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Spores: The Final Assault 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The clock is ticking ...

The clock is ticking ...

Developing Reconnaissance Strategy ...

Colonel Stuart Broadnax has returned to his offices in the Pentagon. However, before he contacts Dominic LaRue, he needs to contact his mentor and friend, Major General Adam Weinberger.

“General, I’d like to ask you a few questions if you’re not busy.” Stuart begins.

“What’s with this General garbage—when we’re talking on my private cellphone it’s Kit and Stu.” Kit chuckles.

“Sorry old boy but you know how it is.” Stuart returns.

“Yes, now what can I do for you?” Kit replies.

“Tell me what you know about the Schröder clan?” Stuart queries.

“Well, for starters, Nicholas Schröder is the patriarch. His wife Vivian is devoted to him. He has a son Heinrich and an older daughter, Sofia. Nicholas is an extremely stately gentleman and a bit of a recluse. He would rather live in the 2nd Schröder Castle named for his maternal grandfather—Castle Luchsinger. It’s a fortress in the Swiss Alps. There Heinrich lives with his father Nicholas and his nephew Andor. Why do you want to know?” A curious Kit inquires.

“I’ll tell you in a moment. Now give me the scoop on Heinrich.” Stuart encourages.

“Ah yes, Heinrich. I’m told that he amuses himself with the presence of women. He’s also accredited with being a wiz in computer technology and a financier extraordinaire. However, when it comes to world dominance—he would rather leave that fascination in the hands of others. Kit surmises.

“That particular assessment seems to be changing, Kit.” Stuart informs his friend. The General then sits upright in his chair.

“How so?” He queries.

“You’ve no doubt heard about the incident with Dr. Jeremiah Evans?” Stuart questions while looking around his desk for his pipe. It seems to be a new trend among the big brass.

“I’ve heard bits and pieces of it. Wasn’t he on a special project initiated by General Evans?” Kit recalls hearing something about it.

“Yes, he was—it ended rather badly.” Stuart reminisces.

“He died, didn’t he?” Kit questions.

“Yes, he did.” Stuart answers.

“There’s a rumor as well going around that Dr. Evans was a werewolf—pure nonsense, isn’t it?” Kit laughs.

“No, it’s true.” Stuart replies soberly.

“Well I’ll be—what else do you want to know?” Kit’s voice has become completely somber.

“Tell me about the sister, Sofia wasn’t it?” Stuart probes.

“That’s right. She married a man—Baron Balogh. They had twins Andor and Andris. The former is a handsome scholarly fellow with political interest and the latter is a hotheaded playboy like his uncle.” Kit informs him.

“So, do you think it could be Andor who is motivating his uncle strictly for political reasons?” Stuart wonders.

“I seriously doubt that Stu.” Kit retorts.

“Why?” Questions Stuart.

“Because Andor and Grandfather Nicholas Schröder hated Colonel Schneider’s guts. They wanted nothing to do with him or his hairbrained schemes. What they disliked the most was the fact that the Colonel got Andris involved. Colonel Schneider was considered a throwback from the 1940s.” Kit recites shaking his head.

“So who was sponsoring Colonel Schneider then? He had to have somebody with financial clout.” Stuart insists.

Heinrich is always getting his photo inserted where money is concerned!

Heinrich is always getting his photo inserted where money is concerned!

“Heinrich persuaded his father Nicholas to look the other way when it came to the Colonel. This was due in part because of his nephew Andris’ involvement. Andris may have been reckless and irresponsible—but he was still a part of the family.” Kit reminds him.

“So are you saying that it was Andris who sponsored Colonel Schneider?” Stuart is getting a bit impatient.

“Not entirely—it was Baron Balogh who became the chief benefactor. The Baron sponsored the restoration of the original Schröder Castle for Colonel Schneider as his headquarters. This is where they had their Investor’s Summit Talks. However, Andris was also filtering money into the Colonel’s Cause.” Kit rejoinders.

“Ah, Andris was the prop that held Colonel Schneider upright! So, what happened next?” Kit has Stuart’s undivided attention.

“During the Summit, a messenger arrives with word that things are not going well. Some medical personnel working in conjunction with Military Intelligence are heading for Lucerne, Switzerland. This proved to be the catalyst Baron Balogh needs to sever his involvement. He abruptly withdraws from the Conference, discontinuing his financial backing. I’m also told that it isn’t long before others begin to see the folly of the Colonel’s schemes. The man is left with a remnant of his previous allies.” Kit concludes the story.

“Oh by the way, what happens to this messenger?” Stuart asks, already knowing the answer.

“He is shot. The Colonel was never one to accept bad new graciously.” Kit remarks.

“Then he resurfaces with that Pentagon Caper. That man was really delusional.” Stuart chuckles.

“Sad part about it—the Colonel would have pulled it off had not Secretary Sterling informed me of his plot.” Kit retorts.

“Secretary Sterling—he was a good man.” Stuart sighs. “It’s unfortunate what the desire for power will do to a person.”

“He proved to be a traitor. Sorry he’s dead but I have no sympathy for traitors.” Kit responds with convictions.

“Yeah—well thanks Kit. You have supplied me with all the information I need to give to Dominic.” Stuart confines.

“Hey, are you putting Dominic LaRue on this case? Man, this is going to be some caper.” Kit retorts as Stuart fills him in on the complete operation.

“I’m told that Heinrich has hired one of the doctors that worked with Beverly Mitchell at Schröder Castle. A new staff will be on hand to develop the plant serum they called ALZ-903.” Stuart relays.

“What?” Kit queries. “A serum for plants? I’m now beginning to think that this is indeed something that Military Intelligence needs to monitor.”

“I thought you would say that. From what my informant tells me, the serum has passed all test trials successfully. Heinrich is beside himself with glee and plans to hold a meeting with Department Heads in his private office. Its located at the Foundation for the Expansion of Genetic Exploration (FEGE).” Stuart begins to speculate the repercussions of such a gathering.

“It will only be a matter of time before Heinrich reveals his diabolical plan.” Kit declares.

“Whatever Heinrich has up his sleeves, you can bet a month’s wages that it will be of universal proportions. That man has a lot of influence in the European Union. Don’t forget—we have to tread softly in international waters.” Stuart cautions.

“That’s why Dominic LaRue will be perfect. With his French background and his understated sophistication—” Kit interrupts.

“He could definitely give Heinrich a run for the money with the damsels.” Both men laugh as they begin to join forces to formula a plot.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Final Assault 5

  • Spores: The Final Assault 5
    When Barons Marko Balogh and Heinrich Schröder get their heads together—the end results can only mean catastrophe for anyone who isn’t privy to their schemes. And, with the assurance of a willing third party, the plot will never be traced to them!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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