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She Has Secrets, Part II

After 22 years as an RN, I now write about medical issues and new medical advances. Diet, exercise, treatment, and lifestyle are important.


This is a sequel to “She Has Secrets” that has been requested by many people. This is based on Brenda Arledge’s prompt, ‘secrets’. Additionally, Miebakagh has encouraged me to write a happy ending to this story.

Brenda has encouraged so many of us to spread our wings, writing poetry and stories.

I thought about this secret quite often recently, so this sequel will reveal her secret that Katie has kept from her fiancé, John.

John’s Back Home

Katie entered the quaint restaurant while her eyes searched for her fiance, John. She spotted him at a corner table. She smiled while she walked toward the table. John, who is 6’ tall, jumped up to pull out the chair for her. His dark brown eyes danced as he saw her, and his dimples showed as he smiled. He gave Katie a quick kiss just before that sat down.

Katie said, “I’m so glad you’re home. I thought you weren’t going to be here until next week. How long is your leave?”

John is a lieutenant in the Air Force, though not in uniform today.

He laughed saying, “You sure ask a lot of questions. I have to head back to Dover, Delaware in 4 days.”

The waitress walked up and said, “Have you had time to look at your menus?”

“I don’t need to,” replied John, “as I always get the BBQ Chicken Salad.”

The waitress looked at Katie, who said, “I’ll have the same.”

The restaurant was packed and noisy. The lunches were quickly served, they ate with light conversation.

They walked to the door together, and John said, “I’ve got a few things to do this afternoon. How about I pick you up at 7 PM?”

“Sure! That sounds fine. I’ll see you then.” They briefly embraced and headed their separate ways.


Katie’s Afternoon

Katie went to Connie’s apartment. She knew Connie would be home after her last class for the day. Connie was in the last semester of the nursing program. Katie saw Connie entering the apartment carrying a load of books in her backpack. Katie quickly jumped out of her red Honda Civic and headed toward Connie.

A minute later Connie walked out with her Golden Retriever. “I just have to give her a quick break.”

“Come on in,” Connie said. “How was your lunch with John?”

“It was a good lunch, but the restaurant was crowded and noisy. No, I didn’t tell him!”

“Well, are you going to tell him while he is home on leave?” Connie asked.

Katie walked over to the sofa and sat down. She put her head down with her hands on her forehead. She was shaking her head. Connie sat in the beige chair and just waited for Katie to say something.

“Connie, I love him. I don’t want to break his heart. I wish I could go back and handle things differently.”

“I know, Katie.”

“Have you thought more about talking to Pastor Ryan?”

“Yes, I am going to see him at 3 PM.”

“Good. Maybe that will help you sort out your feelings and decide how to tell John,” Connie stated.

“I hope so. I can’t sleep, and I am just miserable about this.”

“I know. Remember, I am your friend, and I am always here for you.”

Later That Day

Katie spent an hour in Pastor Ryan’s office. He assured that John would probably understand, and that this was not totally her fault. He told her she already knew the right thing to do, and God would help her. He also told her God forgives, but she could not live a peaceful life without telling John her secret.

Katie went home, showered and changed clothes. She spent time fixing her hair and makeup, like that would make a difference. She was nervous, but she knew she had to tell John what happened.

When John came to pick her up she invited him in. John immediately told her about his day. He had seen his family and all was well.

Katie said, “John, could you sit done for a minute. I want to talk to you.”

“Sure, What’s up?”

“Oh John, I love you, and this is serious.”

John’s smile faded as he looked Katie in the eye. “Yes, let’s sit down.”

Once seated Katie said, “John, I know I told you I was taking birth control pills, and I was. I think I messed them up, and I don’t know what to do because I am pregnant. I didn’t know if you wanted me to get an abortion, and I have been so upset.”

John stared at her with a surprised expression. After several minutes he said, “You mean I am going to be a father?”

Katie’s tears rolled down her cheeks as she just nodded her head yes.

John stood up and grabbed Katie by her arms as he pulled her close.”Katie, you know I don’t believe in abortions. I know you are just 20, but we can do this together.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“I didn’t expect to be a father yet, but no I am not mad. We have been engaged for a year already. I love you, Katie. Let’s move up our wedding date and make this work.”

“Oh, John! I love you so much. You make me so happy!”


Take My Hand

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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