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Skipping Christmas Part Two

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At first Melanie was very hesitant about opening the box, she just stared at it with a disgusted look on her face. She figured it would turn out to be some sort of stupid handmade gift or old gaudy ornaments that needed to be put out. Her grandmother looked up at her and asked her to please open the box, so she did. The box had at least 50 strings to untie and even more tissue paper on the inside.

When she finally got past all the mess she saw some old ornaments. The first thing that popped into her mind was, "oh God now we got to put these ugly things up." She grabbed one of the old ornaments and asked her grandmother, "so where do you want it." Her grandmother gently grabbed her hand and told her to wait, there was something else she wanted her to see. Melanie sat back down huffing and puffing said, "fine what else you got." Her grandmother dug deeper into the box and carefully pulled out an old book.

She smiled as she flipped through the book then handed the book to Melanie. The outside of the book said Sarah. Knowing that this was her mothers name, she already felt a lump growing in her throat. She looked at her grandmother and said, "I cannot open it." Her grandmother said with tears in her eyes, "baby if I can look at my beautiful daughter's picture then you can too." Melanie began to flip through the book. The first picture was one of her mother as a little girl dressed like an elf, Melanie caught herself chuckling at the photo, the big over-sized ears her mom wore made her look ridiculous. The next photo was a sad looking snowman with rocks for almost everything but the old sneakers in front of it to make it look like feet.


She continued to flip through the book and every funny picture just seem to make her smile, when she was done her grandmother handed Melanie a letter. This is what it said; {Dear Santa and God I love you from the bottom of my heart I love Christmas more than anything except mommy and daddy. So that is a whole bunch when I have babies I hope they will love Christmas to Love Sarah.} Melanie dropped the letter and began to cry. She looked at her grandmother and cried, "I just do not understand why granny, I just do not understand." Her grandmother looked at her and said, "baby it is not for us to understand, God has a reason for everything."

It became very apparent to Melanie that all her ranting and raving about the Holiday being horrible would have upset her mother more than anything. She was starting to see it was not Christmas's fault and that God was not trying to hurt her. After all she had always been taught God never gives us more than we can handle. She knew she needed to keep her mothers memories alive and one way she could do that was to celebrate Christmas with her family. They all had shared so many good times together.

Melanie frantically ran out of the kitchen and grabbed her father. She was crying and laughing at the same time. Her father did not know what to do he asked her if she was alright. She looked up at her father and said, "I am sorry daddy, I am not skipping Christmas anymore." Her father smiled and hugged his beautiful little baby and told her, "he was glad she decided to join them Christmas would not be the same without her." Then Melanie, her grandmother and the rest of her family had a wonderful Christmas party not much different from all the other ones they had, except one guest was an angel.

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