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Scorpion's Vengeance, "The Raid"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

Hi there. In the last episode, Billie and Sgt Harris had managed to persuade Harris' boss to 'run a drill' aimed and getting them access to a place where a car involved in a murder was being stored.

They desperately wanted to search the place but had no evidence, just the word of a 'voice on a phone' so they'd had to be 'creative' and just got the 'go ahead' when someone else showed up to take over!

Question is, who's side is everyone on?

From the previous

“Just what is really going on here?” Billie asked Jacko as soon as they were separated from the rest. Jacko had teamed her up with himself going to the front of the building, Mac and Sergeant Harris were teamed up together, their job would be to segregate the people as they came out, no one had explained much at this point, a third member of the squad had taken two officers around the back of the building, it seemed really strange, unless you were trying to prevent escape, that was all she could think of. The fourth member seemed to be playing with some kind of remote control robot on tracks, a very strange robot with a camera fitted to a long tube-like structure as well as a mechanical arm that looked like it had some kind of firearm fitted. Billie knew the arm usually had a high-pressure water cannon fitted, but this one didn’t look right! “And just who are you?” she looked sideways at him as they prepared to approach the door.

“The last question first” Jacko began, “we’re known as Scorpion Team, and our job is taking down scumbags like these” she knew he was only telling part of the truth, but it would have to be enough, “These clowns are only part of the whole picture, but they’re an important part, and they have the evidence you need to get the men behind Akbari’s murder”

Continuing, "What Murder?"

“You do know whom Akbari worked for, don’t you?” he replied as they began picking up their equipment, Billie was uncomfortable around firearms, and it was strange that a supposed ‘bomb disposal’ guy was bristling with them, he wasn’t carrying a weapon she recognised, the team had managed to make sure their ‘commandos’ were ready for them, all that is except for Smithy, he had ‘something special; as he put it. The captain was also carrying one sidearm she could see, and probably others she couldn’t.

“He worked for MI6” she replied, then added “which is strange as they normally ‘clean their own house’ and we don’t usually get to hear much about it”

“Except this time” Jacko cut her off, “we hoped a rottweiler would catch the case, ‘6’ have tried to shut you down, but there are people inside who want this in the public domain”

“But isn’t it national security and all that crap” she protested slightly, “they usually fire off at us, they get us to back off, and whats”

“Usually” he admitted, “but this one has too many rotten apples to hide, instead this time, we want to expose a few and watch the rest scurry for cover, and believe me, there’ll be quite a few, anyway, enough of the chit-chat, let’s get on with this” and with that he banged on the door. “POLICE, OPEN UP”

The car they were after

What could be so special about such an average car?

What could be so special about such an average car?

Meanwhile 'Back in the Garage'

“Alex, it’s me, Sergei, we’ve got trouble down at the Garage” the voice on the other end of the phone sounded worried, not frantic, but concerned, “The Police are here, banging on the door demanding to be let in”

“Why?” he demanded, “what for?”

“No idea,” the reply came back, “I called you first, the others are making everything ready, did you know anything about this” the voice demanded.

“Don’t be stupid” Alex replied, “No one told me anything about it, what do they want?”

“They’re saying it’s some kind of exercise, looking for bombs” Sergei replied, he sounded on edge and had good reason to be, the Mondeo used in the shooting a few days before was sat in the damn place, and he’d had no time to start work on it, it even had the VIN number still attached to the Chassis, he indicated to another mechanic to get to work covering it up in some way.

Everyone knows that cars have number plates to help track the ownership of a vehicle, and even a chassis number, but very few know of what’s called the ‘Vehicle Identification Number’ or ‘VIN’ for short that is also used for tracking when a vehicle is stolen.

The Number plate is on the back and front of the car, that’s obvious to deal with. The chassis number is often riveted to the chassis in a place where the mechanics know, it’s never removed, but due to the fact it’s riveted there they can be removed by clever thieves, the VIN is a whole different story, it’s stamped into the frame, usually in the door arch and into one of the main supports, you can’t remove it without seriously affecting the safety of the vehicle because you have to cut the plate out, and that causes serious problems for all except the best of thieves, Alex and Sergei were the best at what they did.

“What are they looking for?” the question was automatic, out of his lips before he even realised, “is everything away?”

“Place is the clean boss, as much as we can make it, just the car.”

“Can you get it out, away from there?” the worry came through in his voice.

“What do you think” Sergei hissed, “we got it last night, Mikhail started it, but it's in pieces, it still has the VIN number on it!”

English people wouldn't understand the words used in the reply, but Sandy spoke pretty good Russian, they just didn’t know it, even she was struggling with some of the phrases they used.

"Stop "the Eaglet from flying

Sandy already had things set in motion, she had an extra tent, a nine foot by nine-foot military style tent they’d brought with them, two officers had set the tent up, then put a chair and desk in it. A flap connected it to the rest of the CP. she was monitoring the phones from her devices, though they could only see the two laptops.

“Smithy” Sandy spoke into the Bluetooth mike, the team were still all wearing them, they were on a separate frequency to the Police network, “You still got the two plods with you?”

“Affirmative” Smithy sounded businesslike, even though they were on separate frequencies to the cops, he was right there with his two, they’d still hear his half of the conversation, “What do you need?”

“Just confirmed one bird, not in the nest, make sure the ‘Eaglet’ doesn’t fly away” she replied, “we need a pickup, you take your two and do that, I’ll get Mac and Sergeant Harris to make an entrance through the back.”

“Roger that” Smithy replied and clicked off. Turning to the cops he said, “come on boys, time for some real police work”

Smithy took his phone out, glanced at the screen which had Google maps displayed, saw the markers and made a decision.

“Leave the car,” he told the cops, “follow me” and started sprinting in the direction where the other marker was, "move your bloody arses”

Sprinting in full body armour isn't easy at the best of times, add weapons and ammo and you're pushing the limits for most people, Smithy wasn't even breaking a sweat.

He swerved left at the first junction, using a parked car like a wall he planted a foot on the centre pillar between the doors and pushed off without slowing, gaining speed and distance, the two cops did the same.

They went straight through at the next junction, a car that had been coming down the street braked hard, the screech saying it all, the car behind wasn't so fortunate, driving too fast and too close she managed to swerve missing the car in front, but not the lamp post on the left.

“You two” Smithy turned and hissed, it was meant to be a whisper, but spoke a bit too loud, he made sure he was heard, “we need this prick detained under the investigation of Terrorism ACT, you're up for it” it wasn't a request.

The place was a small cafe, a ‘greasy spoon’ kind of place, six tables, two were occupied one had two heavy-set men sat there, neither had anything in front of them, the other had one, also heavy-set but slightly younger looking, he was on the phone, they were getting ready to leave, the bulges under their armpits suggesting trouble.

“I'll take the back” Smithy took off like steeplechaser in the Grand National, “Go” he shouted as he cleared the first wall, a six-foot leap.

Joey's 'New toy' is a real life one.

When disobeying an order wins you a medal!

"Any chance of a cuppa for your hard working security forces?"

“What you think is going on the boss?” one of the ‘heavies’ asked as they stood up, each one reaching for their coats. They headed for the door as it began to open, two cops carrying weapons walked in, everyone stopped in their tracks, the Russians began to back up, the ‘heavies’ moving in front of the boss.

“Just stay where you are!” the older of the two cops demanded, “and no funny stuff” he began raising his weapon.

The two big guys were at least a hundred and thirty kilos, that’s two hundred and fifty pounds each, both of them put their heads down and barrelled into the cops trying to knock them flying, but the two cops had expected something like it and fast as lightning they sidestepped neatly, grabbing their opponents they deftly used a little Aikido and used the big guys weight against them, slamming them both into the ground hard, “You’re both under arrest” the older of the two screamed as they roughly wrenched hands behind backs, plasticuffs out and clipped into place they were secure.

Every operation has a plan for ‘when the proverbial hits’ and theirs was ‘do whatever you need to buy time for Sergei to get away’ once that happened, then he could do whatever was needed, warn whoever needed to know, and hopefully get you some legal help on the way, Brits loved to play everything ‘by the rules’ so a lawyer was a must, or just tell the big boss to make things like money or drugs disappear, they just followed protocol like they did this every week.

Sergei made for the back door, he knew there was a car, an old Ford parked out back, the owner wouldn’t miss the car for a few hours, and they were so easy to break into that one Ford key in five would fit any of them, he had that key with him all the time, he also knew there’d be enough petrol in the car to get him out of town, that was all he needed.

He slipped through the back door frame and began to turn, unfortunately he met a fist coming in the opposite direction, the thud was so loud the two cops stopped their cuffing the other two heavies momentarily and turned only to see Smithy dragging and unconscious Sergei back into the room, “Cuff this one too while you’re at it” he spoke to the two cops, “By the way, good job, we can read ‘em their rights when he comes round” he then turned to the stunned cafe owner who’d been glued to the spot while all this was going on and asked, “any chance of three cuppas for your hard-working security forces?”

Joey and the 'Wheelbarrow"

“Scorpion four, you ready?” Jacko’s voice came over the intercom, they’d gone back to their callsigns so as not to give their real names away in the operation.

“Roger that” Joey replied, “Goliath will be ready in thirty seconds” he reached into the vehicle and lifted what looked like a small radio controlled tracked vehicle with what seemed like a periscope out, putting the vehicle down he picked up a remote control unit with a small joystick on it and pushed the stick forward, the vehicle lurched forward, they were in business.

The whole charade was that there was a bomb somewhere, that meant they had to be seen to be looking for the device, and if the job is hazardous to life and limb then you never send a human to do a job that a machine can do, that was Goliath’s job.

The little ‘periscope’ had two devices fitted, one was a remote camera so that the operator could see what he or she was looking at, and the other was a shotgun, twelve gauge, single barrel.

Car bombs almost always use plastic explosive, but plastic explosive, no matter what kind is used are all pretty safe to handle under normal circumstances, it won’t catch fire, won’t explode if you drop it, you can even shoot the stuff and it won’t explode, for that to happen you need an electrical current, and that means a detonator of some kind, and an electrical source like a battery, disconnect those and you stop the explosion, hence Goliath having a shotgun, to take out the detonator while the operator is still a safe distance away, it also played right into the team’s hands for what they wanted to use Goliath for.

“Scorpion four to one and two” Joey called back as the machine started to roll forward, “We’re on our way”

From the Author

Before you leave I want you to do me a big favour. (I promise it'll be worth your while). Go back to the second video and watch it (please) it's about soldiers who intentionally disobeyed orders and won medals for it!

It's not just above and beyond the call of duty, it's putting your friends lived above the value of your own, it's the kind of thing you'll only find among those who risk their lives for others and it's worth celebrating.

I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to include the video.




Robert Sacchi on October 31, 2019:

An interesting read of a takedown.

Lawrence Hebb (author) from Hamilton, New Zealand on February 23, 2019:


Thank you, I think I agree with you that it would be hard to pick the most impressive of the list.

Lawrence Hebb (author) from Hamilton, New Zealand on February 17, 2019:


Thats why the video was there. I watched it a few months back and was amazed at what each of these guys did!

I had a mate in the Army who got the Military Medal (Britains second highest decoration) for going in to pull out a group of wounded Paratroopers under heavy fire in an unarmed Helicopter during the Falklands war.

True heroes one and all!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 17, 2019:

I like dialogue like you include in your story. Interesting that so many did not know what was going on. Difficult to choose the most impressive hero on the video. What awesome selflessness! Thanks for sharing.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on February 17, 2019:

I read the chapter last week. I came back today to watch the video. Those guys were amazing. To obey or to disobey? - that is the question.

Lawrence Hebb (author) from Hamilton, New Zealand on February 10, 2019:


Hope all is well, and the snow hasn't caused too many issues. Fully understand the need to be brief.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 10, 2019:

I have to make this short, my friend. Record snows and cold mean birds in need of my attention. Take care and have a great week!


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