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Short Story 2. Water Beings

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


As she approached the front door, the scent of a graceful fragrance enveloped her. Aline’s scent was unmistakable. Lola felt happy to see her youngest sister again. Aline was not aware that a scent of flowers emanated from her body, but Lola always knew when Aline was around even before she saw her.

Aunt Berta taught them that witches keep secrets, which made some of them produce awful odors to attract demons. She perfumed her home with incense to repel demonic forces. She believed that spiritual fragrances are so subtle that they can only be perceived by pure souls, the souls of the witches who worked for the benefit of their communities. This was the fragrance of their souls and hearts.

The three sisters loved listening to their aunt’s stories about witches and magic in spite of their mother’s warning that these stories were unreal. Aline was the closest to aunt Bertha and learned from her all she knew about magic. It was vital for Aline to improve the fragrance of her mystical body with psychic work so that her scent could attract friends from the invisible world.

The word ‘magic’ sometimes unsettled Lola. It conjured images of strange ceremonies, bizarre clothes, spells and strange formulas, and the manipulation of an assortment of weird objects, all done in a cloud of smoke and vapors.

Aline believed that all acts, feelings and thoughts are acts of magic. Everything that humans are capable of doing on the physical, astral, and mental planes is magic. It depends whether what she does is constructive or destructive that a witch manifested herself as a good or evil one.

By the Water Spring


Instead of entering her parents’ house, Lola walked to a nearby spring of water. That place exuded serenity with its crystal-clear pure water. She searched in the water for an image of the true source of life that must flow within her.

Water Beings thrive on devotion, love and happiness. Aline communicated with them at times to increase her energy level to a higher degree of compassion, psychic development, insight, and healing. After the week she has had, Lola needed a good dose of insight and healing.

The urge to communicate with nature overcame her as she stood by the water spring. It made her feel alive and gifted. With eyes closed and a steady breath, she tuned in to all the creatures of every kind whose task was to take care of stones, plants, and animals. She was drawn to communicate with the creatures that inhabit nature and elements and collaborate with them in different kinds of work. She let herself go into a state of magic.

The presence of a nature spirit made itself felt. It seemed happy to be given some work to do. It has been known for generations that the witches of every continent work with nature's entities to get them to work for them. These entities did not care if what was asked of them was good or bad. They simply obeyed a will stronger than theirs.

She became a little worried about the state she was putting herself in and where her action was leading her. She remembered her aunt’s advice to avoid the harmful influence of nature’s entities by resisting the urge to impose her own will. Magic is nothing more than the expression of a love that yearns to be satisfied, the kind of love that is at the origin of all forms of magic.

She knew firsthand about the uselessness of forcing someone to fall in love with her. As a teenager, she tried to force George, her high school crush, to return her affection and give her what she wanted from him, but ended up making herself sick. It was not real love or affection. It was simply forcing him to feel something that he did not feel in reality.

Magic is the worst possible way of winning a person's love. The poison of an unreal relationship would eat into her very soul.

When George told her that he did not share her feelings, she felt sad at first but then realized that she was free to love and to be true to herself. She deeply believed that the real magic is in transforming our love. The true wealth of a human being can never be taken prisoner. It is the greatest possible illusion to think that she could capture a human soul. It was possible for her to have his body, but she knew that she could never capture the mysterious being within him.

She said goodbye to the water beings and walked back to her parents’ house.


The Two Sisters

As she stepped into the upper floor bedroom that was assigned to her, she found Aline in front of an altar chanting:

The gift of sight, a precious gift,

Let me see with a swift.

Open my eyes moon, water and sea,

As clear as day, let me see.

“What did you lose?” said Lola.

Aline stopped chanting and turned toward her. “A piece of paper.”

“Would it be this?” said Lola taking the sketch from her purse and showing it to her sister.

“Yes, but how come you have it?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I have time to listen.”

“I found it on the floor in my basement. I had people over for the evening and someone left it behind. In fact, it was Frank who dropped it. I know that you two know each other.”

“Then you must know that he is my boyfriend and we live together.”

“I figured it out after I saw you two in the coffee shop on Saturday. Why didn’t you tell me about Frank? How long have you known him?”

“We’ve been together nine to ten months.”

“That’s about the time Frank joined the writing group I belong to. Don’t you think this is more than just a coincidence?”

“My approach to life is different from yours. If you hadn’t stopped practising witchcraft, you‘d have remembered the three great laws of magic. Do you remember them?”

The Great Laws of Magic

“The Law of Records, the Law of Affinity, and the Law of the Backlash[i],” said Lola.

“Do you remember what they mean?”

“Not really.”

“Let me remind you. The Law of Records says that all our thoughts, feelings and actions are recorded in us and outside us. Frank knows that everything is recorded. We cannot allow ourselves to do, think, feel, or risk anything without discernment because of the consequences. We don’t nourish thoughts and feelings of envy and harm because they’ll poison us.

“The Law of Affinity is the relationship between humans and the cosmos. Each vibration tends to unite with another vibration of the same frequency. With our thoughts, feelings and actions we attract to ourselves by affinity, the visible and invisible regions and creatures that vibrate on the same wavelength. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are exactly the kind of elements, forces and beings that we attract.

“The Law of the Backlash. As people of magic, we believe that the cosmos is a sounding board and all our manifestations bounce off it and come back at us. If the consequences of our actions aren’t felt instantly, they affect our families, friends and those who are closest to us.

“With white magic, everything is possible. For the past two years, I’ve moved from animating objects to animating myself. I’m what you call a talisman, my own talisman for good luck. I‘ve turned my life around. Look what being a talisman brought me —Frank, my forever!” she said.

Aline and Frank

“Thanks for the recap but are you sure that Frank has the same understanding?” said Lola. “Think about it. He joins my writing group at the same time that you two meet. He never mentions to me even once that he knows you, let alone that you two are living together. He had the sketch of my house on him that he let fall on Friday evening. Where did he get that sketch from?”

“I’ve had that sketch for years now. I use it as a mnemonic method,” said Aline.

“Nemomic?” said Lola.

“It’s mnemonic not nemomic. It’s a method that helps the memory. Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory was said to have known everything that is past, present and future[ii]. We link ideas and information with objects, locations, or real-world places to remember.

“Since aunt Bertha taught us the visual pegs and mental journey methods to remember, I’ve been using our parents’ house, the one you now own, as my preferred location to help me recall. I use the layout of the house and the location of objects to remind myself of the witchcraft techniques I learned.

“Your house is my central landmark in the visual pegs method, the water spring that you just visited is another one of my chosen landmarks,” said Aline.

“That’s a good an explanation as any,” said Lola. “But why didn’t Frank tell me that not only you two know each other but are living together? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to town on Saturday? I saw you two in the coffee shop and followed you when you drove to the bungalow,” said Lola.

“Frank told me about your writing group. He didn’t tell you about us because he didn’t want to distract you from writing. You’d have looked at him in a different way and this might have made you feel uncomfortable. I didn’t let you know we were in town on Saturday for the same reason,” said Aline. “By the way, I saw you following our car.”

“How serious is it between you two?”

“We’re in love and get along wonderfully. I’m not going to let anything or anyone stand between us. I’d appreciate it if you don’t mention this conversation to him. I don’t want him to feel he has to be nice to you or to socialize.”

“No problem. I too don’t want to socialize with you two. Let’s leave it at this. Does dad know about Frank?”

“He knows that I live with my boyfriend, but I haven’t introduced Frank to him or to mom. Let’s keep them out of this for now.”

Lola did not want to be the sibling who ruined it for her sister. She dropped the subject even though her gut feeling told her something was off. She decided to keep an eye on Frank discreetly. This whole thing was too much of a coincidence. As the eldest sibling, she did not want her sibling to come to harm, even if they were no longer close.

Aunt Bertha’s warning against the spirits of darkness rang in her ears, “They‘re very skilful. It’s not in their interest to alarm you. Quite the opposite, they show up and promise to fulfil all your desires and keep coming back until you fall into their hands. They seduce people by promises of power, pleasure, and money.”

One thing Lola could not shake off, and that was the way Frank looked at people. His glance was insistent, as if he were attempting to impose his will on others.



[i] The Book of Divine Magic by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

[ii] You can Learn to Remember by Dominic O’Brien.

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