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Spores: The Final Assault 15

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Word to the Wise ...

It is very late Monday night when Marko agrees to allow an audience with Eric. He is curious as to what the man has to say. The Baron speaks first.

“Mr. Singleton have a seat. May I offer you a nightly beverage?” Marko commences.

“No thank you sir. I need to speak to you on a certain matter. I will beg your discretion regarding this issue. If the word ever got out that I had visited you—” Eric inwardly shutters.

“I can then assume that you are not here on behalf of my brother-in-law Baron Schröder?” Marko has an amused look upon his face. It is undeniably obvious that Eric is scared.

“No sir. I’ve come for your help.” Eric hardly speaks beyond a whisper.

“So, you’ve come to realize that Heinrich’s folly could have devastating consequences.” Marko rises to entertain himself with a light sherry.

“I mean no disrespect sir but the man is mad with power. I’ve seen that look once before.” Eric manages to slowly exhale.

“Yes. I know.” Now Marko is somber. “What is it you want me to do?”

“I want to lay low for a while. There are too many places where Baron Schröder has connections. I would be safe among yours.” Eric lays his plans out.

“Indeed. I discover that more of Heinrich’s associates are moving in my direction. He truly has become quite the liability, but of course he is family. Tell me, Eric Singleton. Do you pledge your allegiance to me?” Marko lays aside his drink and stares at Eric with unblinking eyes.

“Totally!” Eric responds without hesitation.

“Good. Come in here, Henri!” Marko orders and the burly henchman of Baron Schröder enters the room.

“Henri! What are you doing here?” Eric shrieks in terror.

“Calm down, Eric. It’s alright. Tell him, Henri.” Marko requests and Henri begins to enlighten the man.

After about fifteen minutes, Henri has finished his oration. Eric observes him in utter horror.

“The son—after all I have done in his behalf.” Eric groans with his head in his hands.

“To be honest with you, the only decent thing he’s ever done was to protect my son Andris during that Colonel Schneider fiasco. I figure he did that because Sophie would have literally killed him had our boy came to any harm.” Marko chuckles at the irony of it all.

“I’m glad you can find the humor in this, Baron. It’s my asphalt that’s on the line here.” Eric whines. Henri looks at him, shaking his head in disgust.

“If you don’t mind me saying so, you’re the one who put your foot into this pile of feces.” Henri chuckles.

“Well, what about you—you work for him too.” Eric points an accusing finger.

“There is a difference there.” Henri begins. “I actually work for Baron Balogh. He recommended me to Baron Schröder as a means for me to infiltrate his association.”

“What? I don’t understand.” Eric gazes from Baron Balogh to Henri.

“I guess you are familiar with the organization STOP.” Marko remarks.

“You don’t mean to tell me that you’re with them? You helped Baron Schröder set up this entire scheme.” Eric is totally amazed.

“I’ve only recently been enlisted. I know that Henri works with them and I’ve agreed to assist him because—well if Heinrich wasn’t my wife’s brother—I’d throw him under the bus myself. However, I don’t object to someone else doing it. Eric, I’m sick of my brother-in-law and so is my wife. He’s such a conniver.” Marko retorts exasperated.

“I didn’t know, Baron.” Eric walks over to the liquor cabinet and pours himself a drink.

“Actually, I never thought I’d be saying these things to you of all people. I thought you were cemented to Heinrich Schröder.” Marko managed a weak smile.

“I used to think so too until he told me in no uncertain terms that I was expendable. He said the only reason he puts up with you is because you are family.” With that both Henri and Marko let out a howl.

It has become quite obvious that Eric is way over his head.

It has become quite obvious that Eric is way over his head.

“Eric, I may be a fool, but I am going to believe in your sincerity. Henri! Please give him the address of the safe house. Lay low for a while and keep neutral.” Henri walks toward Eric and offers him a card.

“You are no fool, sir! Thank you, thank you so much Baron. I will not betray your trust. What will you tell Baron Schröder, Henri?” Eric gets up, shaking the hands of the two men who have probably saved his life.

“That is not your concern, Eric. Just get your butt to that safe house. I will send a couple of my associates to bring you change of clothes and whatever else they think you might need.” Henri asserts.

“It is imperative that you remain invisible. Especially since you can identify Henri as one in STOP. We are risking a lot for you.” Marko is giving him a stern warning.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Baron. What is STOP and what does it have to do with me?” Eric retorts, pleasing both Marko and Henri.

“Good. Come Eric, I need to get you out of this chateau as quickly and as silently as possible. Then, jump into your car and head for the safe house as if your very life depends on it—it does.” Eric nods and the two men leave.


Dominic is unable to sleep and decides to give Shirley Woodard a call. It is only 6:00 pm where she is.

Having finished a meal of a light salad, ribeye steak, a loaded baked potato along with Cabernet Sauvignon—a red wine with black fruit & green pepper notes, Shirley is ready to recline in front of the television.

Brrrrrr! Shirley moves to answer the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi baby, its me.” Dominic says.

“Nicki? What are you doing up? By my calculations it should be about midnight there.” Shirley remarks.

“Yeah, it is. I’m having a hard time sleeping for some reason.” Dominic lies.

“You’re not a liar, Nicki. What’s on your mind?” Shirley questions, reclining back on the sofa, nursing the remainder of her drink.

“You are beginning to know me a little bit too well, girl.” Dominic teases. “I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

“Are you having any problems with those three fellows you are supposed to meet?” Shirley sits straight, a look of concern on her face.

“No, nothing like that. I met this guy named Derek and he was talking about his wife that’s all.” Dominic replies and Shirley blushes profusely.

“So you thought you’d give me a call?” Shirley wishes that Dominic could see her left eyebrow raise a trifle.

“Yeah Shirl. We have like an understanding don’t we?” Dominic has never found himself in a situation like this before.

“Whatever do you mean?” Shirley mimics innocence while attempting to stifle a giggle.

“You know darn well what I mean, Shirley. Quit the act.” Dominic is becoming frustrated.

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean. To me, the time we spent in Munich was unforgettable and magical. However, I understand that a man like you—” Dominic abruptly interrupts her.

“Don’t put a label on me, Shirl. I care deeply for you. It’s just that my line of work calls for a woman with uh … flexibilities.” Dominic tries to clumsily explain.


“Yes, Shirl?”

“I care for you, too. Now shut up and get some sleep.” Shirley hangs up the phone—an extremely large smile is obvious on her face. It can only be reflected by the larger one displayed by Dominic. He then enjoys the best slumber he’s experienced in weeks.

To Be Continued …

Spores: The Final Assault 16

  • Spores: The Final Assault 16
    Schröder Refinery is progressing way ahead of schedule, thanks to the domineering influence of Baron Schröder. However, the further modifications of the Third Advanced ALZ-903 has reached an impasse. You can manipulate spores only so much!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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