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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Death stalks unaware!

Death stalks unaware!

The Assassin’s List …

It doesn’t take long for both parties to arrive at the Four Points. Benito quickly exits his Midnight Blue Peugeot to assist Elena from her Benz.

“That was very kind of you but totally unnecessary.” Elena retorts.

“I understand your newly acquired need for independence, but that doesn’t negate my upbringing.” Benito smiles and had it not been for the scar he would be an extremely attractive man. Benito notices her staring.

“It is a reminder that I must always be cautious.” He replies. “But if it annoys you—”

“No, not really.” Elena confesses. “It just distracts from a most obviously handsome face.”

“Hmm.” Is the only reply Benito gives.

“Let us proceed to my suite. There is a list of names—”

“Ah, you have an Assassin’s List!” Benito exclaims in approval as he follows Elena to her suite of rooms.

By now the sun has completely retired for the night and the room is engulfed in darkness. Elena manages to find the switch and there is light. Then she motions Benito over to a large white leather upholstered sofa while she disappears into another room. She returns holding a white piece of paper. It only holds one name—Ingrid Schneider.

“You know the Colonel’s sister?” Benito marvels. This woman is becoming more interesting by the minute.

“Yes, I know her. She tried to warn my husband of her brother’s treachery but unfortunately he would not listen to her.” Elena lowers her beautiful head, feeling just a small twinge of pain and remorse.

“Yes, not too many knew of Ingrid’s secret dislike of her brother’s plans.” Benito thinks back on an occasion where he’d seen the woman and just by studying her knew she was not onboard with the Colonel.

“No—she played her cards close to her heart. However, the two of us became fast friends. She knew of the Pentagon raid but kept her tongue.”

“She is an incredible woman. Now about this list—” Elena interrupts.

“I have arranged for you to meet with Ingrid. Or at least I arranged for my shall we say representative to meet with her. I had no idea who he would be until now.” Elena smiles at Benito which makes him almost flinch.

“I must be extremely careful around this siren. She hasn’t a clue regarding how extremely desirable she looks right now!” Benito cautions himself.

“Is there a problem?” Elena asks, noticing a change in Benito’s demeanor.

“No.” Benito regains full control of the situation. “Please contact Ingrid Schneider and make her aware of my visit. I have a reputation for alarming young women.” Benito chuckles and Elena rises to get the two of them a couple of drinks. After a bit of lighthearted banter, Benito leaves and Elena is alone.

“My plans are in very capable hands.” She purrs and then retires to her bedroom where she enjoys a very peaceful night’s sleep.

The following day finds Benito on a plane for Munich, Germany. It is a relatively relaxing flight and being a gentleman of favorable financial means, enjoys excellent first class accommodations. It is not long before Benito is walking through the Munich Airport. He is soon spotted by a very provocative blonde.

Benito would find Ingrid a bewitching siren!

Benito would find Ingrid a bewitching siren!

“Sind Sie Herr Benito Rossi?” Ingrid queries. (Are you Mr. Benito Rossi?)

“Ja und ich nehme an, Sie sind Frau Ingrid Schneider??” Benito counters. (Yes and I assume you are Ms. Ingrid Schneider?)

“Good. We will speak English. That way the masses will not be privy of our conversation. Come, it is nearly noon. We will go to Schapeau for lunch and to discuss business.” Ingrid asserts and Benito follows her to a very stylish Maroon Maserati.

The two individuals travel in silence until they reach their destination. As usual, Benito is the perfect gentleman and escorts Ingrid from her vehicle. He can tell that this is something she expects from a gentleman. Holding the door open, the two enter Schapeau.

Ingrid artfully orders chicken wrap with Pinot Noir. The red wine is very light and will complement the brief luncheon. Then she pulls an envelope from her small purse and hands it to Benito.

“This is the list?” Benito queries, staring at Ingrid.

“Yes. This is the Assassin’s List.” Ingrid responds smiling. “Elena so christened it after your encounter.”

“Why are you doing this?” Benito is curious.

“Because any remnants of my brother’s army needs to be squashed. The Americans are so diplomatic in such matters and it would take forever. We Europeans know how to deal with such matters.” Ingrid explains as she gently raises her glass to her lips.

“I knew you were shrewd when I observed you at the Castle.” Benito silently congratulates himself for his great judgment of character.

“And you as well, Attentäter! This is how you are known here in secret circles.” Again Ingrid smiles, placing the glass to her lips for another sip.

“Attentäter! I like the sound of it in German!” Now Benito is smiling. Then, he opens the envelop and sees the following German names: Friedrich Bauer, Karl Schmidt, Jonas Fischer, Luis Wagner, and Finn Schulz.

“Quite an impressive list, isn’t it? Some very successful businessmen with international ties.” Ingrid remarks.

“Yes, but what of the Americans?” Benito inquirers.

“They were mostly dealt with during the Pentagon Massacre. If there is a remnant left—I can’t believe that he will be of any real consequence. Once the snake’s head is detached, the body slithers away.” Ingrid remarks and Benito looks at her thoughtfully.

“Nevertheless, if you can get me the names of anyone in America, I would appreciate it. Ingrid, you have been invaluable in this.” Benito is beginning to rise from his seat but Ingrid motions him to be seated again.

“There are Two sisters and a close friend of mine who you will find also just as valuable. If there are any American leftovers—they will be the ones to know it.” Ingrid writes the names Hilda and Emma Becker along with Anja Weber on a napkin and thrusts it into Benito’s hand. Then, they both rise from the table, Benito settles their bill, and then the two of them exit toward the waiting Maserati. Within minutes they are on their way to the airport and to the beginning of a deadly adventure.

To Be Continued ...

Silent Assassins 3

  • Silent Assassins 3
    The former Ambassador is dead. His treachery has been silenced forever. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the slaying and The President is not interested in trying to solve the mystery. Benito has decided to adapt a new persona

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