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Silent Assassin 11

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The assassin may be looking at new victims!

The assassin may be looking at new victims!

And Then There Were Two ...

It is close to midnight when Luis receives a much expected telephone call from Heinrich.

“Forgive me for contacting you so late, my friend. I have been extremely busy trying to set things up for you.” Heinrich apologizes.

“So, does this mean that you may have a plan for us?” Luis is extremely hopeful.

“For you, Luis. Jonas will still need to depend on the resources of his cousin Johannes and as for Finn –” Heinrich becomes very silent.

“You are kidding?” Luis queries in disbelief.

“No.” Heinrich counters. “Unless by some miracle, he can work out a bargain.”

“I see. What do you have for me, then?” Luis quickly changes the subject.

“Emma Becker and I were once close—associates.” Heinrich begins.

“Associates, I see.” Luis has the habit of using this terminology to indicate that he understands that there is more to it than what is said and that it is better to stop there.

“Yes.” Heinrich rejoinders a little uncomfortable. “Anyway she is in contact with Benito Rossi.”

“Benito Rossi, the Patrocinare?” Luis sits straight up in bed.

“The same. It would seem that he was originally contracted to eliminate you and the others.” Heinrich confirms.

“My Gosh!” Luis is visibly shaken. “Who would orchestra such a plot?”

“Of course I respect Emma’s discretion. There is honor—even among the elite.” Heinrich gives out a brief laugh.

“I am so glad you find this entire fiasco so amusing.” Luis retorts dryly.

“Gotcha!” Heinrich reminds him of his previous conversation regarding his failed business transactions.

“Touché!” Luis exclaims. “Now, what is this with Emma Becker?”

“Emma has agreed to talk with the Patrocinare regarding the information you have on the Americans. I am sure with that knowledge, the man will be able to get the hounds off your trail.” Heinrich replies.

“Thank the heavens!” Luis declares. “So, give me her number.”

“Right. She will be expecting your call. Give it to her straight. Don’t hedge and don’t play games. If she feels that you are just blowing smoke, then that ends your chances. Do I make myself clear?” Heinrich is laying all the cards on the table.

“Crystal clear!” Luis asserts as he grabs the pad and pen on his nightstand. Switching the lamp on, he jots down the name and number. Then returns to the conversation.

“Thank you, my friend.”

“Good night!” Heinrich releases the call. Smiling, he returns his attention to the somber beauty lying next to him.

“Three little Indians out on a canoe, one tumbled overboard and then there were two.” The young woman winks her left eye and both individuals begin to smile.

“But he didn’t drown.” Heinrich interjects.

One man's lover can be another man's savior!

One man's lover can be another man's savior!

A Hole in One ...

Filled with anticipation, Emma slides out of bed and grabs her satin robe which has be thrown precariously on a chair. Slipping her cellphone in the front pocket, she heads toward the kitchen to fix herself a cup of Swiss chocolate drink.

While waiting for the water to boil, she feels the vibration of the phone.

“Yes? Is this Luis?” Emma responds in her heavy accent.

“It is.” Luis whispers. “I assume that it is safe to talk now?”

“Absolutely. Just give me a couple of preliminary names. You know, just enough to peak the Patrocinare’s interest.” Emma recites as the beginnings of bubbles start to form in the saucepan.

“Okay, how about Marcus Whitaker and Frank Atkins?” Luis offers and Emma almost drops the cup she is trying to reach.

“Du machst Witze?” Emma reverts to German dialect.

“No I am not kidding. I have all of their information on microfilm. It may seems like a primitive method of storage, but it is still very effective.” Luis boasts.

“Wunderbar!” Emma begins to pour herself a cup. “Let me get in touch with the Patrocinare. He will wish to talk with you. Let us not be on the phone any longer, you understand?”

“Yes.” Luis releases the connection. Lying back in bed, for the second time tonight, he breathes a sigh of relief. However, as he is about to drift into sleep, Luis’ phone rings again. He doesn’t recognizes the number but takes a chance anyway.


“Don’t worry Luis, it is Benito Rossi.” Benito delivers his greeting.

“Patrocinare! I did not expect to hear from you so soon.” Luis is completely surprised.

“Emma says you have complete information on microfilm?” Benito inquires.

“Yes, I have it in a safe deposit box at a bank in Düsseldorf!” Luis explains.

“Excellent. How have you been able to elude everyone?” Benito is curious.

“I’ve been disguised as a little old lady.” Luis explains and both men laugh.

“Listen, continue to lie low. I am going to send one of my best operatives for you. She can be thoroughly trusted as can I. Make sure you maintain your disguise.” Benito warns.

“What about my friends?” Luis wonders.

“Your safety and the protection of that information is of the most vital importance. Your friends, well at present at still on the hit list. Advise them to remain discreet. That’s all I can say for now. Elke Huber will be your liaison. Don’t worry, I will make her aware that you had no part in the village massacre.” Benito almost chuckles.

“How do you know—” Benito interrupts.

“We have our ways, Mr. Billionaire. As well you should know.” Benito does chuckle. “At any rate, Elke will call you tomorrow. Don’t even tell the other two what is amiss.”

“You have my word, Patrocinare.” The conversation is at an end.

To Be Continued ...

Silent Assassin 12

  • Silent Assassin 12
    Sometimes, the Day of Reckoning comes sooner than anyone can imagine. Luis is given only a moment to get himself together and get out along with the staff of the Baron's chateau. However, one person will not make it!

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