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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Who will be next?

Who will be next?

Fostering A New Look …

Instead of heading for Düsseldorf, Benito decides to visit an old friend—Baron Marko Balogh at his chateau at Castle Luchsinger. Marko decides to have a separate edifice erected so that Sophia would be able to furnish it to her liking when visiting her father Nicholas. Both individuals are surprised and overjoyed to see him.

“Benito, it is good to see you again. I am surprised that you can find the time to visit us—being busy with your responsibilities.” Marko chuckles, giving his dangerous friend a bear hug.

“I am on a very difficult one now but I’ve decided to make a slight detour.” Benito explains and Sophia can hardly contain her excitement.

“You are finally going to do something about that grotesque scar!” She asserts.

“I wouldn’t call it all that,” Benito declares laughing. “But how did you guess?”

“Let’s just say woman’s intuition. I will leave you gentlemen alone to discuss your business. I have an appointment with my hairstylist.” After giving Marko a loving peck on the cheek, Sophia leaves the room in a barrage of ruffles and feathers.

“Now, I can give you the telephone number of Dr. Peter Meier in Switzerland. He will be able to—” Benito interrupts.

“No, I want you to contact him for me and he do the necessary work here at your chateau.” Benito insists and Marko gives him a curious look, then seems to understand.

“Alright my friend. I will arrange it as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will have one of my subordinates prepare a guest room for you.” Marko picks up the receiver that is positioned on the far wall and speaks into it.

“Have Charmaine prepare one of my master guestrooms for Mr. Rossi. She will be personally assigned to him during his stay here.” Marko then returns the receiver to its cradle.

“Thank you, Marko.” Benito replies.

“She must be somebody special.” Marko quips.

“She is.” Benito affirms. The door opens and Charmaine appears.

“Please follow me, Mr. Rossi.” She orders in a slight husky voice and Benito readily obeys. He can appreciate that Marko surrounds himself with very lovely assistants.

The room that will be Benito’s has a strong masculine flavor. There are colors of deep brown and russet red. The tiled floors are covered with area rugs of various shades of blue and the massive bed has a delightful deep blue comforter. The man can’t help but smiles as he surveys the room.

When Benito is finally settled in his quarters, he first gives Elena a telephone call with regards to the current delay. She is actually delighted to hear from him.

“I think that you having this work done is a very smart move. You will be sporting a new look and it will not reflect on your past encounters.” Elena states.

“Right. They might even think that there is a new kid on the block.” Benito chuckles.

“I have deposited the down payment on our agreement. It should be hitting your Swiss account at any time.” Elena informs Benito.

“Good. Now I’d better let the important members of my team know what is going on. I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. That is the beauty of having a select squad of terminators. When I am not available—my associates can still accomplish our mission.” Benito asserts.

“This is why you are the best!” Elena chimes with sincerity. The man can detect the admiration in her voice and it pleases him to no small end.

“Later Mrs. Sterling—Elena.” Benito corrects himself barely above a whisper and releases the call.

Elena returns her receiver and can’t help but blush.

A traitor meets a just ending.

A traitor meets a just ending.

Sudden Turn of Events …

The headline flashes—Ambassador Erdmut Richter Dead! The commentator goes on to report “Ambassador Erdmut Richter was shot twice in the chest as he left Schwarzes Meer Restaurant in Düsseldorf. Although he was rushed to St. Mary’s Hospital in critical condition, the Emergency Team was unable to revive him. There is no one in custody at the present time and no terrorist groups are taking responsibility for the attack. It is rumored that Ambassador Richter had known associations with Colonel Schneider and his unsuccessful attempt at world dominance.”

The President turns the sound down on the television with the remote as his friend Kit enters the Oval Office.

“Well, we no longer have to wonder what ever became of old Richter, do we?”

“No Kit, we don’t. Interesting though how it happened in Düsseldorf isn’t it? Why on earth would he risk going back there?” Kurt wonders.

“I guess he had some loose ends that needed to be tied.” Kit answers. “And it looks like someone else had the same notion regarding him.”

“Have any ideas as who it could have been, Kit?” Kurt inquires.

“It would only be speculation, sir. On another note, I heard that Elena is back from her trip. One of the receptionists told me that the woman is looking as beautiful as ever. You would never have guessed that she had suffered such a tragic loss.” Kit gossips.

“That is a bit of news. Well, I’ve always heard that a new man in a woman’s life can do that.” Kurt laughs and in spite of himself Kit joins him.

“It seems a little too soon, don’t you think?” Kit responds objectively.

“Maybe so.” Kurt rejoinders. “But Elena never struck me as your ordinary widow either.”

“She seemed subdued enough to me.” Kit tries to remember the memorial services for the Secretary of State. Elena kept her face veiled during the entire services so it had actually been hard to gauge her reactions.

“At any rate, the former ambassador is dead now. Had he still been connected with us I would hold a complete investigation, but now—” Kurt rises then lowers his shoulders.

“Maybe you are right.” Kit doesn’t seem convinced.

“You think I should do more for that traitor? If the Colonel had succeeded, we may not have been around to have this conversation.” Kurt reminds him.

“So, that’s it then?” Kit gives Kurt a curious stare.

“Yes, that’s it. As long as the commotion originated on foreign soil, I will let the International Tribunal handle it. C’mon, I need some lunch. My momma would say, don’t borrow trouble—it has ways of finding you!” The President rises from his seat and both men head in the direction of the door.

Elena Sterling also has heard the latest regarding the Ambassador. She neither smiles nor frowns when being made aware of the death. She only sits back on her settee staring at a large portrait of her late husband. Reaching for the bottle of Giacomo Conterno Monfortino she had acquired from her trip to Sicily, she pours herself half a glass. Then she looks up at the portrait again.

“To you my Love.” Elena says sadly as she lifts the glass to her lips. The telephone rings.


“Did you hear the news?” The voice asks.

“Yes, Benito’s men move fast. I didn’t even know Richter was on the list.” Elena retorts.

“He wasn’t. Nevertheless, the man needed to be reckoned with. Consider it an extra benefit. The man knew too much about the Colonel’s plans. He might have proven to be a threat.” The voice responds.

“You know best. Thank you for your support.” Elena’s response.

“Take care, Elena.” The call is released.

“I think I’ll go out for a light supper.” Elena decides and goes into her bedroom to change clothes.

To Be Continued ...

© 2022 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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