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Spores: The Final Assault 18

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

An end is in sight.

An end is in sight.

Getting Things into Perspective …

Finally, the Stäfa Industrial Complex is completed and Baron Schröder is ready to begin production of Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost. Unbeknownst to him however, Dr. Huber has been involved in secret sessions with Baron Balogh along with his confidant, Henri Zupan.

Abigail along with her husband, Albrecht Huber have been granted asylum as long as they cooperate and she discontinue production of the accelerated ALZ-903 formula. Instead, Abigail will create an enriched compost that will perform within acceptable guidelines and not flood the market with an accelerated concoction.

Dr. Huber realizes that she is treading on dangerous grounds. However, to do otherwise could put both Abigail and Albrecht in prison! As long as Baron Schröder is unsuspecting—there should be no problem. At any rate, the majority of the staff has sided with Baron Balogh—those who are neutral gladly accept renumerations for their silent.

Momentarily, Baron Schröder decides to telephone Abigail at his FEGE facilities.

“Dr. Huber, how are things going with the accelerated ALZ-903 formula?”

“It seems to be fairing considerably well.” Dr. Huber explains, being very careful not to sound overly confident. Knowing who she is dealing with and the consequences of making mistakes—it is better to proceed with caution.

“So, there have been no further mishaps with the serum?” Baron Schröder also proceeds cautiously.

“As I stated before—it is fairing considerably well.” Abigail reiterates.

“Hmm. Very well, Dr. Huber. I propose that by the end of the week, we transfer you and your staff to the new completed facilities in Stäfa.” The Baron replies.

“The complex is completed then?” Abigail wants to get her information correct.

“Enough for you to begin there. I see no need to wait until things are totally finished. The most vital of construction is done. All of the administrative suites and laboratories are completed. There only remains the furnishing of my executive offices and the Lounge.” The Baron reveals.

“I see.” Abigail remarks, taking her cue from Henri. He’s schooled her on just saying what is necessary and nothing more.

“This way,” Henri advises Abigail. “You will not make the mistake of giving yourself away.”

The Baron nevertheless senses the change in Abigail.

“You’re generally more talkative although I found the unnecessary chatter annoying.” Heinrich rebukes.

“I’m more focused.” Abigail rejoinder calmly.

“More focused? That’s good, Dr. Huber. You need to understand the seriousness of this project. Failure is not an option.” The Baron stresses.

“I understand.” Abigail remarks, happy for the briefing she’d received from Henri.

“Goodbye Dr. Huber.” Baron Schröder abruptly releases the call. Then orders Henri into his private office.

“Have you noticed anything odd about Dr. Huber?” The Baron inquires.

“No.” Henri answers with composure.

“She’s sounding more like you.” The Baron complains.

“Really?” Henri offers but inwardly chuckles.

“Never mind, Henri. I’ve got work to do.” The Baron dismisses and Henri turns, leaving the room with a wide grin on his face.

Sitting alone in his executive chair, the Baron turns to face the window. Then speaks into the air.

“Ever since Marko left me everything has been different. First, Eric Singleton mysteriously disappears. Now, Dr. Huber answers my questions without her usual nervous chattering. Henri has always been an extremely efficient assistant but even he seems somewhat different. Am I slowly losing control?”

The Baron turns back to study the plans for the Stäfa Industrial Complex .

Schröder Refinery

Schröder Refinery

Meanwhile …

Baron Balogh pays an official visit to the Stäfa Industrial Complex. He observes that it is completed on the outside but still needs some things done on the inside. The Site Engineer Ryker Weber is there to meet him.

“Guten Morgen Baron Balogh!” Ryker greets. (Good Morning Baron Balogh!)

“Guten Morgen Ryker. Ich sehe, dass die Dinge fast erledigt sind.” The Baron says. (Good morning Ryker. I see that things are almost done.)

“Ja, es müssen nur die Möbel zur Verfügung gestellt werden.” (Yes, only the furniture needs to be provided.)

“Ahnt Heinrich etwas?” Marko inquires. (Does Heinrich suspect anything?)

“Kein Baron. Er ist zu glücklich, dass alles so gut voranzukommen scheint.” Ryker informs his real boss. (No Baron. He is so happy that everything seems to be progressing so well.)

“Das ist gut. Der Vater meiner Frau ist ein guter Mann!” Marko smiles. (This is good. My wife's father is a good man!)

“Der Herzog glaubt, wie du es tust, dass sein Sohn viel zu rücksichtslos ist.” Ryker smiles back at the Baron. (The Duke believes as you do that his son is far to reckless)

“Er muss sich mit einer guten Frau wie seiner Schwester niederlassen.” Marko decides and Ryker agrees with him. (He needs to settle down with a goodly wife like his sister.)

“Keine Respektlosigkeit Baron, aber das wird nie passieren.” Ryker interjects and both men laugh. Then Ryker gives Marko a tour of the facilities. (No disrespect Baron but that will never happen.)

The Baron politely greets the various workers at the site. He has explained everything to Duke Nicholas Schröder beforehand and the Duke gladly agrees to work with Marko on the condition that Heinrich will not eventually wind up in prison. Marko assures the Duke that he will speak to the President of Commissions of the European Union regarding this.

Marko’s thoughts are interrupted by the voice of Ryker.

“ Und damit ist der Rundgang durch unsere Verwaltungsräume abgeschlossen – oder zumindest, wie sie aussehen werden, sobald alles an Ort und Stelle ist.” Ryker retorts. (And that concludes the tour of our administrative facilities—or at least how they will look once everything is in place.)

“Oh, alles sieht gut aus, Ryker. Wenn dies vorbei ist, wird es eine sehr produktive Anlage sein – kein Schein für produktdominanz!” The Baron informs the man. (Oh, everything looks fine, Ryker. When this is over it will be a very productive facility—not a sham for product dominance!)

Then he enters his rented Maserati and returns to his hotel suite. Once situated in his suite, Marko gives Sophia a call.

“Mark, when are you coming home?” Sophia queries.

“Hi honey, I am leaving tonight for the villa. I had to gauge the progress of the Stäfa Industrial Complex. It’s really going to be nice. I think that your father Nicholas and I will be able to make it very profitable in an honest way once we’ve harnessed Heinrich.” Marko chuckles.

“I’m glad you can see the humor in this. People have died because of my brother’s lust for power. I’ll admit that Ian Schmidt was a ruthless, backstabbing lowlife and all but still—” Marko disrupts his wife’s thoughts.

“Heinrich didn’t pull the trigger.”

“No, but he gave the order. And, what about Dr. Evans? That man turned himself into a monster!” Sophia proclaims.

“And that was your brother’s fault?” Marko is not believing his wife.

“Marko, you just don’t understand. My mother has indulged my brother to no end. When we were children—I would get sent to my room while mother would lament, “He’s just a baby.” Sophia remembers bitterly.

“My poor darling!” Marko coos. “This is one time, however, that your brother will be sent to his room—at the castle. When Nicholas gets finished with him—he will be happy to have just gotten a spanking.” Both Sophia and Marko laugh for at least six minutes. Then she speaks.

“So, father is going to strip him of all his authority in Heinrich Ltd as well as other holdings.”

“With the insignificant allowance he’ll be getting—he’ll be lucky to be able to take the garbage out, lest known a woman. I will see you tonight my love.” After addition words of endearment, both parties end the phone call.

To Be Continued …

Spores: The Final Assault Conclusion

  • Spores: The Final Assault Conclusion
    The Duke of Castle Luchsinger, Nicholas Schröder has decided that he has had enough of his wayward son’s shenanigans. Working closely with his son-in-law Baron Marko Balogh, he has devised a plot that will harness Heinrich for a very long time!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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