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Spores: The Final Assault 3

FEGE will soon take a drastic turn for the worst!

FEGE will soon take a drastic turn for the worst!

Up to a Little Espionage …

It doesn’t take long for Military Intelligence to receive the word regarding FEGE. Fredric has not forgotten how it is Darren Fields along with a loyalist French Police Officer who helped him flee the country. It is Fredric who informs Darren of what Baron Heinrich Schröder plans to do and his solicitation of Dr. Abigail Huber.

“It’s good to have overseas connections. Thanks Darren, I owe you one.” Colonel Stuart Broadnax replies.

“Only doing my duty sir.” Darren retorts. “I’m sure you can take it from here. You understand if I say that I don’t want to be physically involved.”

“Of course I do. After that fiasco with Colonel Schneider and his henchmen—although I believe that the Baron has more style.” A slight chuckle escapes the Colonel’s lips.

“Nevertheless—good luck.” Darren rejoinders and ends the communication.

“There seem to be no end to this.” Stuart sits back in his chair, contemplating his next move. His thoughts are interrupted by General Evans.

“Well Stuart, have you concluded that there is nothing to worry about at this point.” This is the first chance that the General has been able to have a real conversation with Stuart since the funeral.

“I’m afraid not, General. Let me brief you on what I have learned.” Stuart spends the next 25 minutes giving the General an abbreviated version of what Darren has painstakingly told him. General Evans listens in silence until the information has been relayed.

“That’s all very interesting.” Is all General Evans has to say.

“But General, don’t you think—” Before Stuart can complete his thoughts, the General interrupts.

“Look Stuart, I can understand your concern, but this is not a diplomatic matter. If the serum is going to be used with plants, then that’s not what Jeremy was working on. At any rate, it’s a European matter.” The General finishes as he begins to light his pipe.

“What you are saying is that you don’t think we should get involved?” Stuart questions.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. This entire thing with Jeremy has been nothing short of a nightmare. I don’t want a continuation of it. However, if and when this becomes a matter of United States infiltration—then we are justified in our intervention. Do you understand, Colonel.” The General has switched to his authoritarian rhetoric.

“Without a doubt.” Stuart replies with distain.

“And Stuart?”

“Yes General?”

“Send Dominic LaRue to Lucerne, Switzerland. Let him go there with Shirley Woodard. I believe you mentioned how he thought she was a pretty smart cookie.” The General chuckles.

“So you want them to pose as a couple. It could be dangerous, and Shirley isn’t exactly CIA.” Stuart reminds the General.

“All the better, she has natural instincts. My nephew was drawn to her so that puts intelligence in the nix as well. Why don’t you contact her first, explain the situation and the need for secrecy. If she’s willing then proceed with Dominic.” It’s more of an order than a suggestion.

“Personally, I don’t like it.” Stuart begins his oration. “I plan to explain to her the entire situation and give her options, General. That girl has been through a lot, you know.”

“Look, you’re the one who brought this to me.” The General recollects. “I’m acting on the situation—using people who have some knowledge of the original incident. I first suggested staying out of it but by the sound of your voice—you weren’t buying it.”

“Okay General, you’re right.” Stuart admits grudgingly. “I’ll contact Shirley and give her the long version of my conversation with Darren.”

“Right. And before they leave—” The General pauses for emphasis.

Dominic will be the perfect man for the job. The Colonel is confident regarding this.

Dominic will be the perfect man for the job. The Colonel is confident regarding this.

“Yes General?” Stuart is about ready to hang up the phone.

“Make sure that Dominic takes her to the shooting range.” The General adds. “I want that girl able to take care of herself in case they get separated. Does she speak German?”

“I think she does.” Is Stuart’s response.

“It’s not required but it will make her stay more congenial.” The General decides and hangs up the phone. Smoking his pipe the thinks about the conversation he had with Grace Evans.

“That Shirley Woodard would have been just the medicine Jeremy needed if only he hadn’t been so reckless.” Grace sobs softly.

“Maybe we should have told him everything.” The General remarks.

“And have him resent both of us? No, he never asked, and I never broached the subject. I was just thinking about how it could have been—” Once again the General smiles as he thinks about what followed after their conversation.

Colonel Broadnax searches through his private phone book until he finds the number for Shirley Woodard. Shirley still works for Dr. Benjamin Riley at Albertson Pharmaceutical Laboratories but now holds the capacity of Administrative Research Liaison.

Stuart finds the number and gives her a call.

“Shirley, Colonel Stuart Broadnax here.”

“Hello Stuart, it’s nice of you to call.” Shirley replies a little tired. She has just finished an intense investigative study on The Positive Advantages of Biochemical Manipulation for Dr. Riley and is eager to get things back to an acceptable routine.

“I know that you’ve just completed assisting Dr. Riley on an important project but how would you like to go on an extended leave? All expenses paid for a trip to Lucerne, Switzerland.” Stuart hears what sounds like the phone dropping hard on the desk. After a few moments, there is a response.

“Are you serious, Stuart?” Shirley responds as soon as she can regain her voice.

“You know I never joke on matters of National Security.” Stuart replies flatly.

“National Security? I don’t understand?” Shirley is both confounded and intrigued.

“I’m heading for your office in a few minutes. Then we can talk.” Stuart ends the call. Rushing to the facilities in one of the marked military vehicles, he arrives in record time.

Stuart shows his credentials to the receptionist and is escorted into Shirley’s office. When the receptionist closes the door behind her, the two people greet each other warmly.

“How have you been, Shirley?” Stuart asks.

“Keeping busy, Stuart. Good to see you—now, what is this about National Security?” Shirley queries as she watches Stuart recheck the door to ensure that no one is listening. Then he positions himself in a chair and begins to give her a verbal dossier on what Darren Fields relayed to him.

“That’s some story Stuart, but where do I fit in? As you know, the work done here at the Albertson Pharmaceutical Labs deals entirely with animal behavior—not plants.” Shirley vocalizes.

“The General feels that you and Dominic would be an idea couple to scrutinize things in Lucerne. Right now, it’s not an international problem yet but—”

“But you think that it could escalate. If you give a kid a box of matches and some paper—” Stuart finishes the statement.

“He might be tempted to start a fire.”

“What does Dominic think about this, or have you even told him?” Shirley nods her head in the affirmative when she observes the look on Stuart’s face.

“Hasn’t got a clue, eh? So you brought it to me first. I’m flattered.” Shirley replies sarcastically.

“Well, are you in or not?” Stuart is allowing his impatience to show.

“I’m in.”

“Good—now I need to get on the phone to Dominic and convince him that the two of you should take the case. Oh, by the way, how good are you with a gun?” Shirley smiles as she points to a trophy she received last year in sharpshooting.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Final Assault 4

  • Spores: The Final Assault 4
    Colonel Stuart Broadnax has returned to his offices in the Pentagon. However, before he contacts Dominic LaRue, he needs to contact his mentor and friend, Major General Adam Weinberger.

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