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Spores: The Final Assault 5

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A plant fertilizer that can destroy national economies!

A plant fertilizer that can destroy national economies!

Creating a Precarious Alliance …

Heinrich sits back in his soft leather chair in his private suite. It’s located in the Foundation for the Expansion of Genetic Exploration’s Executive Offices. Baron Balogh has just arrived to pay him an unexpected visit.

“So, the rumors that have been circulating are true!” Marko Balogh replies.

“Hello Marko, how nice it is to see—” Marko cuts him off.

“Enough! I do not want my sons involved in this. I thought it was all over when Colonel Schneider was murdered. What is it with you, Heinrich?” An angry Marko retorts.

“Calm down, Marko. Here, have a drink.” Heinrich offers his brother-in-law. “How is dear Sophia doing?”

As Marko arranges himself into a seat opposite Heinrich, he studies the younger man. He secretly marvels how Henrich has managed to keep himself fit and vibrant looking in spite of his numerous rendezvous. He calms down and sips gingerly his vodka and orange juice.

“Sophia is doing quite well. It seems that your family has a market on youthfulness.” Marko remarks grudgingly.

“Perhaps. Now tell me how is it that you found out about my ugh ... project?” A curious Heinrich inquires.

“Perhaps you talk in your sleep. A certain French damsel told her beautician in the strictest of confidence and she told my Sophia. You are a fool—didn’t you learn your lesson?” Marko scolds.

“Paulette—she is a bewitching beauty. But she talks too much.” Henrich grumbles.

“Never mind that, Heinrich. I thought you’d have better restraint when it comes to women. I know my Andris can be a bit of a rake but you—” Marko shakes his head in disgust.

“Excuse me? I am not a middle-aged ogre, Marko. My sister and I are the product of doting parents. It was a shock when mother became pregnant after being told she never would.” Heinrich is referring to the lateness in life when his mother conceived first his sister then several years later, him.

“That gives you no excuse, Heinrich. You are so careless. I married Sophia when she was 18 and you were eight. Two years later my twins were born. You are ten years older than they are, but you act as if you were younger.” Marko rebukes in antipathy.

“Calm down, Marko. Let me tell you what I have in mind. Here, have yourself another drink.” Heinrich moves once again from behind the desk and mixes another drink. This time with more vodka and less orange juice.

Heinrich painstakingly begins to explain to Marko his plans, starting with his association with Ian Schmidt.

“You shouldn’t have even bothered with him. His sister was waist deep with Colonel Schneider, you know.” Marko interjects.

“Weren’t we all—you had the common sense to pull out before it got too sticky. Not to mention the connections my father has.” Heinrich adds.

“I never did thank you for keeping an eye on my Andris, did I? He could have gotten burned if it hadn’t been for you.” Marko extends his hand to Heinrich and they shake firmly.

“Family is important.” Henrich retorts.

“Yes ... so was it you who had Ian meet with a very unfortunate accident?” Marko queries.

Henrich takes up where he left off in his narration. He explains how Ian’s chief duty was to safeguard the golden goose—Jeremy Evans. He explains how the experiments went very wrong but how he still managed to gain possession of the serum and the formula.

“So you really believe that this serum of you can control plant production?” Marko rejoinders while nursing his drink.

“It has passed all clinical trials. What I need is something to use as a vehicle for actual administration.” Heinrich ponders and both men sit back in their chairs in contemplation. Suddenly, Marko bolts upright.

“I’ve got it!” Marko proclaims. “I have a Granary in Southern France. There you can experiment on creating a hybrid crop that will rival anything produced in the European Union. At the same time, I want you to work on a counter serum that will stifle growth and create very negative results.”

“For what purpose?” Heinrich asks excitedly.

Soon ... only the Baron and his associates will have wheat that looks like this!

Soon ... only the Baron and his associates will have wheat that looks like this!

“For the purpose of introducing it to all our rival wheat producers. If we can sell them plant fertilizer that has been infected with the serum spores—” Heinrich finishes the sentence.

“Then everyone will be obliged to purchase our wheat. That’s better than I could have imagined. By George Marko, you know that you are a thinker.” Heinrich laughs.

“If that maniac Schneider had listened to me—he would still be alive today. Trying to seek world dominance by force went out with the horse and buggy. We now use our brains along with technology.” Marko admits.

“I’m getting Dr. Abigail Huber and her associates on this right away.” Heinrich decides.

“That is good. Remember—this arrangement is strictly between you and me. I don’t want either the twins or my father involved. I will provide us with a safety net—but it will be a third party, agreed?” Marko once again extends his right hand.

“Agreed? Who do you have in mind?” Heinrich queries.

“There is a fellow, Johannes Fischer, who owns a private landing strip near the Düsseldorf Airport. He is a man that can be trusted. He will not, of course, want anything to do with our operation. However, he will get us in contact with individuals who could profit greatly from this caper.” Marko recites.

“You say this Fischer can be trusted?” Heinrich raises an eyebrow.

“Absolutely. He will not care to know what is going on. He has a solid reputation with assisting individuals who need to get out of the country in a hurry. He has the right connections and wishes to keep them.” Marko advises and Heinrich nods his head in approval.

“How soon will you be able to put our product on the market?” Marko makes further inquiries.

“Less than a month. Dr. Huber will have to make sure that our serum will mix well with these ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash. These are the ingredients found in wheat fertilizers. Ensuring the right consistency will be necessary when we start shipping the results all over the European Union.” Heinrich advises.

“You seem to know a lot about what we will be undertaking.” Marko is thoroughly impressed.

“I make it my business to know exactly what is needed to guarantee success.” Both men smile.

Meanwhile, Dominic is relaxing onboard the 747 jet—destination Lucerne, Switzerland.

“Shirley, have you ever been to Europe?” Dominic starts the conversation. They haven’t had much time to socialize. The Colonel gives them both the assignment and puts them on the plane.

“This will be my first time. I wish it were of a more personal nature.” Shirley answers, then thinking how her words must sound, she blushes.

“Hey, you needn’t feel uncomfortable about it—I’ve been wishing the same thing. However, we’ll have to save that conversation for another time. This could prove to be dangerous. I really wished Stuart had chosen someone well—more experienced.” Dominic gives her a crooked smile.

“Seems like I remember you asking me if I would be interested in working for the CIA.” Shirley reminds him.

“I do recall saying that. Then, you would be properly trained to handle the situation.” Dominic remarks straightforwardly.

“At any rate, we’re only going to observe and report, right?” Shirley smiles.

“That is the general plan.” Dominic agrees. Reclining in his chair, he closes his eyes as an indication that the conversation has come to an end.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Final Assault 6

  • Spores: The Final Assault 6
    Dr. Abigail Huber has finally completed her serum complex ALZ-903. The trials show that it can be successfully mixed with Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash to create a nutrient called Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost! There seems to be no way of stopping

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