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Short Story 7. Journey to a Secret Cave

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


Esoteric Trip - The Secret Cave

Lola felt herself being transported to an esoteric place. Standing at the entrance of what looked like a cave, she remembered reading a book about a secret cave called the Cave of the Heart.

The Cave of the Heart is an ancient cave lit with the lantern of awareness. Hidden, secret, and enigmatic, it is the destination of the souls that yearn to know the Self and experience that indescribable feeling that left a person changed forever.

Standing alone at the entrance of the cave, feeling calm and collected, she walked in. She felt the presence of her sister without seeing her. Aline was doing the same excursion at the same time but in a different dimension.

The entry point where Lola stood gave her a clear view of three hollow spaces. A vast exterior hollow space and a middle one that she must cross to reach the inmost stealthy space.

The exterior space was organic and influenced by its interactions with people, circumstances, and the life condition of the person with whom it interacts. At this starting point, a person experiences thoughts, emotions, hopes, and uncertainties that are conditioned by life occurrences.

Filled with delight, she walked with determination to get quickly to the inmost space. It did not take her long to realize that she had underestimated the impact of feeling many different and sometimes conflicting emotions. Her emotions alternated between misconception, ire, and pain to clarity, quietness, and happiness. At times, she felt overwhelmed by the opposing forces of all her emotions.

Keeping in mind the advice not to give these emotions too much importance, and to refrain from making life-changing decisions during such an excursion, she advanced carefully. A whisper came from somewhere telling her to spend time at the end of this journey to rest and reflect.

After what felt a long time of steady walk, she reached the second space of the cave. At once, she felt a subtle change in her emotions. A gasp escaped her lips as her strong emotions subsided and feelings of moods and impressions took over.

She clearly grasped how past life events and experiences left their impressions and conditioning on her soul. It was a fleeting moment but so powerful and flawless that her body reacted as if given a jolt. She stopped, leaned on one of the cave walls to catch her breath and take notice of her surroundings.

She let herself notice the thoughts and emotions that came up. Her self-identity, self-image, and usual judgments surfaced. Even with her eyes closed, she could see her physical body and the way she stood. Little by little, her self-control came back as a subtle force propelled her forward in the direction of the deepest point of the cave.

This inmost level felt strange and familiar at the same time. She felt more than she saw the secret space of the cave by the utter silence that embraced her. She became aware of awareness itself. This secret part was a deeply personal and intimate experience. It was as if the cave itself was closely intertwined with her own body, which produced a drastic suspension of the self.

Submerged in a direct experience of utter selflessness, Lola was finally home; the home she long yearned to reach.

Completely surrendering any mental activity, putting her own will aside, and letting go of her wants and desires, she drank the fullness of that moment. The paradox of emptying herself to live her Self became clear to her. The notion of time had disappeared.

She retraced her steps back and came out of the cave transformed having brought with her the memory of a wonderful psychic voyage, and the resolve to repeat it.

Lola knew she could not talk about this experience to anyone as it was deeply personal and could not be expressed with words.

Gradual daily awareness came back to her and she found herself back in her sister’s home. Aline was lying on the floor looking out the window in wonder and ecstasy.

The two sisters tidied up the room, clearing it from magical items, and spent the evening in silence. Each had the experience she wished for and the answer she craved. They did not need to communicate with words.

Later that evening, Lola drove back to her place in a state of peace and clarity. Somehow, she knew that the night would bring something else.

The gift of sight, a precious thing,

Open my eyes, show me the way.

Light of moon, water, and wing,

Let me see, clear as day.

— Joyce and Jim Lavene.

Meeting her Ancestor

In bed, between a state of dream and deep sleep, Lola felt carried to a different time. A time of wonder, magic, and love. She genuinely wanted her magic back and determined to change her life to bring it back in full force.

The first rule to work magic is to recognize and connect the patterns of natural growth, decay, and rebirth of the land. From there, she could get back her full power to ritual and magical work.

Lately, she had restarted going for walks in the nearby forest to observe Nature and reacquaint herself with the practice of truly seeing people and everything around her. She went for walks at various times and observed the phases of the moon, sunrise and sunsets, and the clouds as harbingers of weather.

Animals passed by her without stopping as if she were a fixture of the forest. Grinning and letting her weightless gaze on the flowers and plants, she strongly felt a desire for a more natural living.

Buck Moon

Buck Moon

The night was a buck moon night. In her altered state, she saw herself getting ready to contact her late grandmother. Her grandmother was known as a powerful witch who taught her daughter Bertha the secrets of her magic. Aunt Bertha in turn apprenticed Aline and Lola in magic.

She had a white silvery cotton outfit and a long silver-colored dress. Casting a circle around her with the right hand, she sat in the center and gazed at a lit candle surrounded by flowers, fruits, and a few magical instruments made of wood. The two items that stood out were a seashell that could be used like a cup and a small glass full of spring water.

Sitting in silence, she closed her eyes to assess her boundaries, relax, and let herself go back in time.

A bonfire shedding warmth and light in a circle.

A bonfire shedding warmth and light in a circle.

Her grandmother and three older women walked slowly in the moonlight. They reached a clearing in the woods and sat in silence around a small bonfire. Soft chanting in an old language could be heard.

Gentle whispers arose about the power that women held over nature, the sacredness of this power, and the danger of its misuse.

Lola approached the circle of women, greeted them with respect, and sat with them. The older women moved and made a circle around her. One by one, they blessed her and bestowed upon her the Magic Heritage to carry for the future.

Her grandmother's smile filled her heart with fondness, ”I was expecting you,” she said.

“Grandma, I need help,” said Lola.

“I know. I've been watching over you and noticed as soon as you intended to revive your practice of magic. I felt your confusion. Don't worry, keep practicing and things will fall into place by themselves. Remember that your name ‘Lola’ brings you luck, laughter, and love if you keep learning and practising. That's your destiny. You've suffered setbacks because you moved away from your true self and purpose and neglected to take care of what truly matters —yourself and your spiritual destiny.”

After what felt like hours sitting in silence around the bonfire, Lola said, “Grandma, it's time for me to withdraw and go back. I thank you for letting me join this sacred ceremony and for your blessings and wise counsel.”

“You're welcome. You know how to contact me whenever you need me. It's better though if you become self-sufficient so you can help young witches learn and develop.”

Lola bowed to her grandmother and to the small assembly of women before slowly withdrawing her awareness back to her own sacred space and time. She drank the spring water and ate some fruits as a symbol of communion with her ancestor.

Confident that she could tackle life's challenges with a clear head, she promised herself to further explore the past on future occasions.


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