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Spores 2: The Final Assault

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Just when you assumed that it couldn't get worse ...

Just when you assumed that it couldn't get worse ...

All Is Not Lost ...

When considering the life cycle of bacteria, note that the normal characteristics of spores are to remain in a dormant state. It is only during intervals of adversity when the spores aid in protecting a bacterium. Imagine what would happen if that Genetic Code could be altered? Jeremiah Evans discovered such a process and now he is dead—a victim of his own genius!

A Very Solemn Occasion ...

It is a crisp autumn day. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze. It is with such a backdrop that a special private service is being held for Jeremiah Octavius Evans, renowned scientist, and pioneer in the study of Bacterial Spore Reengineering—the manipulation of bacterial spores by the enhanced bombardment of radioactive binders. Those allowed attendance to this exclusive ceremony consists of selective members of the press, a few of his colleagues and a handful of personal acquaintances.

Jeremy wasn’t an easy man to get along with by no stretch of the imagination. He was a brilliant environmentalist— particularly impetus, extremely reckless, highly opinionated, but constantly struggling with his many demons to achieve even greater level of excellence while alienating himself from many colleagues in his field. An association with him always led to an either/or when it came to Jeremy Evans. Either you love him, or you despise him. There is no in between choice.

His mother, Mrs. Grace Evans sits upright, staring in total disbelief at the urn that houses her son’s cremated remains. It seems like only yesterday that she held him in her arms, administering assistance to a bruised knee. However, no salve will restore him to his former self. Jeremy traveled a road that could only lead to his unfortunate and absolute annihilation.

Seated next to Mrs. Evans is his uncle, General Thomas Evans. Some suspected that the General is more than just an uncle but the two individual who are privy to the whole truth remain silent. General Evans holds Grace’s hand and is caught up in his own thoughts. He remembers the last conversation he had with his nephew and ponders if there could have been something he might have done to prevent this tragedy.

Colonel Stuart Broadnax is another of the military genre who is in attendance. He begins to mull over things as well. However, his thoughts reach beyond the young man whose ashes lie before him. He is considering the ultimate outcome of Jeremy’s uncontrolled endeavors.

“Jeremy may be dead, but is it possible that he managed to communicate the results of his private experiments to allies of the late Colonel Schneider?” Stuart contemplates to himself.

Meanwhile …

Ian Schmidt has arrives at the Zurich Airport near Lucerne, Switzerland. He is exceptionally careful not to be apprehended by Customs, so he has taken onboard only a light piece of luggage. He marvels in the reality that even though the motor vehicle transporting the vials of serum to Stanstead rolled off an embankment at tremendously high speeds. Even overturning, and exploding—the serum samples are thrown clear and saved in their crude container.

The destination of the vials had been a small village on the outskirts of the United States and Canadian border. They were rescued by locals and confiscated by those who were actually responsible for their safety. Being only loosely secured inside a thermos which was also inside an ice chest happened to be enough to secure them.

The actual Accelerated LZ-902 formula has been carefully dispatched by mail to Baron Heinrich Schroder at Castle Luchsinger. The recipe should already have arrived considering the fact that it has been a few days since it was sent.

“Well—that’s the end of Jeremy Evans— the would be world conqueror! He thought by making himself as a test subject, he would be able to dominate the nations with his super powers. I guess it is true what everyone was saying about him. Here’s to you, Jeremy—foolhardy to the end!” Ian thinks to himself as he lifts up a small bottle of Vodka to his lips.

All the current magazines try to capitalize on Jeremy's mysterious death and memorial services!

All the current magazines try to capitalize on Jeremy's mysterious death and memorial services!

Ian is soon interrupted by two men dressed in black suits with severe expressions on their faces. One of the men speaks.

“Ian Schmidt?” This man is called Jacolby.

“Yes, that’s me—why?” Ian replies a little anxious.

“I understand that you have something that Baron Heinrich would be very interested in.” Jacolby remarks.

“Who are you?” Ian queries.

“We are connected with the Baron. I wonder if you would be so kind as to follow us. He has sent us to fetch you and the less fanfare the better.” The other man called Uriah replies.

Ian moves silently out of the terminal—then remembers his addition luggage.

“I have an additional valise.” Ian tells the two men.

“Don’t worry—Uriah, collect Mr. Schmidt’s luggage.” Jacolby orders.

“Is that where the package is?” Uriah queries calmly.

“When my men delivered the serum samples to me, I had to think fast. I put the vials in what looks like a spray can of deodorant. Jeremy and I had a couple of them made in case—” Ian is interrupted by Jacolby.

“This is good—yes this is very good.” Jacolby decides.

“I understand that Jeremy Evans is dead?” Uriah questions.

“Jeremy is—was a reckless American. It was well known what a fool Jeremy Evans was. He took way too many risks and in the end he paid for it dearly.” Ian determines.

“I understand that he experimented on himself. Why would he do such a thing?” Uriah wonders.

“Isn’t it obvious? He couldn’t risk a vagrant or anybody else stealing his thunder?” Ian follows the two men to a black sedan—crawling into the back seat. Uriah excuses himself to retrieve the valise while leaving Jacolby with Ian.

“Does anyone else know about—” Ian interrupts him.

“Of course not. What kind of chump do you take me for?” Ian is letting his aggravation show with regards to the interrogation.

“Ja, what kind of dupe indeed?” Jacolby responds smiling as he retrieves a Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact complete with silencer.

“What’s the idea—I everything that Baron Heinrich told me to do.” Ian rejoinders more frighten than he’d ever been in his life.

“You failed to keep the American alive. He may have been reckless as you have pointed out, but he was vital to the success of the Baron’s project. As you on the other hand—”

Jacolby fires several shots pointblank, killing Ian instantly. Uriah stuffs the valise into the trunk and joins his comrade in the front seat.

“I see that you have put dear Ian Schmidt to sleep. Perhaps he will say hello to his dear sister in Hades.” Uriah remarks and both men laugh.

To Be Continued ...

Spores 2: The Final Assault 2

  • Spores 2: The Final Assault 2
    Now that both the men who were detrimental to the creation of the first mutated spores are dead, everyone feels that things will return to normal. However, Baron Schröder has dreams of European dominance of a different nature—controlling the market!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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