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Spores: The Final Assault 9

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The bait is casts and the fish are tasting it ...

The bait is casts and the fish are tasting it ...

Without A Hitch ...

The final stage of the project has commence. Through the careful orchestration of Phase 2, not one problem arises. Nils Björk proves that he is an extremely capable business entrepreneur and his men work diligently—asking no questions, just executing their duties.

“I have to hand it to you, Mr. Björk, there wasn’t even a smidgen of a hiccup in the entire process.” Eric marvels.

“That’s because there was a man in charge of the entire procedure—not a boy.” Nils brags.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Eric retorts.

“I don’t mean to discredit Novak Industries but when Józef put his eldest son, Alfonz in charge—it was destine for doom.” Nils asserts in an offhand manner.

“How so?” Eric is intrigued.

“Alfonz is good for local assignments or daily tasks, but when dealing with high level projects—it takes one with expert in discretion, diplomacy and ingenuity. That, Mr. Singleton, is me.” Nils further boasts.

“Hmm.” Eric thinks to himself. “I’m rather glad I’m finished with the pompous windbag.”

“If you will excuse me, Mr. Singleton.” Nils raises his right hand in a dismissing fashion and returns to the administration of his corporation.

Eric stands watching the men as they load the finished goods, Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost, into the various trucks bound for distribution. There is a change in plans, and it has been decided that Marko Balogh’s Granary somewhere in the South of France will store the final compost.

“I think it will be much wiser if we keep up with the distribution of the product ourselves.” Baron Marko Balogh tells Baron Heinrich Schröder.

“Yes, I agree. That way we can be sure of proper monitoring. This is the most important phase of our operation. Nothing can go wrong.” Baron Schröder reaffirms.

So, Eric breathes a sigh of relief as the final load of the commodity is placed on the trucks and they are rushed to the private landing field of Johannes Fischer, the one man who everyone trust!

Meanwhile, Dominic has returned to the Hilton Munich Park, a luxury hotel. Shirley is sitting leisurely outside, enjoying a beautiful day.

“You look disturbed, Nicki. What did you find?” Shirley inquires.

“Absolutely nothing. That Nils Björk keeps such a clean ship you could eat off the floor.” Dominic grudgingly admits.

“So, Cvetko led you on a wild goose chase, huh?” Shirley concludes while sipping a delicious fruit drink.

“On the contrary, he was spot on. Unfortunately, the Baron’s second manufacturing cohort had no slipups in his part of the deal. From what I could deduce, everyone did their jobs, nobody discussed anything outside of the plant. In fact, from what I heard, nobody discusses anything period.” Dominic is aspirated.

“Do you know where the final destination of the shipment is?” Now Shirley is a little dishearted as well.

“Only by accident—Johannes Fischer’s Airfield.” Dominic replies.

“Good! Then you can ask ...” When Shirley observes the look on Dominic’s face, she knows that it is a losing battle. Johannes Fischer doesn’t discuss any business transactions with other clients.

“Not a chance. But it does tell me one thing.” There is a spark of hope gleaming in Dominic’s eyes.

“What’s that?” Shirley also begins to perk up.

“The fact that the final shipment is being sent by private courier instead of commercial airlines means that the recipient possesses an equivalent airport as well. That takes—” And Shirley interrupts.

“Quite a bit of land and money.”

“Right on both counts. It looks like Marko Balogh’s Granary will be the receiver of the finished product and that makes sense.” Dominic concludes.

At the present time, it is receiving nothing but rave reviews!

At the present time, it is receiving nothing but rave reviews!

“In what way?” Shirley is enjoying her surroundings as much as she is enjoying her lively conversation with Dominic.

“A distributor is only responsible for making sure the required goods arrive in the hands of the prospective clients. If something goes wrong with the actual product—” Again, Shirley is on top of the conversation.

“The manufacturer is at fault. No one is going to look at the person who sends out the merchandise and accuse them of shotty workmanship.” Shirley rejoinders.

“Exactly! Those Europeans are playing a very serious game. However, until it actually touches U. S. soil, we have only a wait and see approach.” Dominic admits.

“But isn’t there someone in the European Union that you can speak to regarding this, I mean without causing undue panic?” Dominic relaxes on the outdoor sofa beside Shirley and shakes his head in the negative.

“If there hasn’t been anything adversely done, I couldn’t even suggest that Baron Balogh is involved in anything despicable. He is an extremely powerful man. That would cause severe repercussions in the diplomatic arena.” Dominic cautions Shirley.

“Then our work on a professional level is completed, isn’t it?” Shirley gives Dominic a brief smile.

“Nothing left for me to do now but to compose my report on my tablet and send it encrypted to Colonel Stuart Broadnax, Army Intelligence.” Dominic gives Shirley a knowing wink.

“How soon do we have to return to the United States?” Shirley questions.

“Just as soon as we finish our backup reconnaissance.” Dominic suggests, then moving closer to Shirley, he begins his private assault on a pair of very willing lips.

It is almost midnight when the last of Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost is safely stored in the Marko Balogh’s Granary. Only regular security is used—there must be no indication that the contents of this cargo is any different from others than have been stored or produced by Balogh himself.

“We are ready to expose our miracle compose to Europe.” Marko tells Heinrich by telephone.

“Wonderful! I have been circulating a rumor that a new product is on the rise that will revolutionize wheat productivity. I had those businessmen chumping at the bit—to use an American adage. They can’t wait for it!” Heinrich claims.

“Tomorrow, we unleash Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost!” Marko shouts.

“Here’s to tomorrow!” Marko agrees gleefully.

The next day, the Internet explodes with baited praises regarding the Miracle Compost. Orders flood Balogh’s Granary from all over Europe. The shipments are moving at such a profound rate until temporary staff members have to be hired to meet the challenge. And as predicted, the compost is a complete success.

Back in the States, Colonel Broadnax is hearing the rave reviews over all the networks. He calls Dominic to find out what he thinks about it.

“Dominic, I don’t understand? They are simply going mad regarding Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost in Europe. From what I’m hearing, our growers are pleading with their oversees counterparts to let them in on the bonanza. What do you make of it?” Stuart questions.

“I don’t know Colonel. Right now, it’s an international boom and nothing seems to be amiss. It still seems fishy that a product that is so successful has to go through two different companies to attain its notoriety.” Dominic is scratching his head.

“Perhaps, that’s exactly why it is so successful! The American farmers are a competitive bunch. They will not stand still while their European equivalents are reaping the benefits of this so call miracle marvel!” Stuart retorts in total amazement and disbelief.

“Let’s just sit this one out, sir. Sooner or later those two Barons are going to show their true nature and when the product comes across the ocean—” Dominic pauses.

“We can slice ‘um, dice ‘um and serve them on toast.” Both men laugh.

To Be Continued ...

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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