They must have spent half the night cleaning the place out. I don’t know if Ian Schmidt just moved to another location or if he’s left town.” Dominic shakes his head in disbelief.

“He’s probably on his way back to Germany with that formula, not realizing the destructive effects of that Accelerated LZ-902. If he attempts to sell that on the Black Market—”

“Europe will be plagued with an onslaught of monsters.” Nelson adds.

“Perhaps worse than the one we have lying on the floor there.” Ben states in disgust. “Pick him up and put him in the Containment Chamber.”

Four security officers oblige.

Meanwhile …

Ian is at the airport purchasing a one-way ticket to Lucerne, Switzerland. He is very careful not to be detained by customs, so he has only a light bag. The vials have been transported to the Canadian border by car inside a thermos which is in an ice chest. The formula has been mailed to Heinrich Schroder at Castle Luchsinger. It should arrive within a few days.

“That idiot Jeremy Evans would get himself caught. Imagine using himself as a test subject. If anything were to go wrong, he would have no one to help him. Some Americans can be so foolhardy.” Ian thinks to himself as he sits in the VIP Lounge waiting for his flight.

When he gets ready to visit the Gentlemen’s Room, he notices someone who could very well be part of Army Intelligence. He moves behind a potted plant until the man passes.

“I wonder if Jeremy has become an informant? No, he was becoming more of an animal and less of a man. Actually, he wasn’t much of a man to begin with. I pity his beautiful fiancée. She will be stuck with a man who is more mouth than motion. He talks a good game but—” Ian laughs at the thought of the debonair Mr. Evans.

Ian moves silently to find a secluded spot and telephones Heinrich. He is at a dinner party on the French Riviera.

“Yes Ian what is it?”

“We have been compromised and I am on my way to Lucerne. You will be receiving a letter within a few days and the precious package will be arriving in Canada by the beginning of next week.” Ian replies.

“Dummer Idiot! Could you not have brought the formula with you. Anything could happen to it in the mail!” Heinrich replies angrily.

“I had to get away in a hurry, Heinrich. Es tut mir leid! (I am sorry!)” Ian apologizes.

“You had better hope I receive it. Otherwise—” Heinrich threatens.

“Jeremy is to blame. He allowed himself to get caught.” Ian says.

“You were there to ensure that this would not happen. We all knew what a fool Jeremy Evans is. He takes too many risks. You were there to see that things went smoothly.” Heinrich accuses.

“Jeremy is a reckless American. He experimented on himself. He is without a doubt the most difficult—” Heinrich interrupts.

“He experimented on himself? Could you not have found a vagrant or some one else for the trials?” Heinrich excuses himself from a pretty brunette and moves to a more secluded spot.

“He did not want to wait until a suitable subject could be found. I have never met such a foolhardy—” Again Heinrich interrupts.

“I hold you completely responsible. You and nobody else. Do you hear me?”

“Ja, Mr. Schröder.” Ian replies humbly.

“Good now get back here. I will have someone meet the shipment in Canada. You will need to remain out of public exposure for a fortnight. If you were not so valuable to me—I’d have you shot.” Heinrich complains and hangs up.

“I can understand now why Colonel Schneider never wanted anything to do with Americans. They may have brilliant minds but very poor sense of judgment!” Ian determines as he rushes to make his flight.

True to his word, Heinrich has someone sent to meet the shipment. However, due to an unfortunate accident, the vehicle rolled off an embankment, overturned, and exploded. The samples are lost forever!

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Nemesis Within 11

  • Spores: The Nemesis Within 11
    Jeremy’s little conduct experiment may have caused irreversible consequences. Dr. Cooper finds out that a Research and Development Technician may have been vital in Jeremy’s researches. Shirley has a confession to make to her cousin Janice!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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