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Soaring Wings 3__Another Collection of Angelic Poetry

Kristen Howe had written dozens of book reviews for Netgalley, First to Read (before it was defunct), for BookishFirst, & also on her blog.

An Angel is Adorned by a Halo


Signs From Heaven

I always know my late mother is watching over me as a guardian angel. I always feel inspired and cherished to keep the memories alive in my heart. No matter what milestone passes by every year like her birthday and the anniversary of her death or Mother's Day, I always remember her and never forget her. You'll never know if you loved ones will send you a sign from the Heavens when you at least expect it. You just have to listen with your heart. When I listen to my mother's wind chimes blowing outside of my bedroom window, I know she's making those chimes with a gentle breeze or a fast gust of wind.

Guardian Angels Watches Us 24/7


Guardians at Night and Give to Others

Guardians at Night

We have our guardians at night, with the stars and moon,
All around our pillows, golden ladders rise,
Fulfillment of joy and happiness like a balloon,
As our angels are up and down the skies.

Playing harps, singing songs, decked in a gown,
Clouds for their beds and slippers, to scoot around,
On their feet, it’s with winged sandals shod,
The angels come and go, as the Messengers of God.

Angel Thought #34: “Around our pillows golden ladders rise,
And up and down the skies,
With winged sandals shod,
The angels come, and go,
the Messengers of God!”—Richard Henry Stoddard

Give to Others

There’s always a rule for us to share,
In order to make it in Heaven and be fair,
“What! Giving again?” I ask in dismay,
“And must I keep giving and giving away?”

It’s always best to give to others and not to take,
Or, if you do so, it won’t be a mistake,
“Oh no”, said the angel looking me through,
“Just keep giving till the Master stops giving to you.”

Angelic quote: “What? Giving again?
I ask in dismay.
And must I keep giving
and giving away?
Oh no, said the angel
looking me through,
Just keep giving till the
Master stops giving to you.”-From an English blacksmith’s diary.

Missionary Protection and Apostle Watch

Missionary Protection

God bless Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
They guard the bed be blessed that I lie on,
Catching and weaving the nightmares from the web,
Just like a tide, my dreams will crest and not ebb.

Four angels surround me to my bed,
Four angels garner and go around my head,
One to watch, and one to also pray,
And two to bear my soul away.

Angel thought #44: “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
The bed he blest that I lie on,
Four angels to my bed,
Four angels round my head,
One to watch, and one to pray,
And two to bear my soul away.”—Thomas Ady

Apostle Watch

There are four corners of my bed,
From the headboard to the front,
There are four angels at my head,
And they watch me all night long.

They are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
Under advisory by God with His apostle watch,
As they bless the bed I sleep upon,
From twilight to dusk to dawn and morning.

Angelic quote: “There are four corners of my bed,
There are four angels at my head,
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Bless the bed I sleep upon.”—A Child’s Prayer

Becoming Angelic and Eternal Power Angels

Becoming Angelic

I want to be an angel, floating above,
And to be one of God’s people, with the angels stand,
Touching the stars, and caressing the moon,
For it’s Heaven, when anyone’s becoming angelic.

To feel the halo’s glowing crown upon my forehead,
And to pluck the strings of a harp with my hand,
Flying into the heavenly skies of eternity,
But to hear the music of angels is when I die.

Angel thought #31:
I Want to Be An Angel
“I want to be an angel,
And with the angels stand,
A crown upon my forehead,
A harp within my hand.”—Urania Locke Bailey

Eternal Power Angels

In a battle of good versus evil,
Angels never retreats and also wins,
They never let an angel be fallen,
When stars don’t go dim at twilight.

Wings propel them into the air for war,
Only descending for more ammunition,
May loving angels guard and keep us all strong,
Even pure as the art of religion now.

Angel thought #37: “May loving angels guard and keep thee,
Ever pure as thou art now.”—Anonymous

Thankful for Angels and Healing Hands

Thankful for Angels

I will give thanks to you, oh Lord,
For blessing me with good health,
And with your love, happiness too,
And by protecting me, all day and night.

And with all of my good warm heat,
I’ll be in your eyes, good and virtuous,
And in the presence of the angels,
I’ll be thankful for angels to watch over me.

I will sing your praise everyday,
When I pray, and when I go to church,
For blessing me with food, when I say grace,
Including on holidays and special occasions.

Angel quote: “I will give thanks to you,
O Lord, with all my heart;
in the presence of the angels
I will sing your praise.”—Psalm 138:1.

Healing Hands

For a perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight,
Halos glowing yellow in the night time,
Floating feathery wings for their angelic prime.

Angels descending bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love,
Healing hands of warmth and support,
Invisibility to one person’s escort.

Angel quote: “Perfect Submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels descending bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.”—Fanny Crosby

Fruits of Knowledge and Heavenly Friends

Fruits of Knowledge

Through one with all that sense or soul can see,
The power of transcendence is at our hands,
Not imprisoned in His own creation for He,
Taking the fruits of knowledge off trees to nurture.

His life is more than stars or winds or angels-
The sin doesn’t contain Him nor the sea,
It’s everywhere in this earth to spread around,
By paying it forward and spreading the wealth for you and me.

Angel thought #92: Transcendence
“Though one with all that sense or soul can see,
Not imprisoned in His own creation, He,
His life is more than stars or winds or angels—
The sun doth not contain Him nor the sea.”—Richard Hovey

Heavenly Friends

There’s a difference between our friends and angels,
And it’s not between Heaven and Earth, spirits and souls,
It’s simple between this one little thing,
And God will be gladly there to make us understand.

You see, we can’t part with our friends,
Although we say goodbye, or see you later,
But we can’t part and let our angels go,
Even as friends or in death, they’re always there for us.

Angel quote: “We can not part with our friends;
we can not let our angels go.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Angelic Visions and Realms of Light

Angelic Visions

An angel can illumine the thought of peace,
And also the mind of man in this world,
If and when they put their minds to it,
Believing that anything is possible on earth.

It’s by strengthening the power of vision of eternity,
And also by bringing within His reach some truth,
For each life lesson, they’ll also learn by their mistakes,
By righting their wrongs of every misdeed their way.

These are the angelic visions they share with us and God,
When they share their pearls of wisdom,
In which the angel himself contemplates each decision,
And every move in a battle against evil and war.

Angel quote: “An angel can illumine the thought
and mind of man by strengthening the power of
vision, and by bringing within his reach some
truth which the angel himself contemplates.”—St. Thomas Aquinas

Realms of Light

In a clear night sky, the holy angels bright,
Shining stars, never dim, but twinkle and wave,
Or through the serene eternal realms of light,
Catching the tails of comets in the universe.

Fluttering their wings, who wait at God’s right hand,
A cue to make their worldly presence known,
Stardust leaves a trail, when they fly at our Lord’s command,
Feathers fall from their wings, signals an answer.

Angel thought #38: Holy Angels Bright
“Ye holy angels bright
Who wait at God’s right hand,
Or through the realms of light
Fly at your Lord’s command.”—John Hamden Gurney

Angelic Guides and Glorious Angels

Angelic Guides

It’s wonderful that every angel is around us,
No matter in whatever direction we go,
They turn their body and their face in person,
Whether it’s north, south, east or west.

Or whether it’s northeast, southwest, northwest, or southeast,
From all corners of the globe and the world,
They see the Lord in front of them,
And learns more from Him everyday.

Angel thought #12: “It is wonderful that every angel,
in whatever direction he turns his body and face,
sees the Lord in front of him.”—Emanuel Swedenborg

Glorious Angels

Yet all of His angels who sang creation’s story,
For His love, His praise, His peace and life,
Since His angels are from the realms of glory,
They know every decision made or strife.

And now they all proclaim Messiah’s birth,
Which included His resurrection and His death,
His glorious angels wing our flight over all the earth,
We honor His legend, that made Him heroic to His dying breath.

Angel thought #28: “Angels from the realms of glory,
Wing your flight o’er all the earth;
Ye, who sang creation’s story,
Now proclaim Messiah’s birth.”—James Montgomery

Cherubic Love and Annual Blessings

Cherubic Love

They say to never judge a book by its cover,
Or never to know someone as our lover,
But only Heaven can give a treat with fate,
Maybe we’ll have a Valentine for our date.

But all the while, never give up on hope,
Keep our spirits up to help us cope,
What might appear as an angel, right before our eyes,
Just may be our true love in disguise.

Angel quote: “What might appears as an angel
may be your love in disguise.”—Anonymous

Annual Blessings

Oh, the presence of spiritual beings exceeding grace,
Who watches over all of us, all year,
All of His works with mercy doth embrace,
Every human being, creature and plant on earth here.

Of highest God that loves his creatures so,
With care and love to nurture and grow tall,
That blessed angels He sends to and fro,
Catches us when we’re in need and when we fall.

Angel thought #6: “Oh, th’ exceeding grace,
Of highest God that loves his creatures so,
And all his works with mercy doth embrace,
That blessed angels he sends to and fro.”—Edmund Spenser

Heavenly Harmony and Governmental Sprites

Heavenly Harmony

Come, let’s join our cheerful songs in eternity,
When everyone can live in peaceful serenity,
God is with angels round the throne,
At the pearly gates, we’ll never be alone.

Ten thousand and thousand are their native tongues,
When instrumental played and in choir songs sung,
But all their joys are the only one,
To bring out the immortality once it’s done.

Angel Thought #22: “Come, let us join our cheerful songs,
With angels round the throne;
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,
But all their joys are one.”—Isaac Watts

Governmental Sprites

If men were angels, no government would be necessary,
They would be in power, and control the universe,
But won’t be greedy, or be in control of the world,
Not like dictators, but in a royal government.

If angels were to govern men on Earth,
Neither external or internal controls the angelic government,
Their governmental sprites would be on guard,
It still wouldn’t be necessary at all.

Angel quote: “If men were angels, no
government would be necessary. If angels
were to govern men, neither external nor
internal controls on government would be necessary.”—James Madison

Guardian, Christian Kingdom, and Spiritual Faces


A guardian angel over His life presiding,
Watches us every day and every night,
Doubling His pleasures, and His cares dividing,
To each one of God’s children, in the dark or light.

That’s their duty to be on call for all,
They hear our prayers in whispered silence,
Giving us answers for when we call,
To help for peace and consolation, and no war or violence.

Christian Kingdom

There’s not much practical Christianity in the world,
That the religion is spread out for every boy and girl,
And in the man who lives on better terms,
Through a Christian kingdom for no angel squirms.

And with angels and seraphs at the pearly gates,
While they learn, teach, mentor and tutor, as God demonstrates,
Than it’s with His children, servants and neighbors all around,
To spread the love and joy from up above to common ground.

Spiritual Faces

All of them look alike, young, innocent, sweet,
Or may it be a child, a young adult, or grownup,
They all join His saints and himself in the sky,
And they bring forth peace, harmony, love and joy.

See that you don’t look down on one of these little ones,
With little hands and feet, wings and harp in tow,
For these spiritual faces are the ones of your guardians,
Who watches over all the time, heals and consoles you.

For I tell you, that their angels in Heaven,
You’ll see many of them, floating by on clouds,
And always see the face of our Father in Heaven too,
As angels worship Him, and welcome you to eternity.

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Finding Inspiration

When you lose a loved one, they become your guardian angels. They would watch you everyday and be there for you when the heavens. If you ask for help, they might guide you. If you ask for guidance, they would inspire you. And you believe in miracles, they would make you believe in what God has to offer. It doesn't hurt to pray to talk to your guardian angels in prayers, whether at home or at church. That's what I did when I've lost my grandfather over a decade ago, and my mother seven-and-a-half years ago. Everywhere you look, they would be there for you when you least expect it.

© 2015 Kristen Howe