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Spores: The Final Assault 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The Brink of Despair!

The Brink of Despair!

The Approaching Storm ...

Barons Balogh and Schröder discuss their success regarding the Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost fiasco in Europe.

“The compost has proven very effective, Heinrich. People the world over can’t seem to get enough of the product. They marvel at the results of their crop growth.” Marko brags.

“Yes, all except the United States. In fact their President has urged Congress to put a tariff on all wheat products imported from Europe.” Heinrich retorts.

“Well, didn’t Eric Simpleton say that their President, Kurtis Westbrook, is no fool! He surrounds himself with the best of men. Major General Adam Weinberger, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Broadnax—” Henrich interrupts him.

“You do not have to go down the list, Marko. I am well aware of this fact. And it is Singleton—not simpleton. This man Westbrook is unlike the last buffoon they had in office. It is true that he encompasses himself with the very best. He has even ensured that his farmers are protected. I know this.” Heinrich grudgingly admits.

“So, what do we do?” Marko inquires.

“We proceed as planned.” Heinrich concludes.

“But what about the United States? They will not be involved. I thought we would cover the world—” Once again Marko is interrupted.

“We have Europe and Asia! The United States is across the ocean and besides—they will have no need or authority to intervene. It doesn’t concern them. They are not the police of the world and besides—there are still quite a few nations that hate them because of the previous administration.” Heinrich gloats.

“Ah yes, this is true. I still don’t like it though, Heinrich.” Marko asserts.

“Don’t worry about it. Have we not made a small fortune with our sells thus far?” Heinrich counters.

“Yes. Why can’t we just keep selling the miracle growth mixture and forget about phase two. Remember how Colonel Schneider kept pressing his luck?” Marko reminds him.

“That was because he decided to tackle the United States head on, a very foolish move on his part. Since they have decided to exclude themselves from our scheme—all the better for us.” Heinrich feels very sure of himself while the caution flag waves high with Marko.

“I am getting the same feelings that I got when Colonel Schneider wanted to push his agenda. I say to cut clean while we are ahead and enjoy the profits from Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost.” Marko cautions.

“You are acting like a scared little girl, Marko. However, I will give you the option of pulling out. I will just find another granary to store the compost.” Heinrich is rapidly losing patience.

“You would just end our agreement like that? I see—good. I will see that the necessary papers are drawn. I am relieved that neither your father nor my sons are involved in this. It would have broken poor Sophia—” Heinrich interrupts.

“Spare me, Marko. What has gotten into you? In the beginning, you were all into this scheme.” Heinrich shakes his head in bewilderment.

“That was before Dominic LaRue.” Marko informs him.

“What does LaRue have to do with this?” Heinrich puts down his glass of vodka and begins to listen intently.

“I have it from good sources that he has been snooping around both Novak Industries and the Björk Corporation.” Marko responds.

“Did he find out anything?” Heinrich tries very hard not to allow his nervousness to shine through.

“This, I am not sure of. However, before LaRue became involved with U. S. Military Intelligence he was with the DGSE: Directorate-General for External Security – Direction Générale de la sécurité extérieure. It is the military foreign intelligence agency.” Marko reminds Heinrich.

“Yes, I know. LaRue was extremely young and extremely—” Then Marko finishes the description of Dominic.

“Extremely violent. No my friend, I would not want to tangle with LaRue in Europe.” Marko remarks.

The time of desolation has come ...

The time of desolation has come ...

“I am reluctant to agree with you. LaRue’s tactics over here would be a little different than in America.” Heinrich concludes.

“So you understand my concerns.” Marko blows a sigh of relief.

“I understand our need for caution and discretion. We need to thank the heavens that our product hasn’t reach the shores of America. Still, we will walk carefully,” Heinrich elects.

“So, we will proceed with everything as planned?” Marko questions.

“Yes.” Heinrich reaffirms. “Both Novak Industries and the Björk Corporation have been screaming for a slice of the pie. I suggest we give it to Novak Industries. After all, did we not have to teach one of Alfonz employees a lesson? Will you tell Józef, Marko?”

“No. I will leave that up to you. Józef is a good friend of mine—I want to keep it that way. I will leave it up to you to explain the deception.” Marko decides.

“Very well. Then I will also have to explain to Nil the reason for his omission. Can he be trusted with knowing the truth?” Heinrich queries.

“Of course he can.” Marko retorts.

“Then since he is your friend—it is better that the truth comes from you. But I wonder how Józef Novak will feel about this?” Heinrich questions.

“Let us have a meeting with the both of them. It was not Józef’s fault but his son, Alfonz. They are both my good friends and allies. Why should either have to be implicated? They can be trusted, and we can find a third party to do our bidding. The compost must not be traceable to my granary nor theirs. Let Eric find us a little-known European distributor to handle things from here on out.” Marko suggests.

“Very well, Marko. It is time for us to introduce our alternative. We will do it in a way that will not easily arouse suspicion.” Heinrich asserts.

“Yes—we will continue to produce the good stuff and slowly assimilate the corrupt brand within, right?” Marko quizzes.

“Now you are talking. You had me worried there for a minute, Marko. We are in this arrangement together from beginning to end. I will talk with you as soon as you have arranged for the meeting. Until then?”

Both men release the call.

The meeting that the Barons have with both Józef Novak and Nils Björk prove extremely fruitful. It is being held at Marko’s residence near Lake Zürich. Sophia is away at Castle Luchsinger visiting her father Nicholas and son Andor while Andris is busy gambling in Monaco with friends.

“It is a very deceitful trick you are playing on our farmers, Baron Schröder. How ingenious!” Nil laughs.

“Indeed it is wicked, but it will reap marvelous benefits.” Józef chimes in.

“Then we can depend on the discretion of both of you?” Heinrich queries.

“Without a doubt!”

The second batch of Dr. Bamberger’s Miracle Compost is completed exclusively at a third party manufacturing concern called Müller and Schmidt. They are a small company of somewhat dubious means. Eric Singleton gives them a very large sum of money for their discretion. They accept it graciously with no questions asked.

A very generous amount of the new serum is sent to Müller and Schmidt Ltd. in Stäfa. It is first introduced as a mixture that can be carefully integrated within the original compost. So the integrity of the original is only slightly altered. In fact, the effects are only slightly noticeable. Only a very few farmers notice a difference—not enough to cause much of an alarm, though.

Yet, with systematic and meticulous care, a greater amount of farmers are beginning to experience the change. The weather too has also proven to be a very cooperative factor in the deception. Due to the continual lack of rain and the soil proving to be quite difficult at times to work, no one suspects the compost. As more of the damaging mixture is propagated, a rise in unsuccessful harvesting continues. This fact has not become unnoticed by leaders of the European Union.

To Be Continued ...

Spores: The Final Assault 11

  • Spores: The Final Assault 11
    Things were looking pretty grim for Müller and Schmidt Ltd until Everett hit upon a plan to remove himself and Luis from the game. It didn’t take them long before they had conceived an accident along with a viable alibi that would convince the Baron.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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