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Kiamichi Voices : Chapter 1

With new inspiration and a great solution, Kiamichi Voices continues. Thanks to all my readers for the encouragement to keep it going.

An ancient oak tree with bright blue skys behind it.

An ancient oak tree with bright blue skys behind it.

Chapter 1

After growing up in an American small town and acting the way she did, Stormy hoped her new life with her Grandmother Starla would be different. She was in for a surprise.

Everything Stormy Silverleaf thought she knew about her life was wrong. As the secrets of her real self slowly come to light, she finds a strange connection, unlike anything she had ever felt. Her new life had barely started when a chain of events sends her off on another adventure.

Closing her eyes, the murmuring voices filled her ears. The thumping in her chest increased as both fear and passion took hold of her. The warming glow inside of Stormy brought little comfort to her soul. Unsettled from the long night, chills went through her every breath.

Listening intensely, she focused on the birds and frogs singing the moon song. The sweet, pungent zing invaded her senses with an electrical charge. Stormy's dreamy abstraction came to an abrupt end. Grabbing a handful of twigs, she jumped the stairs to the cabin two at a time, landing with a thud in front of the door.

Walking past shelves overflowing with books as she carried the twigs to the Inglenook. The haphazard rocks around it made her laugh. She tossed the kindling in and glanced around for Starla.

“Grandma, where are you?”

“In here, I’ll be out in a minute. Can you start the fire?” came a big, booming voice from somewhere close.

“Sure, if I knew how.” Scratching, she looked around for a lighter or a match, but all she found were piles of journals and notebooks. Spinning around, she watched as a small woman with dark streaks on her face wobbled down the hall towards her. Stormy couldn't understand why her mother had kept her away from her grandmother?

A soft gentle voice startled her, “It's easy dear. Watch me.” Starla took a twig in her hand, shook it three times and threw it into the inglenook. With a few deep breaths, she blew on the twigs.

Stunned, Stormy watched the flames dancing about. Amazed, but not sure of what had just happened.

“What just happened? How did you do that? That's not possible, I must be hallucinating again.” Stumbling, Stormy fell into a chair, her eyes never leaving the flames. It just wasn’t possible, she had to dream.

Finally, looking at my grandmother, she spoke, “How did you do that? I must have missed something, there is no way your breath started that fire. It’s just not possible!”

“Stormy, it's going to be okay. I know this is overwhelming for you. We will talk more about this later, but you are tired and need some sleep right now.”

“I guess you're right, it has been a long day. I think sleep would be good for me.”

“We can talk more in the morning, but if you can't sleep, take this and read it. It will answer some of your questions and help you understand what you just saw, and then this strange event won’t keep you up all night.” Starla held out a leather-bound journal towards her, as Stormy reached for it. A strange sensation went up against her arm. Shaking her head, she grabbed it and shoved it in her pocket.

“So, where do I sleep?” As she faced her grandmother, she slid her hands into her pockets, and watched her wobble back down the hallway. The warmth from the journal tingled in her hand. The soft leather was relaxing her as she rubbed her fingers across the cover. She wanted so much to curl up and read it, but her brain needed time to process the events of the day.

“Anywhere you want.” came Starla's unsteady voice down the hallway.

Stormy entered the first room she came to and crawled into the plush bed. Snuggling down into the cover, she began to dream.

As the pouring rain and fierce winds increased, I knew I had to find shelter soon. Thunder rolling across the sky, just as lightning flashed, exposing the most breathtaking creature standing in front of a little-thatched house. A strong urge pulls me towards him, captivated by his male essence, my body……

Her heart throbbing through her breast, her legs trembling, as beads of sweat were rolling down her neck and body. Her dream was so vivid, she found herself sitting on the edge of the bed covered in sweat, and disappointed to discover it was only a dream.

A bed with a green, blue and purple comforter on it.

A bed with a green, blue and purple comforter on it.

The bright sunlight coming through the bedroom window warmed Stormy as she sat on the edge of the bed, running her fingers through her curly hair. The aroma of fresh ground coffee dripping made her head for the kitchen.

“Good morning, Stormy, grab a cup of coffee and have a chair.” Starla's long skinny finger pointed to the chair across from where she sat.
“Good morning, I haven’t slept that well since...” Stopping herself, she didn’t feel like this was the time to talk about it. “Grandma, I found this tattered green cloak on the edge of the bed.” Hugging the cloak, she walked over to the chair. “Is it for me?”

“Yes, that cloak has been passed down in our family for many ages. From one Sand Cat Mage to the next. It was passed to me, and I’ve worn it for years, and now I’m passing it to you.”

Stormy sat and observed her grandmother as she sipped her coffee. It seemed like her eyes were staring right through her as she was deep in thought. What is a Sand Cat Mage? Why did she think I understood what she was speaking about?... Wait... How did she make that fire last night? How did I know the storm was nearby? Could it be the doctors are wrong about me? Could this be why my father deserted me? Unexpectedly, Stormy heard a voice, “Go take your medicine!” Shaking her head, she got to her feet.

“Sorry, Grandma, sometimes I get stuck in my head. I really don’t like taking that medicine. What if the doctors don’t know what they are talking about?”

“For now, take it anyway.” Starla handed Stormy the bottle and walked away.

After downing the pill, she joined her grandmother on the porch. The sugary fragrance of honeysuckle made her stop. She closed her eyes to calm her anxieties, took a deep breath and relaxed. “Grandma, can you help me remember to take my medicine in the morning?”

“Just leave it by the coffee pot.”

Laughing, Stormy took a seat in the rugged rocking chair by the door, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Starla stood up and faced her as she wrapped her rich yellow cloak about herself. “Did you read that journal I gave you last night?” she questioned as she hobbled towards the porch steps. Without warning, she stopped and spun around to face Stormy.

“No, I was so tired I fell asleep, but I will today. Are you going somewhere, Grandma?”

“Just make sure you study that journal. Something has come up, and I have to leave, but I will be back in two weeks. So, take this time to investigate the cabin. What's mine is yours now.” Walking down the stairs, Starla glanced back. “Stormy, trust your gut, it won’t lie to you, and read the Journal!”

“But why are you leaving? I just got here. You can't just leave me.”

“I have to go! I’m needed. I will be back in two weeks. Not only that, but I promise I’m not walking out on you.” With that said, Starla climbed onto the black and white horse and left.

Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 2

  • Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 2
    As Chapter two unfolds, Stormy is drawn to learning more about this strange creature that has just shown up as her Grandmother leaves her standing on the porch.

About the Author

Joanna Blackburn is a free spirit, living the dream of a Freelance Journalist & Fantasy writer. As a creature of passion, she tends to lean towards the extreme in everything she does.
Fairies, elves and distant places are an important part of the healing process. Joanna believes somewhere there are faeries, pixies, and far-reaching lands covered in magical plants.
She looks at the world differently than most people, and every experience ends up in one of her many stories.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why did you decided to share one chapter at a time?

Answer: As technology advances, writers have to find creative ways of keeping up with the digital world. This means changing our mindset on how to reach readers in today's society.

Most writers write so that others can enjoy what they have written. I know I do. In today's society that means our competition is the world of free to read articles and stories that are easily accessed by most search engines.

The world around us has changed, and new ways are emerging. Hubpages and Maven gave me an idea and a chance to share my stories in the new digital world. By doing one chapter at a time, it gives you the reader a chance to enjoy what I write at your leisure.

Hubpages and Maven have the understanding of how the digital world works and what readers want to be able to read. So I decided to join the new digital world of reading by sharing my stories with the world.

I do one chapter at a time for two reasons:

1. For you the reader to see if the story is something you want to read

2. So you can read it when you have time to.

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