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Short Story 3. Finding Clarity

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Birch Trees


Under a White Birch Tree

Lola was upset by her exchange with Aline. She drove back to her house, left the car in her parking spot, and walked to a nearby park. She sat in her favorite spot under a tree.

The tree was a medium-sized white birch tree about twenty meters tall. The trunk was covered in thin, smooth white bark. The leaves were egg-shaped, dull green on top and lighter green and slightly hairy underneath, and were about ten centimeters long. She loved the fact that the buds, leaves and seeds from the white birch were a source of food for birds and animals.

Silence filled her and she felt her tensions slowly dissolving.

An exercise her aunt had taught her to do whenever she needed clarity came to her mind. She closed her eyes and took a slow deep breath. As she released it, she let go of tension as if taking off a tight armor. She repeated this a few times.

She then focused on her heart center, that esoteric spot in the middle of her chest near the heart. She took a deep breath and felt a sense of peace as she released it. She took another deep breath and felt a sense of ease as she released it. The third deep breath gave her a sense of love as she released it. She let her attention linger in that love and expanded it until she was completely submerged in it.



Lola wanted to find clarity on a plan to deal with the enigma that Frank was. Instead of creating a list of pros and cons, she decided to ask herself a few questions and find a convincing answer to each.

The questions were meant to clarify in her mind what the situation was really about; what was the conflict that needed to be resolved and its resulting transformation; what were her own needs; what were her sister's real needs; and finally what outcome she wanted to create and the gift this situation could bring.

Lola had a keen interest in living her life with beauty. She felt called to make a difference in the lives of others and to uplift the world around her. She promised herself to slow down, re-align herself, and be in contact with her true self and beliefs.

She could not continue living just for herself. She craved to create agreements and relationships where the needs of others were woven into the synthesis that serves everyone. Going forward, she would deal with people on an equal footing to nourish healthy and stable relationships with both her sisters and with other people.

Her deeply felt need was for plenty and abundance. She was grateful for the food she ate, the roof over her head, and clothes to keep her warm. Abundance for her meant gaining insight into her own needs and checking in with herself on a regular basis to see if all her needs were met.

She promised herself to visualize abundance and to ask herself every morning, “What do I need to create abundance in my life?”

What was Aline's basic need? Aline had confronted her about her fear of intimacy, inclusion and diversity, about clinging to a way of life that made her miserable. She asked her to watch the metamorphosis of a butterfly so she could understand the significance of transformation of her beliefs as they no longer served her. It was time for Lola to take her sister’s advice and accept change instead of fighting it.

As Lola came out of her deep reflection, she realized that the situation could actually bring her a gift, the gift of tolerance and embracing diversity. She vowed to accept Frank as he was while keeping an eye on him to protect her sister.

She stayed under the birch tree until dusk when the light started fading and the air grew less warm. She knew what her next steps were going to be. This reflection time had helped her prepare an action plan.

What do You Think Lola Intends to Do?


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