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Scorpion's Vengeance "Upping the Stakes"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the author

In the last episode, we left Sir Michael meeting with none other than the Prime Minister and 'Cobra' in a secret location somewhere under London. Everyone thinks that the worst is passed until they got some very bad news, this wasn't the first time the group has struck, and it's not the last time they'd hear from them.

The question wasn't 'If' but when they'd strike next, and would '6' be there to deal with the situation?

Somewhere in the West of England

“Bravo two, where the hell are you?“ he spoke louder than he intended to, the adrenaline from the gameplay kicking in, “I've got the damn things chasing me all over the place”

“At your five o'clock high” a voice came back, “you've got two on your tail, when I say, do a barrel roll and break right”

“Are you nuts? ” he shouted back, “I'm in a mark three Spitfire remember! “

“Yeah, I remember, your choice remember, they're dead level with you, break either way and you'll go across their gunsights, you need to lose a bit of height as you go, throw ‘em off balance, the roll is the best way!”

That was true, the original Spitfire had one weakness, a gravity fed carburettor sat on top of the engine, roll the plane and the huge merlin engine would be starved of fuel resulting in her almost cutting out, and losing height, the original pilots found it out, and turned it into an advantage when they attacked formations by flying above, then pulling a half barrel roll and a dive, that way they got an extra ten miles an hour, vital when you're taking a Messerschmitt Bf109 on, and the game simulated it all.

The screen almost blanked out as he started the turn, in real life the pilots would pull four ‘g’ turns causing them to black out, or at least nearly so, that's what the computer was simulating.

“Shit, engine failure” he called out as a buzzer sounded, “I might be hit” he spoke into the Mike, there wasn't any way of knowing until his Avatar recovered.

“Looks okay to me” the voice came back, “no trails”

The ‘trails’ were vapour, if he'd been hit, then either oil or fuel would be streaming out of the engine, there weren't any.

The buzzer sounded again, just as the screen was coming back to life, next thing was to check power connections, it took a whole three minutes before he realised it wasn't the machine, someone was at the door.

“Sorry bud, gotta go, someone's at the bloody door” he was annoyed, it was bloody frustrating, especially as he thought he'd disconnected the buzzer, he reached over, flicked the switch, and was just getting up.

“Don't bother” the voice was female, silky, and almost seductive, “we let ourselves in”.

“Wha, what the?” he looked up, startled at the voice, “where did you come from?” he was half surprised, and the other half, well probably not printable, ‘she's gorgeous’ was all he could think, ‘and she's smiling’ hopeful delusions setting in.

Taken in by a beauty



“Don't bother” the voice was female, silky, and almost seductive, “we let ourselves in”.

“Wha, what the?” he looked up, startled at the voice, “where did you come from?” he was half surprised, and the other half, well probably not printable, ‘she's gorgeous’ was all he could think, ‘and she's smiling’ hopeful delusions setting in.

“It's okay bud” another voice, a male one shattered any hope he had, “She has that effect on all the boys” the voice sounded slightly amused, which was annoying, no one likes being ‘read like a book’

The intruders, there were two of them, didn't seem to be causing trouble, apart from the fact they'd broken into the house, no threats of violence, no ‘smash and grab’ the girl was just sat there, in his one armchair, legs crossed, smiling. He felt weak at the knees, seduced by a simple smile.

Sandy was loving it, she couldn't help herself, it was something that just came ‘natural’ to her, the ability to get what she wanted with just a smile, ‘something you just have to love’ she thought to herself.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck, ‘I mean she’s gorgeous’ he thought to himself, hoping that the words didn’t actually come out of his mouth, “Wha, who are you?” sounded as if it came out instead, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the redhead sat in the armchair.

Sandy was loving it, not the attention so much, as the effect it was having, holding the guy ‘riveted’ to the spot while Joey did what he needed to, the navy blue polo neck along with tight black jeans gave her skin an almost ‘alabaster’ look, couple that with her shoulder-length flame red hair, and it kind of lit a bonfire in the guy, she was enjoying that she had that effect on him, but that’s as far as things went for her, she was Joey’s girl through and through, though seeing Joey squirm a little at the attention was ‘kinda fun’

“Relax” she spoke softly, “we’re here to help”

“What?” Paul was confused, “Where ‘d you come from? What do you want?”

“Not a lot” Joey replied, so far he’d stayed in the background, just watching, checking the room, and anything that moved outside, he hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, but that didn’t mean much, he did notice that the street was quiet, a little too quiet for the time of day, “Let’s just say we’re here for your health, not ours”

“What?” Paul was really confused, and more than a little spooked, “Who put you up to this? I can take you” he jumped up, only to be met with a wicked backhander that knocked him halfway across the room, “That’s assault” he screamed as he launched himself for his phone, the headset he’d been wearing was busted with the blow, Joey got there first.

“Relax knucklehead” Joey was almost laughing, “If I’d wanted to hurt you I’d have done so, and not given you a gentle tap like I just did, you don’t know it, but you need our help!”

“Why? What the hell have I done?”

Sandy spoke again, now that Joey had broken through the bravado, this ‘Paul’ knew things were pretty serious, he just had no idea how serious, ‘he probably still thinks we want to rob him’ she thought.

“Couple of days ago” she was holding a small black bag, she began to unzip it and lay the contents out on the table, it looked like lines of computer code, “This got onto the servers of most government departments”

"I stopped it, I didn't start the damn thing!"

“Oh shit” was all he could say, slowly he began turning white, the blood draining from just about every muscle in his face, he’d picked the sheet of code up, but suddenly dropped it, it was as if it suddenly ignited in his hand, and burned his fingers, he snatched his hand back violently, “It wasn’t me!!” he blurted out.

“We know that you moron” Joey shot back, “we know where it came from he’d been watching the window, now he turned and looked directly at Paul, “You’re a hacker, but not that kind of one, isn’t that right?”

“Yeah, Yeah that’s right, Yeah” Paul’s colour slowly began to return, “I stopped the damn thing” the verbal ‘swagger’ coming back.

“And in doing so” Sandy cut in, “Pissed off some pretty serious and nasty people”

Paul stopped mid-sentence and slumped back into his chair, all hope of ‘fighting’ lost, he was in deep shit, and he knew it, “But how was I to know?”

“Relax” Joey’s voice was calm, almost soothing, which was strange considering a few minutes before he’d been pretty violent, “we’re not here to hurt you, we’re here to stop you getting hurt!”

“I'm calling the police” he reached for his phone, blinding pain bit in as Joey knocked the phone out of hand, it went flying across the room, “what the hell? How'd I know you aren't the ones wanting to do me harm?”

“If we were” Joey began, his voice an emotionless monotone, “you'd already been in a body bag” he sauntered over and picked the phone up, a quick wrist action and he had the sim card out, next, within seconds, the battery, which wasn't supposed to come out was just that, out, Joey wasn't taking any chances.

Somehow, Paul knew it wasn't an idle threat, ‘this guy has ice in his veins’ he thought but didn't dare say. “Just who are you people?” was all that came out as he slowly massaged life back into the hand. He was convinced there'd be permanent nerve damage.

“We’ve already told you,” Sandy spoke softly, “we’re here to protect you” she shifted slightly, “look, you’re in a lot of trouble, and need our help”

“Why?” He whimpered, “what have I done?” the hand still hurt, life was coming back into it, but slowly, “besides” he began again.

“a couple of days ago” Joey cut him off, “remember the ransomware?”

“I’ve already damn well told you” he screamed, “I didn’t bloody do it! I stopped the sodding thing!”

Stopped the damn thing!

He stopped a heist, but was that all it was?

He stopped a heist, but was that all it was?

Twenty million pounds

“We know that” Sandy’s voice was silky smooth, almost seductive, the contrast of the two was throwing him off balance, one he wanted to jump into bed with, the other seemed to want to kill him, and while Joey suspected that’s what he was thinking, if he’d confirmed that, he would have been tempted to, except he knew Sandy wasn’t interested in the guy, it was all a ploy to throw him off guard, they needed Paul scared and compliant, he’d be scared of Joey, and compliant with whatever Sandy told him. “It’s the people who did create the virus that want you dead! We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen”

“What?” he was almost crying, “Why, all I did was stop a virus from destroying a heap of stuff! Why?”

“Because you stopped them stealing about twenty million pounds, Quid, Nicker, Smackers, anything else you want to call it, a whole heap of dough” Joey wasn’t playing all that hard, he was genuinely surprised at how naive this guy was, neither of them was also saying the real reason they were there, the ransomware was designed to breach the firewalls of MI5 and MI6, and it almost got there, if it had then all the money in the slush funds worldwide would have disappeared down a big black hole, and they’d have no way of getting it back.

Paul was almost in tears, his life was being ripped apart, and all because of one stupid move, a click on a keyboard that he just hadn’t been able to resist, he never even thought for a moment how these guys might actually have found him, never thought that it was his own social media that had given him away.

"I can't believe this"

“I can't believe this” he was almost crying, “How the hell”

“Did this happen?” Joey couldn’t resist trying to guess what he was going to say. He didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or tell him to ‘get a life’ he’d been watching out of the window, the street looked clear, Joey knew otherwise, but that’s what he was counting on, they just couldn’t say anything, Paul was the bait, but Joey’s job was keeping them alive. “Liste ton bro” Joey began again, “Long as we’re here, nothing’s going to happen to you,” he lied.

“Really?” Paul stopped crying, “How?”

“Believe me” Sandy was the one spoke up, “If you can avoid finding out, you really don't want to know” she stood up, “anyway, it's time to get you out of here”

Waiting for them?

The two men were smoking, not that either was too bothered, both were concentrating on the job at hand, both getting ready, and using the cigarette to calm the nerves. “Where the hell are they?” The driver, a big gruff bear of a man growled, he didn't like to be kept waiting for anything, normally it wasn't a good idea, lives had been significantly shortened by keeping him waiting.

“How the hell should I bleeding well know!” the one in the back, the ‘trigger man’ had a distinct Irish lilt, the guy in the front knew his comrade had been with the ‘Provos’, but when peace came, well too much money was made running drugs and guns!

“Yer man on the inside said they should be in that house there, about five doors down” the Irish accent came on strong, “you sure about them?”

“Boss says they good” bear man replied, “they make good money from deal” he really didn't give a damn whether they were or not, they got paid for the job, so that's what they’d do, fact was, if the money was right, bear man would kill anyone, and the money was good, but doing it in broad daylight, in a place where there were cameras everywhere, that made him nervous.

“But they’re English, and selling their country out, you know! Trust but verify maybe?” he paused before continuing, “I don’t trust them, never have”

“If they set us up” bear man turned and faced his companion in the back, a huge sickening grin on his face, “I take great delight in killing them slowly”

And that's all for today folks

Yes, sorry, but that really is all for tonight, the time has run away with us, but hopefully, we're really enjoying the story.

Have the team walked into a trap?

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