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Short Story 6. White Witch Ceremony

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Magick Ritual

Magick Ritual

Healing the Rift with Aline

Two months had passed since her meeting with Frank in the coffee shop. Lola went back to her routine life but stopped going to her group’s writing parties. She did not return calls from any of her writing buddies.

Desperately wanting to heal the rift with Aline, she remembered her aunt’s advice to use a relationship healing spell. To be effective, healing spells must work at all levels of existence –physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Having stopped the practice of magic years ago, she lacked the familiarity that would let her bring the specific vibration required to heal a rift. The energy required to create a positive outcome motivated her to call upon the power of her spirit guide and guardian angel, which for her were the same.

She made up her mind to do a spell for just that. This spell worked on the notion of joining two halves into one. For that, she used an apple and two pins. The apple to stand for affection, and the pins to direct the effort needed in a relationship.

Meeting her Guide

On Saturday morning, a day when she did not have to go to the office, she locked all the doors and windows in her house and turned off her phone and electronic gadgets.

To prepare herself to meet her spirit guide, Lola closed her eyes and went into a state of deep relaxation. Going into her inner sanctuary, she took time to get oriented. She imagined herself standing in her sanctuary on a path that stretched off into the distance. She walked up the path and saw in the distance a form coming towards her. The form was radiating a clear bright light.

As the being of light came closer, she realized it was in the form of a woman, elegant, ageless, and dressed in a long robe of light. The closer the form got, the more details Lola could see of her face.

With respect Lola said, “Greetings being of light. I am Lola. By what name can I call you?”

She heard a faint voice in her head saying, ‘Angelic’. Her presence made her feel at ease.

She asked Angelic specific questions about her relationship with her sister, Aline’s relationship with Frank, and her own love life. Even though she did not get straight answers, she had the certainty that answers would come to her in some form later; she just had to be vigilant and pay attention.

When the time came to say goodbye, Lola thanked Angelic and invited her to come and meet her again in the sanctuary. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to the outside world.

The Spell

A corner in her basement served as her haven for reflection and self-inspection. Starting the day with a prolonged meditation, she alternated between sitting on a meditation cushion and walking slowly and mindfully. Draped in a loose white cotton shirt, a long green linen skirt, and her light brown hair down, she stood barefooted in front of an altar, positioned in the middle of the basement.

Two lit magic candles bought from the House of Intuition burned slowly. She had infused the candles with affection, forgiveness, and intention. The fragrance of a stick of frankincense gave a clearing vibe to help create a calm and serene ambiance.

With reverence, she stood in the middle of the basement, encircled herself in a protective white golden light, and connected with her spirit guide asking for protection and a super vision.

She then cut the apple in half making sure to keep the seeds uncut. Tradition ruled that the seeds must remain uncut. On a white piece of paper, she printed the name of Aline first, then her own making sure that the space taken up by the names did not go beyond the width of the split apple. She then cut out the names and placed the paper with the names between the two halves of the apple.

With her eyes closed, she visualized a healed relationship with her sister. She then skewered the apple halves together, inserting the pins diagonally from right to left, then from left to right. Sending thoughts of forgiveness and affection to Aline, she asked to receive her sister’s forgiveness in return.

Finally, with her hands placed into a prayer pose, she bowed her head, and expressed gratitude for the aid received in starting the reconciliation process with Aline.

The two halves of the apple would bake in the oven that evening until they fused together into one piece again.

Alone and in silence, she spent the entire day doing light house chores, relying on physical movements to help her balance the energy work done in the morning.


The next morning, the phone rang as she was eating her breakfast. Aline was on the line. Lola could barely contain her joy.

“I’m going to hold a magic ceremony. I know you’ve distanced yourself from magic years ago, but I have to find a solution to a problem and need your energy. This ceremony will help me in my quest. It will also strengthen your willpower to become once again in total control of your own being,” said Aline.

“Of course, I’ll help you. I’m glad you called me. Where and when are you going to hold the ceremony?” said Lola.

“I have a place that I’ll make sacred to stimulate your sleeping power within you. But first, you must become once again a master of magic. You may not have used your powers for a while, but I can feel them throbbing. Frank felt them too.”

Since her meeting with Frank in the coffee shop, Lola had restarted feeling the pulse of her magic power. The feeling of re-connecting with her true self pleased her to a great extent. She had forgotten the joy and energy of feeling connected to the source. It was like being able to breathe freely; a feeling of being at home once again.

They agreed to meet on Saturday afternoon. Frank was away that weekend attending a two-day conference on the healing arts.

Lola drove to Aline and Frank’s house in the early afternoon on Saturday. Her sister met her at the door, hugged her, and led her into the living room.

“I’m sure you still remember the two basic skills of the arts of magic –meditation and creative visualization– both of which improve concentration,” said Aline. “Do you have the Arts of Ritual manual with you?”

“Yes, I brought it with me like you asked,” said Lola.

“Do you still remember the practical skills of making items, setting out altars, and gathering seasonal symbols, while communicating with your chosen pantheon of deities? I never asked you who your deity or deities are, and I won’t do it now,” said Aline.

“Are you sure we have to go through the witch ceremony?” said Lola.

“That’s the only certain way, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you,” said Aline. “The art of magic is nothing more than a method of causing coincidences to happen. You define your need, focus on it, use ancient symbols from Nature, and create a pattern. You start by making the pattern in the world of imagination and creativity, then by working the ritual, you bring it into your own reality.

“We’ll start with a short meditation session to still our conscious mind, dismiss everyday concerns from our awareness, and allow the more subtle sense to awaken and inform our conscious awareness,” continued Aline. “We’re going to purify the area where we’ll be meditating. Our tri-fold tools of meditation are stillness, silence, and sensitivity.

“First, create a sphere of protection. Imagine yourself within a bubble of light large enough to hold you and some space around you. Imagine a ball of white light in front of you spinning and glowing strongly. Let it expand to surround you completely. Imagine that you are enclosing yourself in a sphere of brilliant rainbow light like a transparent bubble. See it in vivid colors, so you can feel it gently enclosing you.

“Sit relaxed and completely still to drift into a state of awareness where inner material can begin to flow. It is almost dusk now, an opportune time for us to meditate in silence. Focus on the theme and let images or feelings surface. Listen, watch, and see whatever images, sounds, symbols, or other sensations start to arise in your mind. There is no background noise and with your natural talent, the stillness will sharpen your awareness.”

“I thought that a sacred place would be an outdoor site because of its association with ancient magic,” said Lola.

“The outside world is not the only place to perform a magic ceremony. Cities, towns, and villages are as important and can offer healing and a new current of life-giving energy when we clear and honor them. There is no real formula for finding a sacred place. Witches are free to choose a place that speaks to them that they can sanctify. It’s after all the work of each witch’s deity, goddess, angel, or spirit guide to guide her. A witch takes a religious journey in her imagination in the light of her knowledge and experience, by reading and meditating and experiencing things for herself.”

“Can we have a cup of tea now? I would really like some tea,” said Lola.

Aline looked at her older sister with warmth. Even though she was younger by a few years, she always felt the more responsible and mature one.

Golden Energy and Reflective Peace.

Golden Energy and Reflective Peace.

Goddess Tea

As they stepped into the kitchen, Lola looked in awe at the major appliances, new kitchen cabinets with gray doors, the slab granite countertop, and the double undermount kitchen sink. The layer lighting made the kitchen shine. “You painted your kitchen walls yellow,” said Lola.

“Yes. Do you remember how we used to criticize mom’s kitchen and its gray walls? I promised myself that my kitchen would be bright and lively. I have the ingredients for a Goddess Tea. I remember it’s your favorite tea,” said Aline. She poured one tablespoon of dried white peony root, one tablespoon of dried shatavari root, and three dried rose buds into a cup of boiling water and added raw honey to sweeten the tea.

For herself, Aline took a small handful of fresh mint leaves, rinsed, and chopped them, then put them into a teapot. She filled the teapot with boiling water and let it stand for five minutes to let the goodness of the leaves seep into the water. She then poured the tea into a china teacup and placed the whole thing on a tray with raw honey as both sisters preferred sweet tea.

They chatted about this and that while sipping their tea, and Lola felt herself relax.


“Rituals are an important part of any magical ceremony. They are conscious acts done to achieve a specific goal. The tools we’ll use in our ritual and the elements and powers we’ll invoke, have particular meaning and significance and we must use them with care,” said Aline. “The order to which I belong teaches us to use prayer, meditation, concentration, study, and dialogue among other things.”

“I thought you were a hedge witch, like Aunt Bertha,” said Lola

“Hedge witches typically find magical intent in routine, day-to-day activities,” said Aline. “I am a hedge witch in addition to being part of the Order of Witches. My home is the center of my magical work. It’s a place of stability and grounding. My kitchen is a magical place defined by my energy and the energy of Frank. My home is a sacred space. As a hedge witch, I’m skilled with herbal medicine and do spend time working on herbal magic which for me is personal and spiritual in a profound way. I grow and gather herbs, harvest them, dry them, and experiment with them to see what they can and cannot do. Most of the herbs we’ll use today are home grown, even this tea has fresh home-grown herbs.”

“When did you join the Order of Witches?”

“Frank introduced me to the Order, two months after we met.”

“Is he a member of the Order?”

“He is the Head of the Order of Witches.”

Lola filed this information in her head for later. She planned to learn more about the Order of Witches. The fact that Aline asked for her help to reveal if harm is on her way was a motive for her to find out how best to protect her sister, and herself. “Are you still working at a spa?”

“I left the spa four years ago. You really don’t know much about me! I’m an Art Therapist now. I’ll tell you more about this at some other time. Let’s get through today first,” said Aline. “Did you fast yesterday as I asked you?”

“Yes, in preparation for today, I fasted yesterday and only had a natural fruit juice this morning,” said Lola. She felt drawn into the moment, and no longer had any concerns about taking part in the ceremony. “Tell me more about what we want to accomplish today in the ceremony.”

“I want to protect myself from Frank’s entourage. Today’s ceremony is going to be powerful. That’s why I asked you to be present as I need your energy. I love Frank and trust him. I know that he would never hurt me. He is a gentle soul incapable of violence, but the people around him are not trustworthy. If I am to marry him, I want to make sure that our future is meant to be, and that Frank will be strong enough to protect me. I also want to know if Frank should distance himself from these people and if yes, how.”

She continued, “We’re going to start by having the ritual bathing and robing, then we’ll create and enter the sacred circle, and work the ritual. You promised me that you’re here for the whole afternoon and evening; right?”

“Yes,” said Lola.

White Witch Ceremony

Aline used her wand to summon the power of the Elements in line with the ancient arts of Nature magic. Witches use the seasons and tides of the earth, moon, and sun to strengthen their spells, especially the full moon. Witches summon the power of the stars and planets in their magic work. Using her wand, she opened a gate to the Otherworld.

Not having a wand, Lola directed her blessing power through her right hand to make a magic circle around herself.

Their circles intersected. Symbols, tools, and lit candles decorated the intersected space.

The magic ceremony began.


"How to be a White Witch". Green, M.

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