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Scorpion's Vengeance "No one wants to know"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

Meet a great storyteller

Ian Fleming A Master storyteller

Ian Fleming A Master storyteller

From the Author

In the last episode, the copper in charge of the investigation was trying to figure a few things out. One thing she did work out was that someone didn't want them to know what really went on, someone didn't want them finding the killer, and that someone was in a very high place in the government.

Did she give up?

If she did there's not going to be much of a story left to tell, so I hope she doesn't, but there are other people involved, and they still have a say in the story.

There are other things going on in the story, there's keep a kidnapping in broad daylight! The team literally kidnapped one of the gang in broad daylight! I mean come on! Central London, one of the criminals, surely they aren't going to be allowed to get away with it, even if the cops do nothing, what are the Russians going to do?

We'll get back to that sometime.

From the previous, "Hot Potato"

“It’s what you sign on for with MI6” Joanne replied, “kind of makes sense they could, they tell you that you might be killed in service, and there’s no way they could recover the body, so you sign all rights like that away, hell, you don’t even get any memorial, at least the CIA has a star on the wall at Langley, MI6 doesn’t even get that!” she drained the last of her drink, Billie offered to buy another round of drinks, it was obvious they were going to need them. She gave the money to Jimmy to ‘do the honours’

As soon as Jimmy was back Joanne continued, “it’s what they agree to at the start,” she shifted a little, “The pathologist was pretty much overridden and told to find a ‘death by misadventure’ in the report, though even he said it was bloody strange”

“I thought it was strange” Bille cut her off, “I’ve been trying to get hold of their office for a few days, well I was before the attack, no one answered, there was some weird stuff in that report,”

“You mean like being pumped up on adrenaline?” Joanne asked, “I got hold of him, before he went on ‘holiday’” she made the inverted comma sign, “by the way, he did say to say hi, and don’t try to call” she almost giggled, the beer was having an effect, not that it was anything serious, she was finished work for the day, “he told me to tell you, and make sure it was no one else,” she stopped for a moment, then went on, “oh well, I suppose if you trust Jimmy, then I can”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence” Jimmy wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or an insult, but he took it anyway, he was still very much the junior member of the team.

“He said there was a hypodermic needle mark in the back, right where the shoulder blades meet the backbone, left hand side, it went straight into the heart, Adrenaline injected there would cause a sudden and massive heart attack, he said it could look like someone ‘drunk as a skunk’ staggering along, they wouldn’t feel the needle, but the effects would be deadly within minutes”

“So” Bille looked at the two, “what did Townsend say to that? I presume you told him”

“Didn’t want to know” Joanne replied, “I tried to say something, but he just wasn’t interested, told me to drop it like a hot potato.”

"Someone's yanking the chain!"

“Someone yanking his chain you think?” Billie asked, she already knew what she thought, she just wanted to see if what she was thinking stood up to scrutiny.

“I’d say much further up the food chain than him” Jimmy was the one to reply.

“CTC” Joanne replied, “we had a visit from them just before they shut us down”

“Put the fear of God into everyone right?” Billie asked, she didn’t wait for a reply, “Those bastards shut us down, probably saying they’re gonna deal with it, yeah right” she was angry, she’d dealt with them before.

‘CTC’ are the initials for what is known as ‘Counter Terrorism Command’ or what was the old Special Branch and the Metropolitan Police’s own Anti Terror unit called SO13 (Special Operations section 13) they were rolled together to do everything ‘in house’ including investigating and taking down the ‘bad guys’ with the power of arrest (something that MI5 doesn’t have, but ‘5’ calls on the SAS when they need things done, something that causes huge rivalry between the two.

“We know this guy was MI6” Billie began again, “Killed by someone, CTC doesn’t want it investigated, neither do some parts of MI6, he worked in computers, linking it all back to terrorism, what are they hiding?”

“You said some parts of MI6 boss” Jimmy cut in, “care to explain?”

“Take a look at the file itself” she replied taking a swig of the beer, replacing the glass she leaned back in the seat, the pub was still only half full, and no one seemed to be paying too much attention, she went on, “it’s an internal file, a personnel file, someone on the inside got that file and sent it to us, that’s why I say some parts, someone else wants the truth to come out, then there’s my guardian Angel from the other night, how the hell did he know I was going to need help?”

Who's 'yanking the chain'?

Could it be these people?

Could it be these people?

A penny drops

Let me have a look at that file again” Joanne leaned in closer, she took the laptop and studied the contents of the file, her face began to change, “Oh Jesus” she let out a quiet shriek, “I think I know what it’s about, she reached for her phone, flicked through to Google and started tapping away at the screen.

“What?” both of the other two asked at the same time. They stopped with their glasses in mid-air, “what is it?”

“Take a look” Joanne swung the phone around, “we found the body nine days ago right? he worked in computers, the cyber division, then seven days ago the ransomware hit” she showed the screen, it had the first news reports of the damage the ransomware did listed, “If I’m right, he would have been our last line of defence, taking down the ransomware.” she was getting excited. She began tapping the screen of the laptop.

“Except that it was stopped” Billie replied. Not sure where things were going.

“By pure fluke” Joanne replied, “some geeky hacker still living at home with Mum and Dad just happened to find the kill switch, what if he wasn’t meant to find it, but someone else was, and they were meant to do something else with it!”

“But what? And why?” Jimmy asked.

“I don’t know, but here’s where things get really strange” Joanne replied, “Five days ago, MI6 sent a team to pick this guy up, take him into protective custody”


“They were ambushed, they tried to gun the team down in the streets, the MI6 team have gone to ground and no one knows where the hell they are! Not only that, but they’ve got the hacker with them, and he might be injured!”

Stunned would be putting things mildly, both of them stopped mid-air with the drinks on the way to their mouths, “What the F?” Bille almost slammed her’s down on the table, “when did this happen, and how come we haven’t heard about it? And flaming well where?”

Joanne stopped, she suddenly realised she’d probably said too much, “My flatmate,” she said quickly, almost too quickly, “she works in the call centre” she went on, “she was on shift when the 999 call came in, took the details, and got things moving, then she got a ‘visitor’ said he was from the home office, wanted all the recordings and stuff, kinda strange really” she reached for her drink, “it was in the West Country, just outside Bristol, I can find out for you”

“Do that!” Billie replied, almost shouting, a few heads turned their way, she quickly quietened down, “then let’s see what this is about, any chance you can ask her now?”

“That would be suspicious” Joanne replied, “though we can search the Police database and see if anything pops up like that, I know they got the files for the calls, but surely they can’t delete everything straight away, there was an armed response unit sent, you can’t make that disappear off the files overnight, can you?”

“Let’s find out” It was Jimmy replied, he flicked to Google on his phone, a few strokes of the keys later he had what he was looking for, “Here we are” he turned his phone so the other two could see it, it was a news article, ‘Police respond to armed incident just outside Bristol’ with the name of a reporter on it, the details were sketchy, but enough to give them some idea which station would have been dealing with the incident.

The Blackbeard

“You sure these are even linked Guv” Jimmy asked as the climbed into the car, he’d had two pints of Lager, he was right on the legal limit for driving, but he’d also had food with the drinks would absorb some of the alcohol, it wasn’t the best idea they had, and both would love to leave it for another day, but there just wasn’t time, things were slipping away, and fast.

Bristol is directly west of London, the easiest way to get there is to pick up the M4 motorway in London and simply drive west, for about eighty miles, then just as you come to the junction of the M4 and M32 take the M32 straight into the heart of the city, they headed that way.

“Hi there” Billie started the conversation over the phone, “this is DS Jones, I’m wanting to talk to Sergeant Harris of your CID, is he in?”

“Hang on sergeant the voice came back, I’ll just try his line” the phone went to music, she was on hold, about fifteen seconds later she heard someone pick up, “Sergeant Harris, how can I help?” a male voice came on the line.

“This is DS Jones from the Metropolitan Police” she began, “I’m calling about a case you’re investigating at the moment, the shooting in Little Stoke” she stopped, waiting for a reaction.

“Yes,” he replied, “what about it?”

“We’ve got something that might tie in with it up in London, can we get together and have a talk?”

“We already handed the case over” he began, “Special Branch, or whatever they call themselves today, some kind of international link yada, yada, ya” she knew he didn’t believe a word of what he’d been told, but had gone along with it, because that’s what you do if you value your career and pension, not to mention wanting to stay out of jail.

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” she clipped the phone off, ‘shit’ was all she could think, ‘all this effing way, and for what? diddly squat!” she was about to tell Jimmy to find a place to get off the motorway and head back, wasted journey and all when her phone started ringing, she glanced at the number, didn’t recognise it, but it couldn’t be a coincidence could it? I mean she’d only just got off the phone with the guy, swiping the screen she spoke, “Yeah”

“Listen up” she recognised the voice, one she’d just been talking to, but calling from another phone, one that wasn’t being monitored, “I’ll be at the Blackbeard on the wharf in fifteen minutes, we can talk then. I’ll be at the bar, on the far right.” the phone clicked off.

An infamous son

I wonder if there really is a pub of this name?

I wonder if there really is a pub of this name?

And that's all for this week

Reading through some stuff that Hub pages put out this week I realised that these hubs are way longer than their ideal, but there's so much going on in the story I don't really know how to cut them down, and I have no desire to either.

This is a 'first draft' with a few modifications, but as I'm prepping these hubs for publishing I'm realising there are more twists than a corkscrew, but I'm hoping that you're enjoying reading them as much as I'm enjoying the writing.

Billie has figured out there's a link to the two incidents. That has to be a major breakthrough right?

Well, let's see where things go next week.

By for now, don't forget to leave a comment.


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