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SpaceOpera: Mav Reel Chapter 2

Miranda is a lover and writer of science fiction, short stories, and poetry.

Chapter 2

When she entered the room that day he was speechless and his heart stopped. Mav Reel remembered that day as none other. Clearly his heart submitted to her inner being, and her heart too, he thought. There was this scar on his face, but not in his heart....... yet. The scar was magnified when his eldest sister told him a painful secret. She told him a dream she had. It was only a dream, so he thought. How it stalked him in the night hours. He could not sleep. His rude sister Lonny never had a kind word, but what hurt him most was that after hearing crude remark after crude remark from her about his fiancée, Mav Reel was craving TrayLAR and he thought he would look into the matter. He felt bad about his sudden lack of trust in her.

Was Lonny' s dream true? She's been right sometimes about other things. Lonny had many dreams and many have come true, but this one he was hoping was avoidable. I love this girl and why was the dream about her? Lonny and TrayLar got along. But maybe Lonny was just a little jealous of him and TrayLar. He thought it would be wise to go speak to TrayLar about the dream. He knew his fiancee well enough to know she would only laugh, but he was troubled about the details Lonny had given him. It was too detailed and she woke him up in the midnight hours to tell him this. As a child he would listen to Lonny tell family members dreams about them and Mother was so angry she would punish Lonny. That would explain why her delivery seemed crude as she got older. After Mama's passing she was grown and no longer feared being punished for such warnings.

He wanted to talk to TrayLar first thing in the morning. There was so much regret he had right now. He wished he never brought her a Service Droid. But he had no time to entertain regret. He had to see TrayLar now.

He took the first shuttletran ride to TrayLar's home. The Rover Droids were in TrayLar's home. His heart raced as he ran to her front door. The tall Roverdroid hovered over him as he stood nearly breathless at the door. The Roverdroid said, "Are you here to retrieve the body of TrayLar or the body of the Service Droid or both?" Mav Reel was startled by the question. His heart leaped as he pushed past the droid. Running past the kitchen which led into the livingroom, and then pushing past the 2 Roverdroids that was in TrayLar's bedroom. Looking down in unspeakable horror he saw TrayLar's dead body laying lifeless in her bed. Her eyes wide open and a death laser wound to her chest. Naked and cold she laid. The handsome and almost human looking service droid laid in the corner of TrayLar's bed room unharmed, but shutdown. Roverdroid #2 announced, "The laws of Urbana forbids this activity. The penalty is death for humans." He fell to his knees sobbing uncontrollably and could barely speak a word but managed to say , "And the penalty for Service Droids?" Roverdroid#22 recited the law, "As written in Urbana the owner of the Service Droid decides the fate of his or her droid. "

"Good!", shouts Mav Reel as he stumbled across the room to the lifeless service droid. He desperately looked for the panel button behind the droid's back to turn him on. The droid quickly opened it's eyes and smiled at him. "I hate you.....I hate you.....I hate you!" He shouted in the droid's face. Mav Reel dragged the droid down the hall as the Roverdroids looked on. He went to the tool closet and took out the huge ax. "Now I know you can feel both pleasure and pain you bastard!" The service droid stood up inches taller than Mav Reel. He looked into the droid's brown eyes. "You look too human, but I'm going to change that now. " Mav Reel took the ax and chopped away at the droid. The droid's hacked up body fell in disasterous chunks onto the kitchen floor.

Mav Reel woke up in his bed screaming in cold sweat. The Holoinfo phone rung and TrayLar's face appeared on the screen. "Good Morning Mav. Are you coming to Breakfast with Lonny and me?" Mav Reel touched his face and sighed heavily. "No thank you TrayLar."

He sighed, "You are a nightmare."


Mav Reel muttered, "You are my sister's friend. I could never consider dating you."

"Huh, Mav? Are you awake?"

He let 's out a sigh of disbelief and smiles, "Um, tell Lonny I won't be able to make it. He paused, "I've got a fugitive to catch."

To Be Continued...…...

© 2020 Miranda Blanks

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