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Silent Assassin 6

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

He plays a deadly game ...

He plays a deadly game ...

Too Many Chiefs …

As Benito puts down his newspaper, his cellphone rings. It’s Magnus.

“Did you happen to see this morning’s headlines?” He retorts disgustingly.

“Yes. It seems that our rival is wasting no time in eliminating our targets.” Benito can’t help but respond with a small bit of admiration.

“I don’t like it, Benefattore.” Magnus asserts.

“Don’t worry, Maggie.” Benito reassures his comrade, “You will be paid as agreed.”

“It is not the money—as you well know.” Magnus states indignantly. “I am more concern regarding what is motivating this man.”

“Are you sure the assailant is a man?” Benito questions.

“Positive!” Magnus affirms. “I wonder if the others are having their assignments hijacked?”

“No. So far you are the only one. Perhaps you made yourself too available for an ambush, Maggie. You are getting careless.” Benito admonishes.

“Ever since that altercation in the Philippines, things have been a little off for me.” Magnus admits.

“I’m in the process of wiring your money to you. You will have it by the end of the day. Why don’t you take some time off. The others will handle their responsibilities. I should have requested that you take a leave of absence anyway.” Benito recites.

“I would rather—” However, before Magnus can finish his sentence, there is a knock on his door. “Hold on, Benefattore!”

Magnus lays his phone on the end table and prudently goes to the door. When he opens it there is no one there. Then he looks down and sees a small package. Cautiously, he retrieves it and proceeds to step outside into the courtyard. Looking first to the left and then right, Magnus doesn’t observe anything out of the ordinary. As he puts the package into his pocket, he heads back into his luxurious apartment.

Returning to the sofa, Magnus picks up his cellphone to continue the call.

“I’m back Benefattore.” Magnus acknowledges quietly, having retrieved the package from his pocket.

“Is everything alright?” Benito queries becoming slightly alarmed by the pensive tone of his associate’s voice.

“I don’t know. There was a small package left for me in front of my door.” Magnus answers nervously.

“Well—what is it?” There is a small hint of impatience in Benito’s voice.

“Hold on.” Magnus again puts the phone down and carefully removes the tape and wrappings from the box. When he opens it, what he finds shocks him.

Who is this Silent Assassin?

Who is this Silent Assassin?

Meanwhile …

Kit sits in his reclining seat staring absentmindedly at the clouds from his window view in the 747 jet plane. He’s not used to traveling on a commercial flight and is completely surprised with how enjoyable the ride really is. His solitude is interrupted by the vibration of his cellphone.

“Hi, I see that your little visit was successful.” Kit congratulates the person on the other end of the conservation.

“Yeah, did you doubt that it would be?” The voice replies with an infliction of disdain.

“Don’t get your panties in a bind, just saying.” Kit rejoinders.

“I’ll admit that this isn’t usually a project the S.T.O.P. Force handles, but we are in the business of taking out the trash, eh?” The voice reacts and both men laugh.

“That is true. I wonder—have you spoken to Elena?” Kit shrewdly changes the subject.

“How’d you guess?” The voice questions in admiration.

“I rather figured that you did. Not many know how close the two of you—and Roger were. I wonder how wise it is to let her know you are involved in this?” Kit inquires, displaying some concern for his longtime friend.

“Don’t worry yourself about it. Hey, she’s a far cry from being poor but I don’t like her getting involved with Benito Rossi.” The voice confesses.

“Benito!” Kit exclaims in surprise. “So she decided to get the best in the business for cleaning her dirty laundry.”

“Second best.” The voice corrects. “I am the best!”

“You were the best when you worked in Military Intelligence. Now that you’re with S.T.O.P. I would think you’d be busy with other pursuits, not an Assassin for Hire.” Kit chuckles.

“I don’t need the money.” The voice retorts haughtily. “However, if there is even a remote chance of getting rid of Colonel Schneider’s closest allies, I’m in! Those bunch of sophisticates are just as guilty as he was—even if they didn’t pull the trigger.”

“Yeah, I agree. Anyway, first class accommodations are pretty righteous in these commercial planes.” Again Kit skillfully changes the subject.

“They are indeed. Look Kit, the team hasn’t been able to retrieve the rest of those files from Benito’s henchmen. They are holding them pretty close to their chest.” The voice confines.

“Of course, after you got that file away from Magnus Hansen the rest would put themselves on alert. However, I have no doubt that you or one of your troupe will find a creative way of lifting those records.” Both men laugh as the conversation is ended.

Magnus stares in utter disbelief at the money that is in the small package along with a note—“Your services are no longer required.”

“What’s going on Maggie?” Benito queries.

“You won’t need to wire me the money. I’ve got twice the amount in my hands right now. That and a note saying that my services are no longer needed.” Magnus chuckles.

What the—this is really getting serious. I wonder if the Baron has anything to do with this?” Benito is thinking out loud.

“Why would the Baron stick his toe in our water?” Magnus has stopped laughing.

“Because I am the puppy that he and Sophia have adopted.” Benito replies sarcastically.

“The puppy?” Magnus is completely confused.

“Never mind. I need to talk with Antonio, Elke, and the others. Plus, I still need to contact those two women.” Benito decides.

“Hmm … I think I’m going to take you up on that offer for a little vacation. I don’t want to tangle with anyone connected with Baron Balogh, just saying.” Magnus asserts.

“This job is turning into a damn three-ring-circus!” Benito swears.

“I sure hope she’s worth it.” Magnus replies.

“Who?” Benito is again caught off guard.

“That woman who put the ring in your nose and is leading you around by it—that’s who. Later, Benefattore!” Magnus ends the call and Benito swears again.

To Be Continued ...

Silent Assassin 7

  • Silent Assassin 7
    Benito Rossi doesn't take too kindly to anyone muscling in on his assignments. He has a reputation as a precise and confident terminator and now there looks as if he is involved in some very serious competition! Who will be victorious?

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