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Short Story: The Dance of Resurrection

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Death and Life

Death and Life

The phone rang. Lola looked at the call display on her phone. At once, she answered when she saw that it was Aline.

“Lola, do you believe in life after death?” said Aline.

“Good morning to you too Aline. Why do you ask?” said Lola. Her eyebrows lifted with a sudden concern.


“I understand that there is more than what I can see, hear or know. I always keep an open mind that there is so much more to life than what our philosophers, thinkers, or scientists claim to know,” answered Lola.

“Yes, but do you think that after our bodies are destroyed, when we are no longer manifested, when our flesh no longer exists, there would be something that continues to live?”

“Is something wrong Aline? I haven't heard from you for two months, not since that day when we held the magic ceremony at your house. You call me after TWO months to ask me about life after death?”

“I just need to talk to someone, and you are my sister. I thought I could just call and talk to you.”

Lola knew that she had to make her sister feel at ease. She did not want Aline to regret her decision to call her.

“Of course, you can talk to me at any time. I just want to make sure you're all right. To answer your question, I believe in an eternal element in humans that goes on forever. You can compare it to the Christian notion of the Glorious Body, the body that is outside the boundaries of time and space.

Nostalgia of Light

“Most of us experience a nostalgia of light and of bliss. Such experiences are slippery, and we cannot catch them with our fingers. This state is more than dreaming. It is those moments of unimaginable light, when our vision meets another vision, when our smile meets another smile. It is the experience of something more. We just know there is something more.

“We have a body and a spirit. When we travel in the realm of the spirit, we don't leave a trace behind us that could prove we were there, but we know without a doubt that we were there. We can see the Glorious Body as a reflection as it is the eternal uncreated element of us. We can ignore it to our detriment, or we can nurture it in our relationship with others, through seeing the beauty of nature, the laughter of a child, the loyalty of a friend, or the caring behavior of a Samaritan or a volunteer.”

Beyond Faith

Beyond Faith


“How can we know of its existence for certain?” said Aline.

“Pay attention. Be vigilant. Be on the lookout for moments of clarity of the spirit. Listen with your inner ear. Look with the eyes of your heart. Accept that they are fleeting moments but know that they will always bring a welcomed change in you.”

“When are these moments supposed to happen? What can I do to make sure they do happen?”

“The key is to remain non-attached. Use your intuition to bring clarity to old destructive belief, and unhealthy behavior, surroundings, or relationships.

“If you expect in return an answer or clarifications to your question, your expectation will cut any chance you have to be in contact with the eternal element in you.

“You’ll be able to see or feel this eternal element to the extent of your non-attachment. It’s your sense of freedom from the alienation created by attachment that will let you feel and experience the eternal element of yourself, of your humanity.”

“What do you mean when you say freedom from alienation?” said Aline.

“It‘s being beyond the duality of the internal versus the external, the visible versus the invisible. Our ego centers everything around the ‘me’. When we take ourselves too seriously, we block contact with the spirit world. When we look with the inner eye, we will be able to see the Body of Glory, the Body of Fire. Age and the passage of time disappear. When we deal with people while anchored in our inner self, we‘ll see them in their light and beauty.”

Aline’s enthusiastic voice cut in. “When we look at others with our external body, we feel isolated and lonely. Time, space, and division disappear when we view them with our inner self. At this level, we become united with others who are living life based in their inner self.”

Lola continued, “When we live with a sense of love and freedom, we know everything. We accept suffering because we can then transform it. We‘re never lonely because we become united with all those who build bridges toward the others.”

“I remember reading that we have a small death and a big death,” said Aline. “When our bodies die, it's the small death. But the real death, the big one, is when we realize that there is an eternal element in us. This awakening to the eternal element in us is the big death; it is then that we become truly alive.”

Lola smiled at Aline’s excitement. “Do you remember the story of the four people who died?”

Lola could hear Aline’s smile in her voice. “Yes, one came back but couldn't talk. Another one became crazy. The third one lived in duality. As for the fourth one, no one has any news of his or her whereabouts.”

“It is fine to admit that we don't know, but we do know that we have an eternal element in us. We have a body of light.”

“How can we tell if we have a body of light?” said Aline.

“You can tell when you feel genuine compassion toward others and toward every living being. It is love that’s spontaneous. It‘s the body of light that sees, hears, and understands, that has certainty that the glorious body will accompany our passage from life to death.”

The Passage - Cross Over

The Passage - Cross Over


“And the key is non-attachment?” said Aline.

“Yes, your physical body must melt into the body of light to let it become alive. It is this aliveness that will free us from death and the fear of death and will give us joy. Joy is an element of bliss.”

“Give me an example of non-attachment.”

“I can give you more than one. Expectations no longer rule your life. Emotions don’t control you. You relate to the world as it really is instead of your notion of it. You have a clear mind able to penetrate the truth of things. The problems of this world arouse compassion instead of anger. You enjoy happiness when it’s present and let it go when it ends. You let life unfurl with no need to control everything. The sense of freedom you feel bring you a genuine contentment,[i]” said Lola

“Does this transformation through non-attachment help others?”

“When we free ourselves from egoism and selfishness, we can cross limitations. This newly found freedom will help others who need and ask us for help. When we are in our body of light, we share, we love each other, and we escape death by becoming free from the fear of death.”


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© 2020 Liliane Najm

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