Something, No Someone Special - Episode 1

Updated on January 16, 2018


The Lizard Episode


Karishma saxena (cupcake)

Abhimanyu Sharma (Abhi)

Ragini Shrivastav (Rags)

Yatharth Agarwal (Rambo)


Cup Cake’s view

We were heading towards the college…wind was touching my face softly and the music which was being played in the car was pleasing to hear but I was unable to enjoy anything because I was damn upset. I had a row with my mom. But having my best buddy Abhi beside me made me feel better. .It was almost 7am...The weather was wonderful...I thought of sharing it with Abhi.

“Hey Abhi, I want to tell you something." I said and he stopped the car.

My eyes were closed; I had a deep belief that my prankster buddy would definitely bring a smile on my face.

“It’s just that….."

“It smells delicious…” he interrupted.

Abhi snatched my bag and took out my Wednesday lunchbox. The specialty of my Wednesday lunchbox was that it had to be delicious…From school days me and Abhi waited for Wednesdays to eat something exciting after eating the same boring food for the whole week. My mom still continued the trend. It had ‘methi ke parathe’ his favorite and mine too. She might have kept them to make up for the argument.

“Wow” he exclaimed.

Then he went out of the car so that I couldn’t demand my share. I went after him…

“Will you listen to me for once?”

“Only after I have finished eating.”

I was trying to get it back, so that I could talk and could have my share of the lunchbox. But he dodged too well.

“Hello, that’s my lunchbox.” I demanded.

“Okay, take it.”

He turned to face me and returned it without any fight. That was strange. I opened the lunchbox. There was a lizard inside. I am a girl…naturally I threw it away and screamed. Abhi sat beside the lunchbox and took the lizard in his hand and started laughing like a crazy loon…The lizard was artificial, obviously…knowing Abhi that was quite predictable, still I got scared…silly me.

“I imagine when the day will come when I would know your prank beforehand and would be able to trap you…” I exhaled.

“Well Cupcake, I am Abhi the coolest…I never get trapped okay.” He replied.

I quietly went back and took my seat. He came running and sat on the driver’s seat…

“So, how was it?” he asked.

I could handle his silly pranks at any given day, but that day my mood was off.

“Terrible.” I replied.

At this he gave a victorious smile.

“You just don’t care na, whether the person is in the right mood to take the prank or not…you do what you have to…don’t you ever give a second thought to it…good going Abhi…” I yelled.

“Hold on…Cupcake, since when have you started behaving so dramatically…” he interrupted and I went silent.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seriously this time.

“Nothing, just drive the car…we are already late.” I replied angrily.

“An ice-cream treat…my penalty…at your favorite ice-cream parlor…deal.”

“Really!” I said excitedly.

I love ice creams. It could bring a smile on my face anytime…one of the few reasons I lived for.

“You look good when you smile…for some milliseconds I really stop imagining you as a sumo wrestler.”

I don’t know why he compares me to a sumo wrestler…and he’s been doing that since ages, I am not that fat…at least I think so. A punch of mine was a reflex action to his comment…

“Ouch” he moaned. I smiled shamelessly this time.

“Watch it; I can even cancel the ice-cream deal.” He warned.

“No, please…sorry.” I said desperately.

To this he laughed incredulously. Finally, we headed towards our destination…


We were heading towards the biggest tree of our college, our ‘adda’. Rags was already standing there.

“Cupcake, I am going to repeat the prank. Just play along.” Abhi whispered.

“Your pranks can work only on me. She is a smart girl and…”

“Two ice creams”

“Okay” I took the offer.

We went closer to Rags and the drama begun. Abhi started snatching my lunch box and I tried to resist.

“I am not going to share it with you Cupcake.” He said.

“But it’s my lunchbox.” I demanded.

“Guys, why are you fighting?” Rags finally asked.

“He is not giving me my lunchbox.” I complained.

“I am not a mad person to give away ‘methi ke parathe’ just like that.” Abhi said.

“Wow, methi ke parathe.” Rags exclaimed.

“Don’t even look at it.” Abhi said hiding the lunchbox.

As expected, Rags started grabbing the lunchbox. Abhi pretended to fight but finally gave in. Rags had an expression as if she had won some battle and the lunchbox seemed to be the trophy. She happily opened it and to the sight of the plastic lizard her reaction was no different from mine. Abhi repeated his demoniac laughter and I couldn’t resist laughing either. Finally after the laughter session Abhi commented.

“Girls will be girls; I don’t believe you can get scared by a plastic lizard.”

“Oh hello, boys also get scared okay…it’s a natural phenomenon.” I said.

Rambo was approaching us. We got our next target. I and Rags paired up for the mission. As he came we started.

“It’s lovely” Rags said

“What?” Rambo asked.

“Methi ke parathe. They are delicious…just try them once.” Rags insisted.

Rambo took the lunchbox and opened it to witness the lizard. His expression didn’t even alter for a second. Instead he picked it up by the tail and said

“Rags, this was so lame.”

To this Abhi flashed his teeth again. We made a fool of ourselves. It was just a bad day…The bell rang and we proceeded to our classes.


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