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Setting Friday Free (A Buzby Beach Novel) Chapter 05


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Getting Ready for a Swim

Garrison arrived home, anticipating a refreshing swim in his pool. He wondered if the girl he'd seen the day before would be there or if she'd already come and gone. Perhaps, after getting caught by him, she'd decided not to return at all.

There's only one way to find out, Garrison told himself as he walked through the house and onto the back deck where he left his clothes in a neat pile on the picnic table. Garrison dashed into the cabana house, where he pulled on a pair of board shorts before approaching the pool. A splash in the pool let him know someone, maybe her, maybe not, was in the pool. Garrison looked toward the noise and saw it had, indeed, been caused by the girl he'd seen the previous afternoon.

"You're very late getting home," the girl said as she swam to the pool edge closest to Garrison. She was wearing the same bikini she'd worn in the pool the day before.

Garrison was glad for the pair of board shorts. Being prepared for unexpected company was preferable to displaying his wares to the strange girl in his pool if she did happen to be there.

Stayed to Watch Tennis

"I stayed to watch some of the girls' tennis practice," Garrison explained. He hurried to the end of the pool where steps led into the water.

The girl released the edge of the pool and swam closer to Garrison. "Do you have a friend who plays on the team? Is she your girlfriend?"

Garrison shook his head and fought to slow his breathing. "No. She's not my girlfriend. She's not even really my friend. We're just in some classes together."

The girl sidled closer, into the shallow part of the pool nearer Garrison, where the water was only up to her waist. "If the girl you went to see play tennis isn't your friend, then why did you go see her play?"

Garrison moved farther into the pool until the water was up to his armpits. "I hadn't planned on going to the match. Then she all but dared me to show up, so I showed up. I'm taking tennis as my PE class this semester and figured it wouldn't hurt to watch how experts play the game."

"Interesting," the girl murmured. "She's not your friend. You still showed up because she dared you to. I think she might want to be your friend."


Introductions at Last

The girl smiled coyly and moved back into deeper water. "You are a curious fellow. Here we are, swimming together in your pool, talking about a girl you say you don't like that I've never met, and I don't even know your name. You look a lot like someone I used to know, though."

"I'm," Garrison cleared his throat. "I'm Garrison. What's your name?"

"I'm Friday," the girl said. She moved quickly to close the distance between them and held out her hand though it stayed underwater. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Garrison."

Garrison swallowed hard and shook the proffered hand, still underwater. "Do you live here on the island?" he asked Friday.

Friday smiled and moved forward as Garrison moved backward until his back met the side of the pool. Then, Friday swung around until she was beside him with her back to the pool wall also.

"How interesting," Friday noted of Garrison. "Most people ask me about my name before they ask me anything else. Then again, I've never met anyone for the first time while swimming in a pool with them, either. I think, if our roles were reversed, I'd have asked me why I was swimming in your pool, especially after being caught yesterday. I see you wore a bathing suit today. Why weren't you wearing one yesterday?"

Garrison shrugged and said, "Swimming without a bathing suit is more comfortable than swimming with one. I never wear one when I know I'm going to be alone."

"Did you know you weren't going to be alone today?" Friday asked with a sideways glance at her host. "Were you hoping for some company?"

Garrison licked his lips and took a deep breath. He blew it out all at once and confessed, "I thought I'd be alone, but kind of hoped you'd be here."

Garrison Reminds Friday of Someone She Once Knew

Friday spun around and pressed herself against Garrison. "I knew you liked me by the way you watched me yesterday. I like you, too, Garrison. You might be the one I've been waiting for. Too bad, I have to go now."

She placed a brief, warm kiss on Garrison's lips before shoving away from the side of the pool and swimming to the far end.

"Wait!" Garrison called out after her. "Will I see you tomorrow?"

Friday didn't answer until she'd climbed from the pool and pulled on the same yellow sundress she'd worn the day before.

As she walked to the secret gate, she called back to Garrison, "Are you sure you even saw me today?"

She disappeared through the gate before Garrison could frame his reply.

Garrison swam several laps of his pool after Friday left. Then he floated on his back for a while, puzzling the enigma that was Friday.

She had to know how I'd react to her pressing against me as she did. And she kissed me. Why did she kiss me? Considering the scant amount of time we've spent together, we hardly know each other. I don't know anything about her other than she sneaks into my yard to swim in my pool, her name is Friday, and she's decided she likes me. I wonder who I remind her of. Some old boyfriend, I suppose.

How old is she? I'm guessing she's older than I am. Where does she live? Probably somewhere on the island. What's her story? I have no idea.

The story continues in Chapter 06

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DW Davis (author) from Eastern NC on December 11, 2020:

Wait until you find out how old Friday really is?

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on December 11, 2020:

My goodness, puzzle on puzzle. An interesting beginning to this story.

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