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Spores: The Final Assault 16

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Its getting deadly ...

Its getting deadly ...

An Extremely Successful Meeting …

It’s early Tuesday morning when Erhard and Dominic decide to pay Andreja Šušter a visit. He is currently staying in a lovely chalet outside of Düsseldorf and seems to be doing extremely well for himself. Erhard pulls up in a rented Mercedes. Both men exist and Dominic knocks on the door. When Andreja answers, he recognizes the man immediately.

“Dominic LaRue warum bist du hier” He inquires nervously. (Dominic LaRue why are you here?)

“Sie scheinen ganz gut für sich selbst zu sein.” Dominic replies. (You seem to be doing quite well for yourself.)

“Ich arbeite jetzt und versuche, mich aus Schwierigkeiten herauszuhalten.” Andreja answers. (I am working now and trying to keep out of trouble.)

“Gut für Sie. Darf ich Erhard Huber vorstellen.” Dominic remarks and the two men shake hands. (Good for you. May I introduce Erhard Huber.)

“Relax Mann, wir sind nur hier, um zu erkundigen, was Sie über Baron Schröder wissen können.” Erhard retorts. (Relax man, we are only here to inquire on what you may know regarding Baron Schröder.)

“Dann bist du nicht hier, um mich zu jagen!” A relieved Andreja replies. (Then you are not here to hound me!)

“Sie haben Ihre Schulden an die Gesellschaft bezahlt. Unser einziges Interesse gilt dem Baron.” Dominic says. (You have paid your debt to society. Our only interest is in the Baron.)

“Das ist gut. Kommen Sie in Herren. Ich werde Ihnen sagen, was ich weiß.” Andreja opens the door wider and the two men enter. (That is good. Come in gentlemen. I will tell you what I know.)

Andreja begins to tell them everything, even the fact that he was paid to burn down the warehouse. Both Erhard and Dominic listen attentively as Andreja speaks, detailing what Müller and Schmidt had later told him regarding the Baron’s plans and how they were meant to be the fall guys. Erhard is extremely satisfied with the information. So is Dominic.

“Diese Informationen sind von unschätzbarem Wert. Außerdem haben Sie uns einen Besuch bei Müller und Schmidt erspart. Wir sind sehr dankbar!” Erhard rejoinders while taking a few large bills from his back pocket. He hands them to Andreja. (This information is invaluable. Plus, you have saved us a visit to Müller and Schmidt . We are very grateful!)

“Vielen Dank. Vielen Dank, meine Damen und Herren. Ich kann dieses Geld auf jeden Fall verwenden.” Andreja asserts gleefully. (Thank you. Thank you so much, gentlemen. I can certainly use this money.)

“Halten Sie einfach die Augen offen und den Mund geschlossen. Du hast uns nicht gesehen und du weißt nichts über uns, verstehen?” Dominic adds with a satisfying smile on his face. (Just keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. You haven't seen us and you know nothing about us, understand?)

“Haben Sie gesehen, wer? Ich weiß nicht, wovon Sie sprechen. Ich bin gerade auf dem Weg zur Arbeit.” Andreja pronounces as the two men leave his home with him following close behind. (Saw who? I don't know what you are talking about. I'm just on my way to work.)

Andreja locks the door to his chalet and heads for his Maroon Porsche while Erhard and Dominic return to their Benz.

“That was an extremely successful meeting, wouldn’t you say?” Dominic relaxes in the passenger seat of the car.

“Best one I’ve had in a long time.” Erhard retorts. “Found out everything we needed to know in one whoop. And they say men don’t gossip.” Both men enjoy a hardy round of laughter.

“So what do we need to do now?” Dominic wonders.

“Report our findings to both the Heads of the European Union and U. S. Military Intelligence. We are dealing with a highly volatile situation. Until Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost is back in production and we can uncover Baron Schröder’s scheme—all we can do is wait.” Erhard assesses the situation.

“I’ve never been good at waiting, my friend.” Dominic asserts.

“Perhaps the wait won’t be a long one. I need to get in touch with my Aunt Abigail.” Erhard smiles and Dominic returns it.

Abigail is in over her head!

Abigail is in over her head!

Treading in Dangerous Waters ...

Baron Schröder is pushing hard. Not only for the completion of the Stäfa Industrial Complex but advance production of Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost as well. The Baron calls Heinrich Ltd every day to monitor the progress of the serum. He decides to pay an unexpected visit to the Genetic Laboratory of his Foundation.

“Baron Schröder, what an unexpected surprise!” Abigail exclaims nervously.

“Dr. Huber, how are things progressing?” Heinrich questions looking around.

“Baron Schröder, we are running into slight difficulties with this new mixture. Accelerating the serum even a little more than previously experimented could be dangerous. I don’t think—” Heinrich rudely interrupts Abigail.

“May I remind you, Dr. Abigail. You are not being paid a handsome salary for merely thinking. You are expected to produce satisfactory results.” The Baron stresses ominously.

“Yes, I understand Baron. However, this advanced ALZ-903 is extremely volatile.” Abigail warns.

“You will fix whatever the problem is, Dr. Huber. I have great plans for this new venture. The workmen are ahead of schedule and soon you will be transferred to the new facilities. It would not be wise to disappoint me, Dr. Huber.” Heinrich continues to relay forebodingly as he exists the lab.

“Overbearing twit!” Abigail pronounces as her cellphone rings. It is her nephew, Erhard.

“Hello Erhard.” Abigail whispers as she moves closer to the window. She watches the Baron as he enters his Blue Lamborghini and heads east.

“Have I caught you at a bad time Aunt Abigail?” Erhard inquires cautiously.

“It’s more like a crucial time. I should have learned my lesson when I was working with Beverly Mitchell at Castle Schröder.” Abigail laments.

“I will never understand why a brilliant mind such as yours would be so mixed up in this.” Erhard counters.

“It’s not just for me. I have been assisting Albrecht with his sister, Monika. Taking care of her invalid husband has not been easy. However, I now have the means of helping both Monika and my interests.” Abigail brags softly.

“Is there somewhere that we may be able to talk freely, Abigail.” Erhard asks, sensing that this is not the time to engage in secretive narrations.

“I will be taking a luncheon break later. I will call you—”

“Frau Huber, should you not be working on the Baron’s serum instead of idly chattering on the phone?” Herman, one of the security guards questions.

“I will call you.” Abigail whispers and abruptly ends the conversation.

“You need to be focusing your attention on the project at hand, Fraulein Huber.” Herman scoffs wickedly at Abigail.

“I am a married woman!” Abigail corrects him indignantly.

“You will not be if there is any error in this new serum.” Herman gives Abigail a knowing glance, pats his holstered gun, then returns to his post at the door.

Abigail goes back to her duties, pondering about her husband and her favorite Pomeranian—Ginger. Too late she begins to consider the folly of working for a ruthless man such as Baron Schröder. One of the female technicians meanders to her holding up a vial.

“We need to get out of here. It is no longer safe to work here. I have heard rumors that they will kill all the nonessential technicians.” Beth murmurs then returns to her station when she eyes the same security guard observing her.

“I must speak to Erhard.” Abigail says under her breath. “This has gone too far!”

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Final Assault 17

  • Spores: The Final Assault 17
    As Baron Schröder continues his journey into madness, Dr. Abigail Huber is beginning to realize that she is also travelling on an adjacent path. However, she is putting her family at risk as well. Then she calls her husband to express her fears.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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