Something Wicca This Way Comes

Updated on January 10, 2020

It was the anniversary of when Billie first took the Solitude Witch oath and every year just like this one, she would go into the forest for the entire week to spend with nature and give thanks to her goddess.This night was unlike no other, lucky her, it was a monday that began this week and so she would not been seen by the world until the next monday. It was easy for her to take days off at her job because she was a waitress at a small dinner and everybody always wanted more hours. Normally, she would gift her hours to any new person that showed potential to the family, but this time, it was the dishwasher that was in need of the hours. He had told Billie last week that he and his fiance were expecting a baby and they needed to save money to rent their own apartment. Though they were excited, their parents weren't and kicked them out, so for several weeks, they had been living in a motel. Disgusted, Billie offered him her hours and in return, when he needed time off, she would have first dibs at his hours. The deal was made and Billie could not be any happier. “Live life like nothing could ever get you down.” Billie Morekeyshka had not a great or even good childhood and she swore on her soul that she would treat others, who were in need, better than she had been treated by those that were supposed to care for her and protect her.

This is why Billie chose the life she lives today. She rejected any god that others wanted her to worship, and began to lean who she was and what she wanted her life to be like. She began to study different religions and realized that she didn’t completely agree with any of them. True, some things made sense, but not everything pieced together like a puzzle. It was not until she began to read about the Pagan religion and witchcraft, there was always something she loved about it. Everytime she tried to follow and learn about a new religion, the witch kept calling her back. It was not set in stone that she would be a witch, till the day she came across a small black cat, or rather, the cat crossed her path and wouldn’t leave her alone. Taking in the cat, she named him Midnight, not a very unique name, but without time to think, it was all that came to mind.

Today, her and Midnight were camping in the forest as usual. She had nothing electrical save for her vehicle. She rented a cottage in the outskirts of town, which she lived in and never went too far from. The flat area of forest she now was in, was two days time west of her cottage. Having just set up camp, a large tent that she could stand erect in and move around, Billie started a fire so she could cook up something tasty for her and Midnight. Using what the earth provided for seasoning, she would always make something extra for the alter for the goddess mother, father and child.

Using the seasoning of the earth, bushes, trees, and plants, Billie tossed them together in boiling water. Adding some lavender for protection, she began to simmer some semi sweet tea. The aroma was tantalizing even to herself, it was meant to waft toward the gods and let them know there were gifts awaiting them. Her alter was set up with white candles, all blessed and lit. Upon the altar, Billie laid out a few offering to not one, but various gods that she was thankful for. Grains, she picked by hand from the earth and centered in a circle in representation. Having cleaned a freshly picked apple from her tree behind her cottage, the ebony woman placed in the center of the grains. From her dinner tonight, she lay some cooked fish atop a large leaf and set it aside the apple. Spirits, love, prosperity, abundance, nature, passion, home, and hearth were what values she gained and were thankful for, and thus she gave back in thanks.

Small and petite with long curly pink locks that flowed around her midsection, Billie was wrapped in her hand made thick quilt for warmth. Her cat, Midnight, was nestled under the large blanket as he did not like the cold weather of this season. Midnight was such a grumpy kitten, but Billie always did what she could to make him feel loved and she supposed that is why he never left her no matter where they were. With a grin, she plucked Midnight form the ground, held him in her arms and looked at her masterpiece; that of her altar. With a mischievous smile, she tossed catnip into the fire that would drive Midnight insane and also please the deities as well. Billie was known as a solitary witch and a Pagan, but it was not as easy as it sounded, because there were so many more branches to being Pagan and even more to being a Witch.

Placing Midnight down to play in the cold and dance around the fire, she turned to her vehicle and turned on the music she was listening to.

~Daughter of the elements

Daughter of the rain

Daughter of the thunder

Daughter of the flame

Daughter of the dawn

And daughter of the light

Daughter of the stars

And daughter of the night

Daughter of the earth

And daughter of the trees

Daughter of the storms

And daughter of the breeze

Daughter of the moon

And daughter of the seas

Daughter of the winds

And daughter of the leaves~

All of the aromas mixed together very well and what tied them all together is when Billie lit the sage stick to keep away evil spirits. She had went to grab the black salt to create her circle for the night, however she was interrupted. There was a stranger in the woods. Midnight halted his playing and watched the new person carefully. Billie glanced down at midnight then back up at the other, meeting her eyes. “Yes, I prepared a feast for the gods and goddesses as well as myself and midnight here. I promise, the fire is under control, this isn’t my first rodeo.” Thinking this person was perhaps a ranger, she knew all they cared about was protecting the forest, though only for their job, unlike herself, who desired to protect the forest out of love and respect. The music played softly in the background like a chant, as it was. She waited to see if this person was going to be of harm or a friend.

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      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        4 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Thank you Dezirya. I look forward to it.

      • Dezirya profile imageAUTHOR

        Dezirya Austin 

        4 months ago from Flint, Michigan

        John, I am thrilled you like it. I will continue the story now that I know somebody is interested it hearing more!

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        4 months ago from Queensland Australia

        This was an interesting read. Is it the first part of a longer story. You left me wanting more?


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