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Soul Collector Episode 13, It's Complicated


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“That’s complicated. It seems a favor was owed between Michael and Samael, and somehow having me go down to send several deserving souls Hades way and then bring you back with me when your threads reached their end took care of the favor. I don’t know who owed who what, so don’t ask. All I know is that the guys I took out were a special brand of evil, and being there with you at the end helped me send them where they belong. I’m sure Hades is having a field day with them.”

“I still don’t understand,” Nathan said. He shook his head slowly and shrugged. “But since I’m here, if I’m really here and not in a hospital bed at Walter Reed, what happens to me now?”

“I can answer that,” Alyssa said. She's appeared next to the table Nathan and Mort were seated at, wearing a lady's business suit and wearing glasses.

Mort stood up. “Hello, Alyssa. I didn’t hear you come in. It’s good to see you again.”

“I guess I could have shown up outside the door and come in like a normal person. I’m just too used to showing up right where I’m needed.”


Nathan stood up as well. “You’re Alyssa? The one who took care of Rick?”

“The one and only,” Alyssa conceded.

“How is he? Can I see him?”

Alyssa gave him a patient smile. “Not right now, I’m afraid. Rick is in prayer limbo. He’s got a lot to atone for. Eventually, when you’ve both moved on, you’ll be able to see him if you want. Right now, Michael wants to meet you. I think he’s hoping you’ll become one of us. Sadly, there are going to be a lot more soldiers needing to be guided up from Earth over the next several years, and Michael thinks you’d be a good one for the job.”

Nathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and then let it out slowly.

“This is all for real then. I’m really dead, not in a hospital in a coma having some weird dream.”

“Yes,” Alyssa said. “Are you ready to meet Michael?”

Nathan turned to Mort and said, “Will I get to see you again, Uncle Mort?”

“Maybe, if we’re both out of limbo at the same time, they’ll let us spend some time together. You’re the first family I’ve had, that I know of, here in Purgatory with me.”

Alyssa smiled and gestured toward the door. “I’ll talk to Michael. I’m sure something can be arranged. But, Nathan, we shouldn’t keep Michael waiting.”

Mort's story continues in Chapter 14

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