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Scorpion's Vengeance 'Round up'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

Are they coming together?

Are the pieces slowly dropping into place?

Are the pieces slowly dropping into place?

From the Author

I have to admit, I haven't done much work on the story recently, it's written, and I'm slowly getting there, but the editing is taking a bit of time.

Rather than try and explain where things were at in the last episode let's take up a few minutes before and see what happens when the team start to get moving with what they have planned.

And Joey's got a 'special' toy! It's called a Wheelbarrow, but it ain't no conventional one!

"Police, OPEN UP!"

Police” the voice outside shouted above the banging on the door, “open up” it wasn't a request, “NOW!”

“What the?” the mechanics, all three of them nearly jumped through the roof, they looked at each other, no one knew what was going on. What they did know was there was a car in the shop that was so ‘hot’ it wasn’t just going to burn anyone in the area, it was going to ‘deep fry’ everyone.

The roller door of the garage was partly open, one of them ran to push the button to close it, the button didn't respond, and a strange little-tracked vehicle, one that looked like a toy tank was slowly trundling towards the half-of the and door.

“We have a robot, coming to the garage door” one of them yelled in Russian, “I break it” he reached for a wrench.

“No” one of the others yelled, he pointed to the third guy, “YOU” he pointed, “go check everything is hidden.” Turning back to the first he carried on, “Igor, that robot is a device, the British use them a lot, see the periscope” he pointed to the top, “it has a special gun”

“So?” Igor shouted back, “big deal, I hit that first.”

“And if it goes off” the first one cut in, “every cop out there will come in guns ready to shoot anything that moves, we'll have no chance!”

“OPEN THIS DOOR, YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS” the voice out front demanded, then started counting down, “five, four”

“Okay! Okay” the first Russian spoke as he began unlocking the door, why they wanted this one open when the garage main door was already up was beyond him. He opened it slightly, what you want?”

“We have reason to believe” Billie started to explain, “that an explosive device has been placed in your”

“There's nothing here” he dismissed them and tried to shut the door, it bounced back hitting him on the nose.

“We'll be the judges of that sir” Jacko moved forward, straight into the big Russian who ended up in a heap on the floor. The Russian had a good four inches extra height, and thirty or so kilos, around sixty pounds, and Jacko didn’t really push, more like bulldozed his way into the building, and the obstruction was simply flattened.

“Hey, what you?” the big Russian began getting to his feet, “you can’t do that, it’s a free country”

“It’s a bomb threat” Billie cut in, “when that happens, we can do what we need to in order to ensure public safety” she was in Jacko’s wake, but just as strong, “Now stand aside and let us do our jobs”

“Stupid bitch, I TELL YOU THERE’S”

“CAN IT!!” she wheeled round and grabbed the Russian by the throat, kids from Moss-side never take that kind of crap from anyone, it’s the kind of talk will get you a knife in the throat, “I don’t give a shit what you said” she might have been a good deal shorter than the guy, but it was obvious who was in charge in this exchange, “WE ARE checking the place, and you can either accept it, or we can talk down the local station, and I mean under the investigation of Terrorism act of two thousand and eight, that could take a few days, and by the way Lawyers aren’t welcome, NOW WHICH IS IT TO BE?” she almost threw him down.

“Two and four” Jacko spoke into his radio, “begin the search” he walked back to the Russian, “Now sir if you’ll accompany us outside, we can arrange a place for you to wait while we check the place out.

Nothing here?

“I told you” the big Russian began again, by now the others from the Garage had gathered round, a couple of them had wrenches in their hands, Billie glanced at Jacko nervously, he seemed to be totally relaxed, almost as if he was enjoying the whole affair, he was, immensely, but relaxed he wasn’t, he was ready for anything, “There’s nothing here!”

“In that case sir” Jacko began, “you won’t mind us checking the place out, will you?” he seemed oblivious to the others in the garage, one of whom had come up behind him, Billie saw the wrench start to fall, she almost got a scream out, but not quite.

Jacko pivoted on his right leg, the left coming up and out in a Taekwondo kick that caught the would-be assailant in the side of the head, he went down, two others began a swing, but stopped mid-flight as fifty thousand volts jolted them, Tasers attached to their skin, Mac and Sgt Harris didn’t let go of their triggers until the men were unconscious on the floor, others were trying to join in, but they were facing five drawn weapons, and they had none.

“Up against the wall, all of you, MOVE IT” Jacko screamed as Joey and Mac began manhandling them, no one was being gentle. Harris moved to cover them as Mac began a frisk search, as each was searched they were handcuffed using the plastic ties called ‘plasticuffs’ and led away. Meanwhile, Joey went back to using the ‘Wheelbarrow’ to check out the building.

'Smoking gun'

“Under the prevention and investigation of terrorism act of 2008 we are hereby detaining you folks for further questioning” Sgt Harris began, they’d run through this before the Op began with the team, Jacko had made it clear that any detaining had to be done by Harris, and it had to be ‘done right’. “You are not under arrest, therefore Lawyers are not required, but should you withhold information during the investigation it is likely to affect your residence permit and may result in you being deported as ‘Persona non-grata’ he knew that part was total fabrication, but they likely didn’t and the last thing they wanted was to be sent back to mother Russia.

“That's screwed things up a bit” Billie was angry, she just wasn't sure who with, the idiot Russian for arguing, or Jacko for being ‘pig-headed’.

“Why?” Jacko sounded surprised, he was heading for one of the rooms at the back. Joey had the robot in the building and was working through the first vehicle bay.

The standard ‘Wheelbarrow’ is normally only used to defuse explosive devices, and it does it by firing a small jet of water powerful enough to rip out any electrical wiring and soak any connection, but the one he was using had an extra small box, four inches by three, attached to the arm that the camera was on, it looked just like a camera, except where the lens should be something similar to a mesh face, it looked like a microphone, but noise didn't affect it, aromas did, it was an electronic sniffer.

The finest sniffing device is still the canine nose, but not far behind, and able to be programmed for specific aromas much quicker is the electronic sniffer, and Joey had programmed it for specific things.

“Boss” Joey spoke into his lapel radio, everyone snapped back to attention, he wasn't in the room where the Mondeo was yet, “we've got a hit, sniffers reading GSR on this vehicle but no device, someone used a firearm from this vehicle” he pointed to one of the vehicles on the ramps, it was a Land Rover.

“Roger that” Jacko replied, “Sgt Harris, you better get your people in here, this room is safe, but start tearing that vehicle apart” he started walking over to the Land Rover, then turning to Billie he carried on, “you were saying?”

“It's a bloody Landrover, with a rifle rack!” Billie replied frustrated, “probably some upper-class idiot who enjoys hunting!”

“In the middle of town?” Jacko shot back, not too impressed Billie was willing to overlook the obvious, “besides, this vehicle” he kicked the Lannie’s tyres, “has never seen a dirt track, let alone the hunting country!”

“Holy crap” Joey whistled to himself as they went slowly through the room, he'd switched the camera to infrared when the sniffer unit picked something up in the door panel of the Mondeo he couldn't believe what he was seeing, “Jackpot, boss we got ‘em, we've got the smoking gun, and I mean literally.

There goes the 'proverbial' hitting the fan!

“This is the news at one from the BBC, and I'm your host Alistair Burnett” the newsreader began the bulletin. The station was one of two dozen channels they were monitoring. It was amazing how much valuable intelligence came to light through the commercial news channels.

“Earlier this morning police raided a commercial property believed to be linked to the shooting last week on the outskirts of Bristol”

That one sentence brought everything to a halt. No one in the operations centre at MI6 was even aware anything had been going on let alone anything linked to the shootings.

“TURN THAT UP!” a supervisor screamed at whoever had the controls, this was a major screw up and someone was going to pay heavily for it, she just didn't want it to be her. “And get me everything they effing well have NOW!!”

“A number of firearms were found as well as a vehicle believed to be linked to both the shooting and the murder of a man in central London” the newsreader went on, but by that time the phones were going crazy, someone wasn't happy.

“My boss was at his club having lunch when a reporter called him asking about the situation” the voice, a female one whom the officer had heard of but never met, she was the kind of one you didn't want to annoy, a short career could be the result, and it was abundantly obvious he was probably going that way simply because he was on duty today, “so, kindly send me all the details on how our entire intelligence community, along with the most extensive surveillance operation on the planet screwed up and got bloody blindsided so flaming badly, and I want it by the time he gets back from lunch, that is in about ten minutes” the sound of a device, presumably the handset of a desk phone slamming down was so loud it actually hurt the operators ear.

“A fat lot of good that's gonna do!” he whispered to himself he was seriously considering redialling the caller and telling her just what she could do with the ridiculous demand, ‘either way, I'm finished here’ he thought, but it was really tempting.

The ops room was frantic, the handful of the staff was frantically trying to collect every piece of information they could find, anything would do. Each one had their own responsibility, police, MI5, GCHQ, local authorities and even local security companies, anyone who had any way of tracking what might have gone on, they were all being monitored. Six of them were working frantically, the room had no windows, three were facing the wall on the left, three more on the right wall and a small walkway down the centre, Jill, the supervisor was pacing up and down the middle.

“I can't believe this” Jill was young for the position, early thirties, slim build and blonde with blue eyes, but don't let the Scandinavian good looks fool, everyone in the room had at least a university education, usually in one or more languages, she was fluent in a couple, but that wasn't relevant, she also knew computers, that was why she was working there, “Does no one follow the bloody rules” she threw her arms in the air, frustration was written all over her face, “we should have had some warning it was going down! How the hell do we explain the whole screw up?”

“It gets worse” he chipped in, “that was ‘the Princess Margaret’ herself on the line, she wants details for the boss, like yesterday” he inverted the commas in sign language.

And that's all for now folks

Yes, how did one of the best intelligence organisations on the planet get so totally blindsided by a 'rogue operation'?

Have they been?

Sorry folks, but you'll have to tune in to the next episode to find out.

Have a great week.