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Silent Assassin 13

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The quiet before the storm!

The quiet before the storm!

The Day of Reckoning is Near …

By the time the Richards Bay authorities reach Baron Heinrich’s chateau, there is nothing left but embers. The men search through the debris and find what looks like charred remains of a human skeleton.

"I really thought this was a deserted island until a yachtsman reported seeing smoke.” Sarah Dube asserts.

“Indeed.” Chimes her boss Matome Davids.

“This has been a very well kept secret. Seems that at one time, it may have been lovely.” Sarah decides looking around at the ruins.

“There is nothing further we can do here, Ms. Dube.” Matome responds in a dismissing manner. “Let us send out the forensic team regarding the remains and someone to ascertain the cause of this fire.”

“Right sir!” Sarah agrees as she goes to talk with some of the others at the scene. Discreetly, Matome grabs his cellphone.

“Baron Schröder, just as you suspected, there was an attack on the chateau.” Matome whispers.

“How bad is it?” The Baron quizzes.

“A total loss. I requested my assistant contact the forensic team.” Matome informs him.

“The place was heavily insured against such disasters. I will contact my people.” The Baron rejoinders.

“You do seem to stay on top of things, regardless of your confinement.” Matome chuckles.

“That is because I have contacts such as you and others who I will not mention.” The Baron gives himself a virtual pat on the back. “Thank you, my friend.”

“Any time, Baron.” Matome returns and the connection is severed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the island …

A very frighten Jonas awaits news from his cousin, Johannes. The wait is not a long one.

“Jonas, I just heard on the news about the destruction of a chateau off the South African Coast. Are you alright? Did they discover you?” An excited Johannes questions.

“I am fine, thanks to you, my cousin. There is a small radio in this shack and I heard the same thing—poor Finn.” Jonas laments.

“Yes. Not to make a pun of the situation but when you play with fire—” Jonas finishes the statement.

“Someone always gets burned … this time literally. I know that I never should have gotten involved with Colonel Schneider and his harebrained schemes but it seemed too good to pass up.” Jonas confesses.

“It didn’t work for Hitler, now did it?” Johannes reminds him.

“Johannes, when are you coming to pick me up?” Jonas is anxious to change the subject and leave the island.

“I am in the process of landing now. Prepare to leave the shed. I have ensured that I am not being followed. Understand, you will need to remain under the radar for a while.” Johannes retorts as Jonas hears the sound of an aircraft overhead. He pockets his cellphone and rushes out to meet the plane on the alternative landing place.

When the two meet, they both breathe a sigh of relief. Although the worst of Jonas’ problems are over, he still needs to be extremely cautious. This is what Johannes relays to him.

“I am very glad to see you, Johannes.”

“And I you, Jonas. However, you are still not totally safe. The vigilante that pursued you and Finn have not been apprehended. My sister Joyce will be able to find suitable accommodations for you. They may not be what a billionaire is used to, but they are extremely suitable for you.” Johannes smiles.

“At the moment, a cart and a table would be like heaven.” Jonas replies, expressing an even wider grin of gratitude.

“Glad it didn’t come to that or worse.” Johannes responds. “Now let’s get you out of here.”

The two men board the twin-engine aircraft and head to the north.

The grounds of the Baron's penthouse suite!

The grounds of the Baron's penthouse suite!

Hide and Go Seek …

Luis reaches Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, Canada by early Sunday Morning. Luis steps off the commercial plane and the bright sunlight hits him like a sledgehammer. He quickly puts on his shades. Although dressed as an elderly lady, his movements almost betray him.

“You are supposed to be a little old lady.” Elke reprimands.

“Sorry.” Luis whispers changing his voice to match his disguise. “Where to now?”

“There is a lovely penthouse suite waiting for you. You will have all the luxuries of home along with Hilda and the staff of the chateau. Since they escaped with you—there’s no need of trying to recruit others.” Elke smiles.

“The Baron is fantastic!” Luis marvels.

“Yes, he does take very good care of his friends and those who suit his purposes.” Elke remarks.

As Luis follows the attractive Elke into an awaiting black limousine. He carefully observes as she hands the driver a small piece of paper along with several large bills. Noticing his observation, the woman speaks.

“I’ve given our driver the address of the penthouse and paid for his silence.”

“Can he be trusted?” Luis inquirers.

“Those that are disloyal to either the Baron, or my Patrocinare, seldom live to brag about it. Now just sit back and enjoy the ride.” And, with that comment both individuals settle back into their seats.

The ride is very pleasant. Near the outskirts of the city sits a very impressive building. There is a wide span of land that has been designed to resemble a minipark. Luis is very impressed with the view.

“Wunderbar!” Luis exclaims. “The Baron’s possessions even rival my own!”

“He is, after all, the third richest man in the world!” Elke explains. “That is next to his father and brother-in-law.”

“Alas, and I rank a mere ninth.” Luis laments.

“Yes, Luis but Finn was seventh. Where is he now with his riches?” Again Elke reprimands him. Luis involuntarily shivers.

“Poor Finn! Alone in the chateau to face his end. I wonder if he cried out to either me or Jonas?” Luis speculates.

“Probably both—but to no avail. The two of you were already on your way to safety. Finn didn’t play his cards close enough to his chest. He wasn’t vigilant nor did he make connections with the right people.” Elke decides.

They arrive at their destination and the chauffeur helps them exit the vehicle. When they enter the building, there is a barrage of security specialist verifying their credentials to ensure that they represent the expected guests.

“Your safety is extremely important to both the Baron and my Patrocinare. The information that you can supply us can carefully tuck away any loose ends.” Elke asserts.

“S.T.O.P. wants to ensure that this never happens again, don’t they?” Luis queries.

“Yes.” Elke says and that one word speaks volumes. “Now follow me.”

Elke quickly and quietly leads Luis to his suite of rooms. The first thing Luis does is to take off his wig and fling it onto the white leather sofa. Then, he rapidly removes his shoes.

“Ah, yes!” Luis sighs.

“I can imagine how uncomfortable it has been parading around in that disguise.” Elke responds first in sympathy—then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Oh, easy for you to laugh. I don’t understand how you women can stand all that padding and filling.” Luis complains while disrobing without even considering that there is a woman in the room. However, when he gets down to his jockey shorts, he stops. He gives Elke a strange look and she looks back at him as if for the first time.

For a middle-aged man, Luis is very robust with dark hair and pleasant eyes. When Elke realizes that Luis is staring back at her with one eyebrow raised, she blushes profusely, drops the keys to the suite on the sofa and hurries out of the room, silently closing the door behind her.

“To be continued, Elke.” Luis says aloud to no one in the room. Then he raises his head as Hilda enters from a bedroom.

“You like the fräulein, ja?”

“Yes indeed, Hilda. Now go make me a drink!”

To Be Continued …

Silent Assassin Conclusion

  • Silent Assassin Conclusion
    Sometimes the end of one adventure can only mean the beginning of another. Luis and Jonas felt that escaping incineration in the chateau marked the beginning of freedom. However, it was only a ripple in the pond.

© 2022 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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