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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

By the time you see him ... it's too late!

By the time you see him ... it's too late!

Only the Beginning …

President Kurt Westbrook sits behind his large desk in the Oval Office. As he contemplates the events of the past several weeks, he speaks aloud as if talking with an advisor.

“The Pentagon Piñata may have been broken, but have all the pieces been accounted for.” He laments.

The President is in such deep concentration that he is completely unaware that someone is standing in front of him until the man clears his throat.

“Oh Kit, I didn’t hear you come in.” The President extends a well-manicured hand to Major General Adam Weinberger.

“That’s obvious. Besides, your back was to the door and this carpet is almost 2 ½ inches thick.” Kit rationalizes as he takes a seat to the right of his friend.

“I’m just considering the possibilities that we haven’t gotten all the pieces in this caper.” Kurt confines.

“I know, I heard you. I have been wondering that same thing myself. How on earth did Colonel Schneider infiltrate the Pentagon? Army Intelligence did quite a clean-up job back there, Mr. President.” Kit chuckles as he remembers the events of a few months ago.

“Yes, but has anyone heard from Ambassador Richter? He seems to have conveniently slipped through the cracks. By the way, what has Elena Sterling been doing these days?” Kurt queries.

“The Secretary of State’s wife—I hear she’s taken an extended leave of absence.” Kit answers.

“Really? That’s interesting. Well I suppose under the circumstances that would be expected. Elena was very devoted to Roger.” Kurt retorts.

“Yes, they were close. I wonder—” But before Kit can finish his thought, Kurt interrupts.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing. Elena has some very serious ties with the Sicilians.” Kurt reminds Kit.

“Actually, once upon a time she and her father were hip-deep into them. You don’t think she would call in some old favors, do you?” Kit leans forward in his chair, considering for the first time the implications of such a strategy.

“It’s a possibility, remote but still a possibility.” Kurt points out.

We never did find out who was involved in the actual killing of Roger Sterling. But you know—nothing ever really happens that gets pass everyone.” Kit says.

“So what do we do now?” Kurt inquires.

“We wait.” Kit replies as both men fall into silence.

Who is this man, really?

Who is this man, really?

Meanwhile …

Elena Sterling waits in a secluded bistro in Catania, Sicily. The wait is not a long one. Soon, a fairly attractive man joins her at her table.

“I have the information that you requested, cara signora!” The young man replies, sliding a medium-sized manila envelope over to her.

“Grazie!” Elena retorts, reaching into her purse and retrieving a small white envelope. She in turn moves it toward him. The man only peeks at its contents, then gestures in approval.

“You are playing a deadly game signora.” The young man asserts. “Those are very dangerous assassins.”

“That is why I asked for this information—only the best for my Roger.” Elena responds quietly.

“Roger Sterling, the Secretary of State, was your husband?” The young man raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yes, and Angelo Ricci is my father.” Elena explains while watching intently as the young man gazes around the outdoor plaza.

“Yes, I know Signora Sterling. This is why my Patrocinare decided to assist you.” The young man informs Elena.

“Your Sponsor?” Elena is confused.

“Don’t concern yourself with him now. When the time is right—he will be in touch. The Colonel has been responsible for many deaths—the brother of my Patrocinare is included in that number.” The young man rejoinders bitterly as he rises from the table.

Elena nods, then observes as the young man melts into the shaded trees. She is once again left alone at the table.

“I never knew that young man’s name.” Elena thinks to herself. “It is just as well.”

Soon another young man approaches her table. This time it is the cameriere asking her if she needs further assistance.

“Hai bisogno di qualcos'altro signora?” He questions. (Do you need anything else madame?)

“No, sto bene.” Elena answers soberly.

Elena’s glass, half filled with Giacomo Conterno Monfortino—$1420.00 per bottle, seems to glisten in the late afternoon sun. It is just 5:00 pm, but for some people things are just getting started.

Before dismissing the cameriere or waiter, Elena rewards him with a nice tip. He bows politely and leaves. The woman emerges, then walks toward her waiting Mercedes. She notices a man within the shadows. As he moves into the sunlight, she notices his stealth, menacing appearance. Nervously, Elena continue her stride as the man arrives at her car the moment she does.

“Non aver paura signora io sono uno degli uomini che cercate.” The man explains. (Do not be afraid Madam, I am one of the men who you seek.)

“Please, speak English.” Elena responds as she breathes out. She is not aware of the fact that she has been holding her breath until that moment.

“As you wish, Mrs. Sterling—I am Benito Rossi, the Patrocinare” The man says as he extends an impressive and extremely steady tanned hand.

“The Patrocinare —” This time Benito interrupts.

“Yes, Mrs. Sterling however you may call me Benito. As you will find, I am the best in the business. I have many under my shall we say, influence. There will be no need to look any further.” Benito declares with no sign of boasting, just stating pure fact.

Without further explanation, he hands Elena several news clippings that display how several important men have disappeared without a trace. A slow smile moves across the woman’s face.

“Sì, this is exactly what I am looking for.” Elena hands the clippings back to Benito and he casually shoves them into his inside jacket pocket.

“I am completely aware of that fact—give the nature of our association. If you like, we can return to the bistro. There, we can discuss your business and my terms.” Benito senses the uneasiness in Elena’s mannerism and desires to put her at ease. “It is a public place.”

“Grazie, Benito—but that will not be necessary. I would very much prefer to go to my hotel room.” Elena replies as the man raises an eyebrow.

“Your hotel room?” Benito gives the still beautiful woman the once over.

“If we are to work together,” Elena begins smiling. “There must be a bound of trust.”

Benito shakes his head in agreement. He thinks that he is going to enjoy working with Elena Sterling. She has an undeniable confidence about herself yet still feminine enough to be cautious. As he returns to his car parked not too far from hers, the two of them journey towards the Four Points Hotel.

To Be Continued ...

The Silent Assassin 2

  • Silent Elimination 2
    With precision, Elena Sterling gathers her forces to combat the injustice that was done to her beloved Roger. She knows that she cannot rely on the DOJ to assist her because he was considered a traitor. However, there are still ways!

© 2022 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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