Short Story: From the Hurricane (Part 2 of 3)

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

From the Hurricane (Part 2 of 3)

“No, I talked with Hanna a bit and then you know, can’t be a party without food.” He twisted to point Northwest which was behind him and a bit to the left. Towards the gym entrance and a big orange glowing exit sign right in front the of brown double door that have locked us in here, is supposedly where Hanna had been. Her and the group now have long gone.

He turned back to me and just stared at me like I was a whole person. I tilted my head and furrowed both of my eyebrow shirking my head back a bit. Then my body jerked forward from the collision of my head hitting the beam. My eyes fluttered closed and opened turning my head toward the beam. I quickly spun back to glare at Jem who I knew was about to laugh.

“Shut up, Jem.” I hollered and punch him in his shoulder socket.

“Ow.” He exclaimed flinching back and rubbing his shoulder and started laughing anyways.

“Your an ass. Worthless piece of shit.” I stated and stepped on his knee cap with my black thick inch heel combat boots that stop just under my knee, making his move farther away from me. He stumbled back a bit, but then stepped forward again a bit closer than before.

I moved to pinch his arm and he tried to move back but I was faster and dug my nails into his skin. He just stood there looking amused as his baby face lips could make him. He looked older in the moment, mostly to the fact that he had started to grow a beard of some sort. I felt so small and childish, vu- shit nope. Never that. I dragged my nail down his arm and he winced again pulling my his arm from my hold.

“Oww!” He let out a hiss as his eyebrows furrowed this time and looked down to check his arm, cradling it.

“What was that for?” His face was between a mix of confusion and amusement. But I couldn’t tell, all I knew was that I had to cover up my tracks and keep calm. I leaned back against the beam and breathed in deeply but then stopped as Jem came closer leaving a foot between us.

I started glaring at his muscle built chest to his face for a moment before looking up at his again and pushed my back into the beam. A question of what he was trying to do popped into my head, but I dismissed it for another.

“What was it that you were thinking before? You still haven’t answered that question.” I reminded him, staring back into his hazel eyes trying to overpower him that makes up for the height difference. He raised an eyebrow and his eyes narrowed as if asking what the hell are you doing which made me sneer at him.

“Ahem,” He coughed into his fist, clearing his throat. I raised an eyebrow think he was completely ridiculous.

“Oh yea, are you afraid of me?” He removed his hand and left a smirk on his face, that devilish grin made me just gave him an incredulous look.

“No and what in the world would give you that Idea?” I shook my head and crosses my arms around my chest again.

He didn’t look at me and stuffed his hands in his pockets for a second, while one of his feet did a randejan. My eyebrow rose at that, did he take ballet once in his life? I look back to his face again then he look at the food table and gestured with his hands as he started to explain.

“Well when you reached to grab those chips,” The ones I had finished 5 minutes ago.

“You leaned away from me and,” he paused to take a step toward me closing the space between us and I immediately tense up pressing my back into the beam but never do my eyes leave from his because that would mean your weak. My breathing gets shallow as well.

“You shy away from me whenever I come closer to you, you run, twirl away, or lean back.” My eyes widen without my permission and my body paralyzed in fear. I glance around him weighing my options to flee, my right was blocked by the table and my left was blocked by this sudden line of people who wanted to get food.

How convenient. I roll my eyes and meet his again which unwavering ment mine. Shit. I licked my dry lips and squared my jaw in order to refrain from the urge to bite them. His deep sea blue eyes twisted with a depth that I could only dream of knowing pieced mine. Cringing at the sight, I felt my stomach roll and I knew panic was going to set in.

The adrenaline rushed through my veins, the blood pumping through the vessels now worked overtime as I started being decisive. Twisting my body, I darted into the sea of colorful people making a 180° turn trying to maneuver my way through the grinding and the thick smell of perspiration, wanting to be quick enough that he wouldn't catch me. If he even was chasing me.

I knocked people with my shoulder and swatted at them to move out of my way, as I tried, as fast as I could to the middle of the dance floor. Unfortunately for me, (no regrets) my school doesn't train you for running a marathon so he caught up to me quite easily and caught me by my lower arm.

I ripped my arm away from him and turned back giving him an ice cold glare, the back of my jaw clenched tightly.

"Go away!" I growled as the words echoed and rumbled in my chest causing the dancers next to jump away and stared at us, the happening, with eyes full of fright. I didn’t laugh but a smirk slid onto my face quickly disappearing as I turned away again. My teeth grinded against each other more tightly than before and I supressed a growl.

I had now raised the bar to kicking people in the shins and ankles to get out of my way leaving an uproar of complaints from the dancers behind me. I glanced at the chaperones spread out standing around the outskirts of where the main party was, making sure into to be approached. I made my way across the laminated wooden floor to the exit.

Slammed against the double doors they excreted a charring sound, letting me out of the gymnasium and into the light. The hallway was dim due to the fact that only the right side of the hallway lights still worked. That was fine with me because I'm really hating the light right now. I walked down the hallway and took a left and took another left afterwards making sure no one would see me.

I slowed my pace and slumped against the lockers, dragging my boots on the wax tile floors You couldn't hide, but there was no reason to hide. Not when no one was looking for you. Hanging my head low, feeling the pressure building behind me eyes. My chest rose and sunk steadily as I tried to slow the tears from coming. I didn’t want to cry, especially here. I wrinkled my nose at this disgusting school.

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