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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

There's a new player in the mix!

There's a new player in the mix!

Run Silent …

Benito is back in his environment among his squad. The only female in the group Elke Huber, daughter of Monika Huber, can’t help but stare at her Benefattore. Benito is many things to many people, especially to his associates. Elke met him when her small village was overrun with fascists from Colonel Schneider’s militia. Not only did Benito aid in providing her family refuge—he also later assisted by administering retribution to those who threatened her family and killed so many other villagers. Like the rest of her comrades, there is nothing that Benito could ask of her that she would not do.

“Is there anything wrong, Elke?” Benito asks when finally tiring of her stare.

“No Benefattore! It is just I never realized how perfect you are!” Elke is almost tempted to brush her hand across his handsome features.

“I take that to mean that you approve of the new look?” Benito attempts to stifle a slight chuckle.

“It’s perfect.” Elke stands in front of the man and slowly walks around in total admiration. This time she does gently touches his face. “When did you decide? I always thought that the scar was hiding your true self.”

“Let’s just say that I felt that it was time for something different.” Benito skillfully hides his true reason.

“I see.” Elke counters, not quite convinced that this is the real cause of his metamorphoses.

“We are ready to commence our mission. These are very important men that we have to eliminate. It will be obvious that most times they may be well protected. However, you will be designated to shadow them—learning their schedules and habits, understand?” Benito hands a folder to each person. It is understood that there can be no margin for error.

The Norwegian gentleman speaks first. “It will be an indeed pleasure to eliminate Karl Schmidt. I detest that pompous fellow. Always thinking that he’s the best in his field whether it’s negotiating an overseas business transaction or building a unique skyscraper.” Magnus retorts.

“Do not let your personal animosity get in the way of doing your job efficiently and effectively, Magnus.” Benito admonished. “Were you the one who eliminated the Ambassador?”

“No Benefattore, I was not the one.” Magnus confesses regrettably. “Did you do it, Antonio?”

The handsome Spaniard shakes his head in the negative. “I was not the one.”

“I don’t think it was any one of us, Benefactor.” Elke concludes.

“This is troubling. Then there is a renegade. Let us hope that whoever he is—he will not prove to be a liability.” Benito rejoinders as the rest of the team nods in agreement.

As the group disburse, Benito can’t help but wonder if there is a copycat killer who is mimicking his team. “There always seems to be somebody trying to make a reputation for themselves.”

Magnus is the last person to retire to his suite. However, he is unaware that there is someone hiding in the shadows until it is too late. With a well-placed hand chop on the neck—above the collarbone, the intruder nullifies his target. Hitting the carotid artery forcefully, Magnus instantly loses consciousness. As the rather large man lies on the floor, the intruder displays a rather satisfied smile. Then the gloved assailant takes the briefcase that Marcus has been carrying and expertly picks the lock. With very little effort the contents are exposed. There is only one thing of interest to this person—the file on Karl Schmidt. Moments later Magnus awakens and is on his feet looking around.

“Pokker, hvordan skjedde det!” Magnus yells. (Damn, how did that happen!) He reaches for his cellphone to call Benito.

“Benefattore, I was attacked in my hotel room!” Magnus exclaims.

Danger lurks within the shadows!

Danger lurks within the shadows!

“What? Are you alright?” Benito is immediately concerned.

“Yes, but the file on Karl Schmidt is missing.” Magnus informs him.

“How could this be? What is going on?” For the first time ever, Benito is stumped. “Who else could possibly know our plans and why are they doing this?”

“It cannot be one of our troupe—that would make no sense. It is apparent that someone is watching us. That someone has a bigger grudge against Colonel Schneider’s militia than Madame Sterling, but who?” Magnus questions.

“I am not completely sure at the moment but from now on we will be better prepared. I will inform the others of what has transpired. There are two women who are also assigned to this. I don’t think they had anything to do—” Magnus interrupts.

“I am not in the habit of being brought down by a woman but whoever it is has a 10th level!” Magnus exclaims.

“There are very few of us who have obtained that level of excellence and they are all men! So, we have indeed a worthy challenger!” Benito cannot help but allow the infliction of admiration to capture his voice.

Meanwhile …

There is another telephone call for Elena Sterling.

“I have the dossier on Karl Schmidt.” The voice responds.

“How did you manage to acquire it? I thought that Benito was handling the entire operation?” Elena asserts.

“You could have saved yourself some money, Elena. Roger wasn't a good friend of mine but you are! Besides, I am not about to let anyone connected with Colonel Schneider get away with murder.” There is a venomous tone to the caller’s voice.

“You are in Military Intelligence—there is a lot at stake.” Elena cautions the caller.

“If there is any chance of finishing the job we started at the Pentagon, then I am under obligations to do so. Those assassins you hired are good—however, I’m the best!” The caller states unabashed.

“What about Benito Rossi?” Elena again has a tone of concern in her voice. This time it is for Benito.

“Second best. Besides, he is under the protection of Baron Balogh. He can’t be touched.” The voice asserts.

“How do you know this?” Elena is intrigued.

“Elena, I’m with Military Intelligence—I have ways of knowing these things. Besides, I've got my sources." Again the caller speaks with blatant confidence.

“You know best.” Elena retorts as she is soon listening to a dial tone.

The next day, Benito is at one of his favorite bistros having and early breakfast when he is struck dumb by the headlines—Karl Schmidt, Dead! The successful international businessman and suspected to have had ties with the late Colonel Schneider was found shot once in the back of the head. Unlike the Ambassador, he was alone in his hotel suite. The bullet penetrated the skull and death was instantaneous.

“Dannare!” shrieks Benito.

To Be Continued ...

Silent Assassin 6

  • Silent Assassin 6
    It seems that there are quite a few people interested in that Assassin List that Benito has. Moreover, the files that his team are in possession of have become the prime target of another tactical group of individuals who want in on this!

© 2022 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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