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Scorpion's Vengeance 'Sinker'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

Hi There

Just saying Hello

Just saying Hello

From the Author

The operation seems to have gone off in a spectacular fashion! The crooks have been 'caught napping' and all that seems left to do is just 'roll them up' with arrests and the like.

But life's never like that is it? Joey and Sandy are hightailing it to London to try and prevent Serkhov and the 'mole' escaping, Jacko Mac and Smithy are heading north to make sure no one tries to get revenge on the computer geek who inadvertently stopped the biggest heist you could even imagine, but is it me, or are things going just that little 'too well'?

Let's join the story and see what happens.

From the Previous

Joey ran towards what looked like a locked door, he didn’t even try to open it, a flying kick and the door flew open, the door jamb splintering as it gave way to nearly one hundred and ten kilogrammes or two hundred and forty pounds of muscle.

Serkhov was sat at his desk, phone in hand, he was pushing keys on the phone, “Put the phone down NOW” Joey screamed as he drew his weapon from its a holster, he aimed at Serkhov, a click told them the safety catch was off, “PUT the phone down NOW”

“It’s a phone” Serkhov began gently lowering the phone, “not a gun” he was shocked. “Who the F”

“It could also be a remote detonator” Joey replied still in the position to shoot, “Now put it down before I blow your sodding arm off!”

Meet one of Joey's colleagues

This guy took out a Hotel full of Terrorists in Nairobi ON HIS OWN!! and Yes, he was SAS

This guy took out a Hotel full of Terrorists in Nairobi ON HIS OWN!! and Yes, he was SAS

Meanwhile 'back at the Ranch' (or in this case Cottage)

Life at the cottage was boring, all they’d done so far was just look after an ungrateful asshole who really didn’t get just how much trouble he’d been in, all he’d done was moan and bitch about not having the Xbox or PlayStation, and Sam was getting fed up with hearing the moaning.

Hene had a chess set which they'd used, that was until they both got frustrated with Paul beating them, one time he did it in six moves, he almost ended up wearing the board, and it wasn't Hene that was going to do it, Sam hated to lose at the best of times, it made things even worse when the guy was a geek trying to chat her up and failing miserably.

“You sure you don't want a game?” Paul couldn't help a smile as he sat in front of the board, there were no computers, so the game had to be a board game no matter what they played, the TV was on in the background, but neither was paying too much attention to it.

“Nah” Sam replied, “got a few things I need to do, maybe Hene will when he gets back” she enjoyed the fact she was ‘volunteering him’ for it.

“Where's he gone?” Paul looked up, he hadn't realised Hene wasn't there.

“Out checking the grounds” Sam replied, “just making sure everything's okay, he'll be back soon” it felt like she was promising a child someone would ‘come and play’ soon.

The farmhouse was in a secluded spot, woodland at the back and on both sides gave the feeling of isolation, the woodland stopped about a hundred yards from the buildings creating the perfect ‘kill zone’ for any intruders trying to get to them. Trip wires and sensors in the woods made it virtually impossible for people to slip past without being noticed, or that was the theory.

Reality's something different when one of your own is actually working for the other side! They'd improvised a few things, but everyone knew there were gaps in the defences at the farm, and Hene was out checking what had been done as well as trying to figure out what else could be done. They'd managed to put a few extra tripwires out, but most of them were just empty bean tins filled with rocks and attached to a piece of string.

“Hene” the little handheld radio crackled to life, “ how far away are you?” Sam asked it sounded urgent.

“Just finishing up” Hene replied.

“Roger, see you then” the radio went quiet again.

Everything looked quiet, ‘that has to be good’ he thought to himself as he walked towards the door, one more scan around especially out front, where there was a clear line of sight to the bridge over the stream before the road disappeared around a bend and began twisting up the hill opposite, there were a couple of dry stone walls about chest height, marking off farmers fields that ran either side of the road, and two more on each side that went from the first wall to the trees. Hene estimated there was about a hundred and fifty yards or a hundred metres between the two.

Opening the door he could smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing, ‘hazelnut mocha’ he thought to himself, ’Brits just don't appreciate some of the finer things in life’. Walking in he made his way down the hall, past the second door which should have been closed but they'd gotten a bit too blasé with security, he secured the Yale lock and made sure the door was locked.

“What's up?” He walked into the kitchen, Sam handed him a mug of the brown nectar, he took a sip.

“Everything okay outside?” Sam asked seemingly ignoring his query, as the senior officer she was still technically in charge, though things had gotten somewhat blurred over the last few days.

“Yeah, all good” he replied taking another sip of the coffee, there were four chairs around the kitchen table, high backed pine kitchen chairs, he pulled one out and sat down. “I've managed to put a couple more cameras linked to motion sensors, should help us pick up any unwelcome visitors”.

“How do we get the signal?” Same asked, “and where'd you get the stuff from?” No one had said anything about putting extra stuff in.

“Compliments of Joey” he replied taking a swig of the coffee, it had cooled down some, “he told me not to ask too many questions, but said he figured we might benefit from them as the mole isn't going to know anything about ‘em!”

Tightening security

Same gave a bit of a worried look, after all, she was still a copper, and old habits ‘die hard’ she figured they might just have ‘fallen off the back of a truck’ knowing Joey. “Okay,” she said, “just how does it work?”

“Basically” he began, “as soon as it picks up an intruder, it emails us a link for the live feed”

“Whoa, stop there, emails who? and what live feed?”

“At the moment me” Hene replied, “Paul only set me up with it, but he can”

“Wait a minute!” She wasn't impressed, “you told Paul about the security here?”

“Actually he didn't” Paul was stood in the doorway between the kitchen and lounge, “I'm a security consultant remember” he moved further into the kitchen, there were a couple of English muffins on the table, part of a pack Sam had opened earlier, he took one, split it and popped the two halves in the toaster next to the cooker which was on the right of the door to the lounge. “It's what I do, advise people on their security” he added.

“Yeah, internet security” she replied, the last thing they needed was a rank amateur screwing things up, “not the kind of”

“And how do you think we keep the servers safe? Not just the software, but the machines themselves?” he let that sink in for a moment, “we design the whole system, and besides, it's only clicking a few icons”

“You make it sound pretty simple” Sam wasn't so sure, “but I'm not so sure we should be messing with stuff we can't control”

“Too late” Hene interjected, “we've got four of ‘em set up, all we need do is put your email address in here” he pointed to the screen, “and anything the sensors pick up will send a live feed to your phone, Paul can put an override in so only the nearest one to the house will broadcast”

“Actually” Paul butted in, “that might not work, but I can set it up so you get an email from each and choose which one you’re going to watch, how does that sound?”

Sam nearly threw the phone at him, “make it so”

When you see this, GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Jacko, Mac and Smithy are on their way

Jacko, Mac and Smithy are on their way

The Chase

The Colt Commandos were stored in the lockbox in the back of the Lannie along with something special Smithy had brought along, something both Jacko and Mac thought belonged in a Museum, they didn’t have the courage to tell him that, and he didn’t have the courage to tell them that’s where he got the .303 Lee Enfield from! They did choose to keep the Glocks handy, they were in the door pockets, ‘could be an issue if we stop for a piss’ they all thought, but that wasn't the intention.

Jacko was driving, Mac in the passenger seat was monitoring their comms, Smithy was in the back plotting the topography and likely ambush points around the farm, they were going to be as prepared as possible for whatever lay ahead.

“I'd say we’re gonna be three hours, maybe four” Jacko glanced at the speedometer, they were doing sixty-five miles an hour, pretty respectable for a Land Rover, but still not fast enough for their liking, the Lannie would do eighty even though they weren't exactly built for speed, then again the last ten miles might just be ‘cross country’ regardless of what might be in the way, that's what they were good at. “But we need to do it in a lot less!”

“What about Joey and Sandy?” Smithy asked he didn't look up from what he was doing, but that didn't mean a thing, he could seem totally focused on what he was doing and still take in everything going on.

“About an hour and a half” Mac replied, “they called in with an ETA about half an hour ago”

Even though they were on a four-lane highway, it wasn't the motorway, and the car in front seemed to think it was a scenic tour doing about half the sixty miles an hour they were supposed to be doing, and severely pissing Jacko off, they were already in the fast lane.

“What the hell?” Mac grabbed the door handle as Jacko pulled violently to the left, the vehicle swerved between two other slower ones, narrowly missing the front vehicle and causing loud horn blasts from the one behind as the driver slammed the brakes on, they hit the service lane as Jacko gunned the engine, a momentary pause before the vehicle lurched forward clearing the traffic, as soon as they were in the clear Jacko pulled back onto the road and into the right hand ‘fast lane’ again just missing the front of a fully laden semi, “boss, we've got enough people trying to kill us” Smithy added, “yer didna need to add pissed off truckers to it!”

“Quit your whining Jacko shot back almost laughing, “we've got two hours to make a three-hour drive!”

The news reports would be hitting the airwaves about now, that meant every second counted. Serkhov wasn't dumb, as soon as he realized what was going on anything could happen, and that was the plan.

Sam and Hene had Paul at the safe house, but nowhere was safe, they would be compromised, that was certain, and Serkhov would want revenge, he’d regard the hacker as the reason the scheme failed. It wouldn't go well with his bosses, and even less so if he told them the reason their money wasn't recovered was still ‘upright and sucking air’

They would try to make the hit, ‘just hopefully not in the next three hours’ Jacko, Mac, Smithy, Joey and Sandy were all silently praying.

“Yer coulda picked a faster ride boss” Mac couldn't resist a jibe at Jacko's expense.

“Yeah well, you ever saw the luggage space in a Ferrari?” Jacko quipped back, “wouldn't even get you in, never mind the gear!”

“Be prepared” was the Boy Scout motto, “it was also the creed the SAS lived by, and that meant they had as many ‘scenarios’ prepped for as they could carry, and then some!

“You reckon Serkhov’s worked things out yet?” Smithy asked.

“Possibly” Mac replied, “suppose I better give Sam and gang the heads up” he reached for the phone and began tapping out a message.

But they're not the only ones in this 'Game'

“Yer got the location yet?” The Irish brogue was strong, he was frustrated, and when he got frustrated the Irish brogue showed itself as a calling card.

“Da” the Russian replied, “it's not far, about fifteen miles, in a forest” he pulled his phone out, tapped in an address and up came ‘Google maps’ a few more taps and a route from their present position appeared. “ See” he showed the Irishman.

“Do ya think I've got a bloody magnifying vision or something?” O'flanagan let fly verbally, “bloody well put it on something I can see” he moved back to his vehicle, one of the others in the van passed him a laptop, “here” he thrust it at the Russian, “put it on this”

“Here” the Russian finished tapping the screen. “Fifteen miles away, there are two ways in, one to the north, and one to the east, maybe we take them from both directions, what you think?”

O'flanagan couldn't quite believe his ears, ‘Jeez, if brains were dynamite, these bloody Russians wouldn't have enough to blow their friggin noses!’ he did manage to keep that thought to himself though, “We do that and we're likely to kill each other in a crossfire, ya bloody idiot!!” He adjusted the Tablet for topography, “see here, to the east,” he tapped the tablet, the Russian followed his direction, “there's a bit of a dip in the road, enough to keep you hidden, park your vehicle blocking the road and wait in the trees”

“What for?”

“Friggin Christmas what do ya think” he was getting really annoyed, working with Gromatski had been hard enough, but at least he’d known what he was doing, these clowns had no idea, “ya there the stop help getting through ya numbskull!!”

“What you talk about?” The Russian’s name was Stefan, this wasn’t the brief he’d been given by Serkhov over the phone earlier, granted he’d said to help this stupid Irish ‘Mick’ but he’d been told to make sure the kid didn’t carry on breathing beyond sundown, and preferably that he stopped well before it.

“Do yer have any idea who's guarding the kid?” O’flanagan was beginning to lose the plot, “A flamin’ team o’ the best, that’s who! Trust me, I’ve dealt with these pricks afore! They’re gonna come at us from all bloody angles, and I want your boys to stop ‘em coming in from the east,” he stopped for a moment to let that sink in, “let me deal with the kid, and if it gets too bloody hot, you hit ‘em from the east, but we don’t let ‘em know you’re there until we bloody well have to, have you got it?”

Stefan didn’t like the plan, it meant he wouldn’t be able to confirm whether ‘the mick’ had done the job, “Serkhov want confirmation” was all he said.

“Then I’ll make sure to post him a bloody picture!” the Irishman quipped back, “Look, your boys seal off that road, I’ll leave a couple of lads to seal off the other, and the rest of us will go in and finish the bloody job, Got it?” he paused again to make sure the Russian understood, he could see the anger in his face, but he also knew the Russians were outnumbered in this one, they had four guys, where O’flanagan had brought his whole cell, six of them, more than enough for the average, but this was no average hit. “Now, what did you bring?”

From the Author

Yes, that's all for this episode folks. It just goes to remind us that Jacko and the Team aren't the only players in this game or 'cat and mouse' but we'll have to wait and see how things play out.

At least the team has Serkhov already, or do they? Find out next time.