Short Story: From the Hurricane (Part 3 of 3)

Updated on May 10, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

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Story from the Hurricane (Part 3 of 3)

I forced a chuckle through my lips as if that would make me better. I spotted a window sill big enough to sit and curl up in. I’ve always loved large window sills ever since I went to my grandma’s house years ago before they died.

I drunkenly walked over still leaning on the lockers and my body slid limply onto the sit and pulled my legs over the cold white plastic. Leaning my back against the wall I looked out the window seeing the dark and dreary sky. The clouds had tumbled in and made a blur of purple and gray that left me in awe.

There was a dull thud, like the stable and slow drip of water from a broken faucet, of shoes against the wax floor tiles. Thinking it was Jem, I quickly tried to wipe away the tears that had unnoticeably appeared to me while I was away.

I slapped my cheeks a couple of times trying to focus on something that wasn’t sad. There was a sigh in the back of the hall, gave away that he found me.

“Rave.” He said trying to get my attention. The thud and the soft clack of his shoes echoed slowly, showing his hesitancy to come to me. In my mind I beckoned him right along no matter how scared I was.

“Rave.” I stiffened up, despite knowing, the sound came from right behind me. I didn’t say anything and I curled my hand nearest to him in a fist. I know I was being dramatic, but I wanted him to notice everything I did around him.

I didn’t say somethings sometimes, but I still wanted him to understand and if not, ask me. I know they say boys don’t know how to read your mind, but neither do girls either for a matter of fact.

“What are you doing here?” His voice was smooth and deep like ten feet underneath the water. The kind that was laced with few cracks that made his voice a bit high, noting that he was still in puberty mode. I giggled at the fact and sniffed a bit. I didn’t watch him this time.

“What is so funny?” He paused. “You just yelled at me then barged out of the room and now you are laughing!”

The fact that he sounded so incredulous made me giggle harder. My body started to tremor a bit rocking me in my seat on the sill and I had to cover my mouth. After he thought it over he added,

“Well I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise you are mentally retarded.”

I immediately stopped giggling to glare at him stoned faced, then pulled my arm back to punch him in the arm. I missed when he decided to get smart and move out of the way, but I went further and punched him in the side.

“Nice try smartass, but you still lose.” I say cockily.

Now I noticed where this was heading, we were gonna be all buddy buddy and I wouldn’t say anything about earlier. My feelings would be totally dismissed like they usually are. That made me turn again leaning back on the wall, not wanting to look at him.

“Don’t you even try kicking me you immature brat.” I stated knowing revenge was one of his specialties.

“Now you can go. I don’t even know why you are here. Go have your social life your mother always wanted for you." I mocked him. Crossing my arms under my chest sinking into the sill. He moved to sit on my legs, but I kicked him with both my boots, pushing him into the opposite side of the sill.

“Ahh.” He said rubbing his shoulder, after he lost balance. He eyes flickered as if he dared to try me, but decided to be smart and choice to sit right after my feet.

“You know, why are you so violent?” He ask. He wasn’t serious, but I answered anyways.

“Because it’s in my blood.” I rolled my eyes, suddenly the grass was very interesting. The way it varied from light green to the mud green probably because of the rain from this afternoon. It was boring as hell, but there was no way I would be able to think through anything with him staring at me.


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