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Soul From the Mirror - Part 03

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Hi everyone! So I finally completed the third part of the story, SOUL FROM THE MIRROR. If you haven't read the first and second parts, I think you should read them for a better understanding of the story.

Hope you will like the story. If there are mistakes, please be kind enough to let me identify my mistakes.

Part one and two.

  • Soul From the Mirror - Part 02
    Seoul received a mirror from the post and according to her cousin, it is going to take her to the death. Now her cousin is trying to save her. How will she save Seoul?
  • Soul From the Mirror - Part 01
    Jeon Seoul is an orphan. She lives alone in a house with a good economy. She receives a box from the post and in the box there is a mirror with a letter and according to the letter the mirror is haunted.


I never wanted to meet that pastor and say that I was haunted by a mirror. He will think that I’m out of my mind for sure. But I could not reject Olivia. So there wasn’t any other choice. I walked towards the church with her. It looked like a mysterious place. But how a church looks that way? The appearance of the church kept bothering me. I did not want to enter. The entrance looked like a castle. Not just the entrance every inch of the church looked like a castle. I had never seen that kind of a place before. And most of all everywhere looked spooky. Although I did not want to go into the church, I felt that this place really can help me if I am in a big trouble as Olivia said. But still my heart made me avoid believing about the letter and the mirror, also the stuff told by Olivia. If she was my cousin, how did she stay with that secret all the time?

I walked with curiosity in my heart. Olivia looked very familiar with the place. Inside of my heart something kept bothering me about Olivia. However I tried to make myself stronger enough to face whatever happens.

A person with a huge book walked towards us. I did not see from where he appeared.

Seoul: - Where did he come from? I didn’t see him entering from those doors!

Olivia: - Don’t worry I told you earlier that this place is different from other places. Unexpected things are expected.

Seoul: - What?

I felt curious and fearful. Though I told myself to be brave, my hands were trembling.

Olivia: - Hey. If you are afraid this much in this church, how will you face if something bad happens in the future?

I knew that my behavior showed my weakness but I could not hold myself back from my senses. I realized that, I was being too much afraid after seeing my own hands, as they were trembling as if getting ready to dance.

Seoul: - Okay, okay. I’m not scared.

Olivia: - Should I believe it? Seoul, I’m here with you and this place is safe, most of all what’s the reason to get scared this much? Nothing happened and you don’t even know anything about this. Just stay normal.

I nodded my head and Olivia held my hand. We walked towards the pastor and he welcomed us with a smile. We smiled back and he started talking

Pastor: - How are you Olivia? What brought you here?

Olivia: - Do you remember I told you a story about mu childhood? About my cousin and this is her, Seoul, Jeon Seoul.

Pastor: - Oh, hello Seoul. I’m glad to meet you. Oh wait, are you okay? Do you have any problem?

I was surprised by his words. Was it a prediction or he saw my future? I got puzzled.

Seoul: - But Pastor, how did you know?

Olivia: - Pastor, can you help us?

Olivia started talking even without giving a chance for me to have the answer to my question. I did not want to interrupt him, so I listened to their conversation while calming down myself. I had to be familiar with those things, the supernatural things.

Pastor: - Seoul, did you feel anything bad in your house?

Seoul: - Hmm, no everything was okay. Actually I did not have enough time to think about that. Olivia came to my house nearly after half an hour and I only opened it and still it’s in the same box as it was.

Pastor: - Okay then, let’s stay calm for a while. If we don’t see any symptoms, it’s useless to cure the disease. Hope you understood what I said. So let’s keep in touch.

We both nodded our heads and left. However my heart kept saying that I’m in a danger. But all I could do was waiting.

Hope you enjoyed!

Hope you all enjoyed the third part of the story. The next part will be published soon. Thank you for reading!

Stay safe!

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