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Scorpion's Vengeance: 'The Package Worth Dying For?'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

A cop needs to search for this.

This is what Billie's after, but will she get it?

This is what Billie's after, but will she get it?

From the Author

In the last episode, we saw what the team had in store for one of the more 'unsavoury' characters they've come across.
There's also a Police investigation going on, or at least there was, but someone was trying to shut it down, the real question is, what is 'Billie' going to do about it?

Let's see what she gets up to.


“You sit tight” Billie said as she opened the car door, “I’ll only be a couple of minutes”, she was obviously still stiff and struggling from the beating, even Jimmy could see that, but she was too proud, or stubborn, (pick your own words for it,) to ask for help, she struggled out of the car, left hand on the top of the door, right gripping the doorframe she managed to stand after a few seconds, she’d been given a crutch to walk with, but was refusing to even contemplate using the thing, Jimmy had a pretty robust umbrella in the car, he was from the North, just like her, where it rained at least once a day, even on the hot summer days, you never left home without either a raincoat or a ‘brolly’

“Boss,” Jimmy said as she got out of the car, “you do know we took everything from the flat don’t you?”

“What I’m looking for isn’t in the flat” she replied leaning back in. She closed the door before he could say any more, and headed for the entry.

The flats were in the shape of a rectangle, sixteen apartments side by side all emptying into a central walkway, lifts at either end went up the four floors to the other dwellings, a total of sixty-four dwellings.

“Good” Billie whispered to herself, “nothing’s been touched” she could see from the large pot plants there that nothing had been disturbed. She made her way towards one of the huge pots, it had a medium sized bush that needed a serious watering in it.

At the base, just visible through the nearly dead leaves and thorns was a bit of earth that looked as if it had been disturbed, she didn't go for that patch, at about ninety degrees there was a flat patch with a few leaves covering the area, she began digging with her fingers.

Halfway through uncovering whatever it was she stopped, trying not make it look obvious she took a look around, no one seemed to be there, she whipped the device out with one hand while still making look as if she was digging, slipping it into her pocket she stood up and headed back to the car without a second look.

They were even willing to kill a copper?

“Took yer time boss,” Jimmy said as she gently lowered herself into the car, “I was beginning to get a bit worried”

“Nah, only been gone a couple of minutes” Billie replied, “anyway, let's get the hell of Dodge” she slipped the seatbelt on, “did you get me a laptop?”

“Yeah, it’s at your new place, a separate modem too” Jimmy replied, “though the sales assistant thought it a bit strange, normal people want internal modems and Wifi you know!”

“Who said I was normal?” Billie smiled, “besides, all normal is” she went on almost laughing, it was a nervous laugh, “is what the majority do, doesn’t necessarily mean it's the ‘sane’ thing to do.”

“Speaking of ‘sane’ and insane” Jimmy butted in, “you’re aware what DCI Townsend has done?”

“That jerk” Billie spat out, “gave us a nearly impossible case, then just to make sure he damn well stitched us up, yeah I’m aware he’s been dismantling the bloody team before we had a chance to do much!”

“We’re the only two left” Jimmy added, “ apparently someone with real clout wants this investigation to go away”

“Not surprised” Billie replied, “someone doesn’t want us finding things out” she held up the package, “and whatever this tells us, they were prepared to kill to stop us finding out, and even kill a copper!”

You really want to turn these loose?

The days of the 'unarmed British copper' are over, you go at them with a gun, and they come back mean and ready for business

The days of the 'unarmed British copper' are over, you go at them with a gun, and they come back mean and ready for business

The 'rottweilers' were called off

There’s a code the Police live by, it is unwritten, but the criminal who knows it tries very hard to never break the code. Its known as ‘appropriate response’

It works like this, commit a crime and they’ll send whatever’s appropriate. Burglary and you’ll get a couple of ‘uniforms’ taking statements and fingerprints. A bit of violence would get the local C.I.D (Criminal Investigation Division) involved. A murder gets a whole team, and they track you down eventually. Kill a copper, and the whole of the Metropolitan Police come after you, and there’s nowhere to hide, they’ll take London apart if they have to.

But someone had called the ‘rottweilers’ off!

The rest of the trip, all fifteen minutes of it, was done in silence, Jimmy wondering just how much trouble he’d be in if he kept working the case, he hated to let things go, and he knew there was no way Billie would drop it, Hell would freeze over first.

Billie was trying to think which side wanted the investigation quashed, and why?

Just what do we have?

“Holy Shh” she couldn't finish the phrase, she was too dumbstruck. “How many of us are still on this case?” Billie turned and asked Jimmy, being in hospital meant she was out of touch with where things are at.

“Townsend reassigned everyone” Jimmy replied, “except me, he wanted me to finish the paper trail, then put everything into storage, you know, the cold case” he shrugged, “why?”

“Because I needed to let you, and anyone else on the team know what we’ve got here” she tapped the laptop's screen, “now I know it's only us two we can go grab a coffee” she stood up and headed for the door, grabbing her coat she came back, switched the laptop off and put it in the holdall they’d bought for it.

“Okay boss,” Jimmy said, “spill the beans”

“Not here” Billie replied, “walls have ears!”

“Eh?” Jimmy didn't know what to make of what she just said, “what you mean boss?”

“All will be revealed, in time that is” Billie replied as she reached for her phone, flicking through to the number pad she punched in a number, two seconds later it was ringing, five rings and a female voice answered, “Jo, Jimmy and I are heading out to the Duke, I’d love for you to join us if you’ve got the time” she hung up the phone and headed for the door, “leave the car Jimmy” she headed for the door, she stopped at the door, turned and said, “By the way, you’re buying, and mine’s a Carlsberg”

‘The Duke’ is on the corner of Portobello Road and Elgin Crescent, a traditional English pub that doesn’t bother to try and cater to the almighty tourist dollar, the pub would only have locals in, and most of them knew Billie, not that she was a regular, she was a copper, and seeing a copper having a ‘liquid lunch’ wasn’t all that unusual, though with Bille it usually ended with her still being sober, today would be no different, the beer was just to not look out of place as they put things together.

The pub was half full, a couple of the locals gave Billie a wave as she walked in, no one really paid much notice, then again, in a London pub, it pays to not take too much notice of what’s going on. Not that it matters, it’s the kind of place that’s got its own code for things, and even it’s own language that was specially invented in the 19th century to keep the local ‘Bobbies’ (as the police were known back then) guessing what the hell was going on. Jimmy went up to the bar to order the drinks while Bille found a table and waited for Joanne to show up, she’d sent a text saying she was on the way.

“Kay boss” Jimmy started as soon as Joanne got there, he’d already ordered drinks for the three of them, Carlsberg for both him and Billie and a Heineken for Jo, “what’s the big secret? Whatcha got?”

Billie put the laptop onto the table in front of them, she began opening the machine up, but not turning it on yet, “How long have we been trying to find out the name of the guy in the river?” she asked, “Ten days?”

“Ten days” Bille began, “and we got nowhere, not even a name, in the financial capital of the world, and right next to the seat of power, that seem strange to you?” she stopped for a moment, observing the two, their looks said a big fat YES.

“It was a bit strange” Jimmy acknowledged, “But I’ve seen stranger things!” he shrugged, “But yeah, I’d say someone didn’t want us finding out”

“And I think I know why” Billie replied, she leaned forward and activated the screen on the laptop, “Don’t say anything,” she warned them, “Just read the file”

The file had the initials M.I.6 stamped right across the top, and a red seal saying ‘Top Secret’ right in the next line. Next came a picture, and a name, followed by the personal details of the person in the picture.

Revelations (The file)

Name Farid Akbari

Country of origin Egypt

Age 30

Nationality British (Naturalised)

Languages spoken Arabic (Mother tongue) Coptic, Hebrew, English and German (fluent in all these) French, Italian and Spanish (conversational)

Skills Phd in Computer science, degrees in Political science and sociology.

Further information. Farid’s parents came to Britain in the late 1980s to escape persecution in their home country. His father was a Muslim and his Mother was a Christian. This wasn’t a problem in Egypt as the child would be raised in the faith of the father, but his father was a secret Christian who didn’t want this, so they came to Britain to escape the persecution and death threats.

During the Arab spring, the father believed that he could help Egypt to change and went back to try and work with the democratically elected government only to find that it was an Islamic extremist group who had him arrested and executed as an ‘Apostate’.

Farid was studying at computer science at Oxford at the time, he was recruited and given the chance to work with MI6 against the Islamic extremists, he works in the cyber division tracking the links between extreme Islam and organised crime, particularly the drug world.

" A hypodermic needle between the shoulder blades?"

“Is this for real?” Jimmy’s face was ashen, “I mean this guy”

“Was a spook?” Billie asked, “I believe so, this is what those swine were after, they wanted to stop this getting to us!”

“But why?” Jo was confused, “Who were they?”

“That’s what I’d like to sodding well know!” Billie said ruefully, “Then I’d know who to slap the flamin’ cuffs on after I’ve got my revenge that is!” she took a sip of the beer. Jimmy had ordered a plate of sausage rolls as well, they arrived just then, she reached out and took one, the flaky pastry was delicious, she stopped for a moment savouring the pastry before carrying on, “but here’s what we have, an employee of MI6 is murdered on our turf, and someone’s hiding stuff from the cops, you can guarantee that ‘someone’ was MI6, but then someone else wants us to find out what the hell is going on! That’s the strange bit, you can bet your bottom dollar it wasn’t the killers or MI6!”

“Let me get this straight” Jimmy looked totally confused, he reached for his pint, took a swig of the beer and put the schooner back down on the table, he was careful not to spill any of the precious amber liquid, “We’ve got a body in the river”

“Had a body” Joanne interrupted, “it was cremated yesterday, on someone’s orders, the ashes are being put in a pauper’s urn”

“What?” both Billie and Jimmy were stunned, “No one contacted the family?” Bille got the next part of the question out, but both were thinking it, “Why? And How?”

“It’s what you sign on for with MI6” Joanne replied, “kind of makes sense they could, they tell you that you might be killed in service, and there’s no way they could recover the body, so you sign all rights like that away, hell, you don’t even get any memorial, at least the CIA has a star on the wall at Langley, MI6 doesn’t even get that!” she drained the last of her drink, Billie offered to buy another round of drinks, it was obvious they were going to need them. She gave the money to Jimmy to ‘do the honours’

As soon as Jimmy was back Joanne continued, “it’s what they agree to at the start,” she shifted a little, “The pathologist was pretty much overridden and told to find a ‘death by misadventure’ in the report, though even he said it was bloody strange”

“I thought it was strange” Bille cut her off, “I’ve been trying to get hold of their office for a few days, well I was before the attack, no one answered, there was some weird stuff in that report,”

“You mean like being pumped up on adrenaline?” Joanne asked, “I got hold of him, before he went on ‘holiday’” she made the inverted comma sign, “by the way, he did say to say hi, and don’t try to call” she almost giggled, the beer was having an effect, not that it was anything serious, she was finished work for the day, “he told me to tell you, and make sure it was no one else,” she stopped for a moment, then went on, “oh well, I suppose if you trust Jimmy, then I can”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence” Jimmy wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or an insult, but he took it anyway, he was still very much the junior member of the team.

“He said there was a hypodermic needle mark in the back, right where the shoulder blades meet the backbone, left hand side, it went straight into the heart, Adrenaline injected there would cause a sudden and massive heart attack, he said it could look like someone ‘drunk as a skunk’ staggering along, they wouldn’t feel the needle, but the effects would be deadly within minutes”

“So” Bille looked at the two, “what did Townsend say to that? I presume you told him”

“Didn’t want to know” Joanne replied, “I tried to say something, but he just wasn’t interested, told me to drop it like a hot potato.”

That's all for this week

I have to admit, I find it really hard working out where to 'break' the story, there's so much going on I just don't know where to stop.

Now we know who the 'body' was, and we know whom he worked for. We know, or at least have an idea how he died, but what's strange is no one seems to want to know why! That is except for Billie.

And even her boss wants it 'buried'

Find out next week where things go.

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