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Spores 2: The Final Assault 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Can these Spores still lead to world dominance?

Can these Spores still lead to world dominance?

Introducing ALZ-903 ...

Currently, both Jeremiah Evans as well as his accomplice in crime Ian Schmidt are gone. Jeremy because of his arrogance is deceased and Ian because of his ignorance. Ian was the facilitator for Jeremy in his private experiments but he wasn’t actually much of a contributor. His failure to protect and preserve Jeremy is what lead to his expendability. Now Baron Heinrich Schröder will have to enlist the assistance of another Biochemist with a background in Bacterial Spores and Genetic Splicing.

Baron Schröder’s search yields Frederic, a defected officer of the late Colonel Schneider. Under complete amnesty, he tells the Baron what he knows regarding the operation that took place a few years ago. What Heinrich really wants information on is whether or not there are any scientists left who worked with Dr. Holloway that are still alive.

“Frau Beverly Mitchell had an assistant.” Frederic remembers.

“Do you know what became of this assistant. What’s her name?” Heinrich is eager to learn.

“I believe she married Officer Huber—I mean Albrecht. He found a job with the Zurich Airport Security, but I don’t believe his American wife had any luck. There doesn’t seem to be much need for a Biochemist.” Frederic chuckles.

“You did not tell me her name, Frederic.” Heinrich tries hard to be patient.

“Sorry Baron Schroder, I believe her first name is Abigail—Abigail Warner Huber.” Frederic replies.

“You have been extremely useful, Frederic. I know you will not mention our conversation to anyone. There will be a little something for you by way of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions (SWIFT). I will put my secretary on the line, and she will acquire the necessary bank information.” Heinrich informs Frederic and soon afterwards a young lady is on the phone.

It doesn’t take long for Baron Schröder to contact Abigail Huber. He explains to her what he wants to do and after later discussing the entire affair with her husband Albrecht, she is more than willing to cooperate. The Baron discusses some details along with a very generous benefit package.

“You will find that I am a more practical person to deal with than Colonel Schneider.” Heinrich explains. “You will be paid quite well for your services and also provided with luxury living accommodations.”

“Your terms are more than acceptable, Baron Schröder.” Abigail begins. “I was a much younger woman when I worked for Colonel Schneider. Barely out of Graduate School at that time when Dr. Beverly Mitchell recruited me for the Alpha 1-X Project as it was unofficially called by many of us. There were very few people who had privy of working closely with Dr. Mitchell as I did.”

“So, do you have your doctoral degree and are familiar also with the field of Genetic Splicing?” Heinrich probes further.

“I wrote a dissertation on “The Probability of Using Anabolic Steroids in Influencing Aggressive Plant Populating.” Even Dr. Holloway found my research fascinating.” Abigail proudly boasts.

“Excellent! I want you to head up a staff of genetic researchers in a new facility that I am having constructed on lands that I possess.” Now it is Heinrich who can’t hide his excitement.

“When will you need me to begin work?” An eager Abigail inquires.

“As soon as I can procure the men and the necessary materials.” The Baron responds.

The Foundation for the Expansion of Genetic Exploration ...

The Foundation for the Expansion of Genetic Exploration ...

Within two months, construction commences on the Heinrich Ltd Building and Baron Schröder makes good on his commitment. He dedicates several acres of prime real estate to what he will christen as The Foundation for the Expansion of Genetic Exploration (FEGE). The edifice is extremely impressive looking. Incorporating blueprints similar to ones used in the construction of The Albertson Pharmaceutical Laboratory, the Heinrich Bldg. will house three laboratories— the first is the Developmental Lab, the second is the Experimental Lab and the third is the Isolation Chambers.

These laboratories will be highly specialized. In the Developmental Lab, the researchers and technicians begin the groundwork to continuously discover methods by which the serum will become effective. They will critically examine various species of plants to determine which are suitable for exploration and experimentational procedures and which to avoid.

It is in the Experimental Lab where the crucial analyses will emerge. Once selected species are identified—the Biochemist and Botanists will pool their resources to introduce controlled amounts of ALZ-903 into plants in both liquid and powder form and measure their reactions. The successful test specimen will be housed in the Isolation Lab. There, Dr. Huber, and her associates will continue to closely monitor the behavior of these plants to determine the final outcome.

The FEGE facility will also accommodate a Welcoming Station, a number of Administrative Offices for departmental leaders and a fully equipped Canteen. During inclement weather there will also be a suite of mini apartments so that the project can continue unobstructed. The entire construction of FEGE building and parking area is estimated to take approximately eleven months.

Exactly One Year Later ...

Finally, production of the new serum— ALZ-903 and suitable test recipients are proceeding in full swing.

Instead of the drug being introduced to laboratory rats—plants have been assigned as test specimen with astonishing results. First, the plant subjects are identified as Primary-1 and are given small doses of Anabolic Steroids in fluid base which causes them to react in an extremely aggressive manner—quickly filling up the flower box.

Then, a second group test of test plants identified as Primary-2 are given the same amount of the liquified Anabolic Steroids along with the modified ALZ-903 serum which Dr. Abigail Huber has perfect by incorporating both Drs. Weinberger-Hawkes and Holloway methods with animals however adapting them to the plant kingdom. As a result, the Primary-2 Plants become completely territorial—remaining in a centralized vicinity without crossing parallel boundaries.

By controlling Bacterial spores introduced through the ALZ-903 serum, Dr. Huber has been able to modify the behavior of plant life through molecular restructuring. Thereby, creating extremely controllable plant populating that can be manipulated to either aggressively multiplying or remain in restrictive settings.

“Magnificent!” Heinrich Schröder proclaims as he analyzes the test findings. “I could monitor food productivity for the entire European Union. Think of the implications. I could flood the market or rescind productivity with the mere introduction of the ALZ-903 serum.”

To Be Continued …

Spores: The Final Assault 3

  • Spores: The Final Assault 3
    Colonel Stuart Broadnax has receive information regarding the special interests of Baron Heinrich Schröder. However, General Evans is not quite convinced that this is a matter for Army Intelligence. Regardless, he has ordered Stuart to look into it.

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