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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Beware of the Silent Assassin!

Beware of the Silent Assassin!

Too Close to the Flame …

Elena arrives at Modena and orders the Citrus Cured Salmon. She is sitting by the window looking out and doesn’t notice Major General Adam Weinberger’s approach.

“Elena, how’ve you been?” He questions.

“As well as can be expected under the circumstances.” Elena responds.

“You are looking exceptionally well.” Kit asserts.

“I miss Roger terribly.” Elena confesses and Kit sits down in the seat across from her.

“I understand.” Kit replies.

“How could you possibly understand, Kit? How is Cheyenne?” Elena quickly changes the subject.

“Since taking her job in DC as the managing editor of The Eagleby Review she’s been up to her pretty little neck in corruption.” Kit laughs and Elena joins him.

“One of the smartest moves Matthew Eagleby ever made. However, uncovering dirty laundry can be deadly business.” Elena cautions and Kit gives her a curious look.

“Colonel Schneider was a dangerous man, Elena. Hitching his wagon to that man was a bad move on Roger’s part.” Kit retorts. For moments Elena is silent, as if in deep thought, then she responds.

“Sometimes, we make costly mistakes in spite of the consequences. We come much too close to the flames.” Elena almost whispers.

“Elena, do you know anything about the Ambassador’s murder?” Elena turns from staring out of the window and looks directly at Kit.

“That happened miles away from my home in South Kensington.” Elena rejoinders.

“That doesn’t answer my question and besides, what are you doing here alone so late in the evening?” Kit probes.

“So many questions,” Elena gives a nervous laugh. “I wanted to get out of the house for a while.”

“Are you coming back to work, then?” Kit is relentless with his barrage of questions.

“Part-time for now. I’m sure Trudy, Malcolm’s receptionist has already clued you in on that.” Elena asserts flippantly.

“You’ve changed, Elena. You were always such an elegant, quiet person. Now, you seem a little cold.” Kit is never the one to mince words.

“You always have been one to come to the point, Adam.” Elena reverts to Kit’s given name. “Even before I started to date Roger, you were opinionated.”

“In Military Intelligence, you have to be a person of discerning character. That’s why you did so well as a liaison—never one to miss an opportunity. So, what do you know about what happened in Düsseldorf?” It looks like more of a sparring match than a friendly conversation.

"I'm telling you; I don't know anything." Elena insists as she begins to feel very uncomfortable.

“A word of advice, Lena.” Kit is using his childhood nickname for Elena. “In matters that can prove deadly, it’s best not to get too close to the flame.”

“Also, it pays not to stoke the fires!” Elena counters and when Kit sees Cheyenne entering the restaurant along with Diamond Covington and Erhard Huber, he rises to leave.

“Thanks for caring and take care, Kit.” Elena tells him.

“You do the same.” Kit answers and heads toward his waiting guests.

A new Benito has emerged!

A new Benito has emerged!

The Transformation's Complete …

Benito stares at himself in the mirror. He can hardly believe what he sees. The person who looks back at him is indeed a different man.

“How do you like the new you?” Sophia queries.

“I like him a lot.” Benito smiles up at his long-time friend and confident. Next to Marko, she is one of his closest associates and allies.

“Have you ever thought of getting out of the business?” Sophia inquires.

“I’ll have that cup of Swiss Hot Chocolate you have on that silver tray along with a couple of cheese slices. What a combination, eh?” Benito chuckles, skillfully changing the subject.

“Okay, I get the hint. Marko is downstairs waiting for you. Is it true that a woman is involved in this assignment?” Sophia asks.

“Will you stop with the interrogation, Sophia?” Benito is becoming slightly annoyed. “As I have told you many times before, my responsibilities are not topics of discussion with you.”

Sophia loudly places Benito’s breakfast on the stand near the door and slams it shut. Benito almost laughs out loud as he walks over to survey the food. There is bread and butter, marmalade, and cheese plus hot chocolate. It only takes a moment for Benito to wolf down the food and soon he is heading down the stair to speak with Marko in his private study.

“Sit down Benito. Sophia tells me you were rather cross with her this morning.” Marko begins the conversation.

“You know that I don’t like discussing such matters with a woman.” Benito defends.

“However, you don’t mind having the same dealing with one.” Marko notes the surprise look on his friend’s face. “Don’t seem so shocked. It is obvious that your benefactor is a woman. Why else the new look?”

“You and Sophia are very observant.” Benito retorts with admiration. “I hope Sophie didn’t take too much offense in my remarks.”

“Not at all Beni! My darling and I understand you far too well to resort to such childish responses.” Marko laughs.

“I think that it is time for me to leave and to further orchestrate my affairs.” Benito decides.

“It has been wonderful having you, Beni and I will miss you sorely. And so will Sophie and Charmaine. I think she has a slight crush on you.” Marko declares and Benito blushes ever so slightly.

“She has been a great personal assistant. Helping me with my contacts and never once asking any questions. I have always marveled at your ability to hire the most intelligent and cooperative staff.” Benito wonders.

“You forget, dealing with my brother-in-law Heinrich Schröder with his schemes has managed to keep me very much aware of things.” Both men laugh.

“How is Heinrich?” Benito asks.

“Hating his castle confinement but the consequences do not please him either.” Marko informs him.

“Well, at any rate, I thank you and your wonderful Sophia for your hospitality and I will hope to visit you for an extended visit when all this has been done.” The two men shake hands and Marko summons his trusted ally.

“Henri, I do not want anything happening to Benito, is that understood?” Marko asks.

“He has had his hands muddied in the death of many well-known people.” Henri subtly reminds him.

“They were all unsavory characters who managed through manipulation to evade the law. Benito just had his associates carry out justice.” Marko defends.

“It will not be easy, but I will try to persuade the others.” Henri sighs inwardly.

“Do I have your word?” Marko is emphatic.

“You have my word, Baron.” Henri bows slightly and leaves the room to put things into motion.

To Be Continued ...

Silent Assassin 5

  • Silent Assassin 5
    As the assassin Magnus enters his suite of rooms at the hotel, he is unaware that there is yet someone waiting for him inside. In one swift move, Magnus is rendered out of commission. With razor sharp precision, the intruder picks the briefcase lock.

© 2022 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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