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Scorpion's Vengeance 'Kidnapped'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

We're back

Just saying hello

Just saying hello

From the Author

In the last episode, Sir Michael was heading to his car in what should have been the most secure carpark in the country! As he opened the door a stranger with a strong Scottish accent forced him into his own car where another was waiting for him, has he been kidnapped?

Let's find out, shall we?

From the previous

The car park looked deserted, that is all except for the vehicle that had just started up, and was heading towards the doorway he’d just come out of, it was his Bentley, Sir Michael relaxed slightly, it’s been a long and damn difficult day, no word from the team in NZ, that was only partly expected, they still had a mole, and from the last intel they’d got, the mole knew they were in NZ, the team had ‘gone dark’ and he had a good idea why.

He couldn’t see the driver, but in a place this secure, there wasn’t any question as to whom it would be, Sir Michael made his way to the car, he noticed that ‘Barry’ was wearing a cap, he didn’t normally do that, he started to close the door and step away.

Out of the shadows stepped another, he felt his arms pinned in two vice-like grips, a voice he recognised spoke through the balaclava that the ‘shadow’ had pulled over his face, a blunt Scottish accent said, “Now Sir Michael, Now we have your attention, we need to have a wee word wi ye”.

The driver pressed a button on a console, the rear passenger door opened, “Get in”

“What the hell” he instinctively started to struggle, hoping it was being picked up on camera, and the security teams were watching.

“Dinnae argues with me laddie,” the Scot said, forcing him into the car. “Not here, now get in!”

Sir Michael's car. A Bentley Mulsanne

Only the best of British for the old spymaster. Fleming drove a Bentley

Only the best of British for the old spymaster. Fleming drove a Bentley

"A quiet chat"

“Jesus Jacko” Sir Michael blurted out as soon as he was in the car, “You are aware that was kidnapping, aren’t you?”

“Sorry boss” was all Jacko could say, he was concentrating on driving, and getting them through the traffic, no one at Vauxhall house had responded, and it took them only a couple of minutes to get out of the building, “But we’ve got to talk, and this was the only way!”

“Ever heard of secure lines?” Sir Michael asked, clearly angry at the situation, “total privacy you know!”

“You mean total secrecy?” Jacko replied, “Like was supposed to be with our locations?”

That stopped him in his tracks, he was going to give a lecture on how dumb the move was, it was still dumb, but something was coming, and he didn’t like where this was going, “What do you mean?” he demanded.

They were heading across Lambeth bridge, the traffic wasn’t too busy, there were even cops on the streets, but as dumb as the move had been taking him in the car park, the intelligence officer in him wanted to know what they had.

“Like I asked” Jacko shot back, “as secure as our whereabouts was?”

“But” he began to reply, there was a drinks cabinet in the back of the Bentley, he reached for it, Mac blocked him, then reached out and opened the cabinet himself, satisfying himself there wasn’t any nasty surprise in there, he then allowed Sir Michael to continue getting himself a drink. “I thought Joey and Sandy cleared that up, they were just in the wrong place at the right time?”

“We're not talking how the bloody thing kicked off” Jacko replied as he took a right turn off the bridge, they were heading north, “don't worry boss” Jacko went on, “we're not going far, just far enough that we can have a quiet chat.”

"How the hell did you?"

He still couldn't believe it, he'd been in the most secure building in the country, he should have been safe, but he wasn't, “how the hell did you get into the building?” He blurted out, “ the most secure in the bloody country, how?”

“Sorry boss” Mac cut in, “need to know, and you don't need to!”

Sir Michael couldn't believe it, 'I’m the director of MI6’ he thought, 'I’m the one who decides who needs to bloody know!’ but he knew it was pointless trying to get an answer.

“Look” he was getting frustrated,” just what the hell is going on? And how the hell did you know how to get in here?”

Jacko brought the car to a halt, they were outside his club, the Marylebone club. He applied the handbrake, turned and faced Sir Michael, “you've got a leak!”

“Think I don't know that!” Sir Michael almost whispered, whenever he was stressed, he went quieter, “and a body in the river,” he went on, “I'm still wondering if they're linked!”

“News said it was male” Mac chipped in, “that right?”

“Yeah” he replied, “young computer programmer, the name of Akbari, but part of me wonders, you know anything about it?”

Neither of them reacted, at least neither of them showed any signs giving anything away, they just sat there, deadpan, almost bored expression on their faces.

“Boss” Jacko began, “your 'body’ was found this morning right?” He asked, “just about thirty hours before, we were knee deep in shit and drug dealers, hell, it took us nearly twelve hours for the 'takedown’, and you're asking if we've been busy here in London? Sorry boss, but Concorde went out of service, what, twenty years ago!”

They could see Sir Michael going red in the face, he wasn't used to being talked to this way, not by anyone. The SAS were almost as well known their 'informality’ as they were for their superb training, but they were pushing the limit of what he'd tolerate. “I'll ask you again captain” he spoke slowly and deliberately, “how did you get into the building?”

“Okay” Jacko held up his hand, “sorry boss, but we've got some serious issues to deal with,” he turned to Mac, “I think we'd better explain”

Mac had been listening in, a slightly amused expression on his face, he'd really enjoyed the verbal 'jousting’ that had been going on, 'two Rodneys ‘avin’ a go at each other’s he thought, 'best entertainment around’ but now, it was time to get serious, he looked directly at Sir Michael, and said two things, “G squadron!” as if that explained everything, both men knew exactly what, or rather whom he was talking about.

The Message, "You've got a leak"

The man who founded the SAS, Major David Stirling 'The Phantom Major’ originally formed the unit in the Sahara desert in North Africa during WWII with the sole purpose of getting behind enemy lines and wreaking havoc with his infrastructure.

Naturally, a few years afterwards, it was realised, if you've got people trained, and very good at doing it, maybe they can help prevent it happening to you? Not long after that 'G’ squadron came into being, the goal, 'create the best counter-terrorism unit (CTU) on earth’

“Okay,” Sir Michael replied, “that much even I knew” he looked exasperated, “ but explain how you got in?”

“Not a chance!” Mac was smiling, “but shall we say operation Bonfire?”

That hit like a sledgehammer, he couldn't believe he'd been so dimwitted

During the London Olympics in 2012, there was a very real threat of terrorists doing something spectacular to get their message out, the British government had gone to great lengths to make sure that didn’t happen, London became the ‘most watched’ city on the planet, but two ‘operations’ were launched to make sure that the place stayed safe.

The first one everyone knew about, they couldn’t miss it, anti-aircraft missiles were placed on every tall building in the city, all of them linked to a central command centre that was tracking every flying object within a hundred miles of the event, anything flying that shouldn't be there wouldn’t be challenged by a fighter (normal procedure), it would be interrogated by Radar, no RFID chip and it would be blasted from the sky long before it reached London, it was called ‘Operation Ring of Fire’

The second one, one no one but a few select people knew about asked the question ‘ what if they came another way, and took over a building?’

It concentrated on using underground networks to get from A to B, ‘How can you move a strike team from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without being seen or heard?’

The last time London had seen a terrorist attack like this someone tried to blow up the entire houses of Parliament using gunpowder, that was back in 1604.

The perpetrators were caught and executed, but it became famous as ‘the gunpowder plot’ and November 5th became ‘Bonfire night’ celebrating the execution, ‘Operation Bonfire’ made sure it didn’t happen again, at least, ‘not on my watch’ Sir Michael had said when the operation started.

“I suppose that would explain it” he was resigned to the fact he wasn’t going to get much more out of them, he hadn’t known all the people involved in ‘Op Bonfire’ at the time, it was only a select few in the planning stages, but the whole of ‘G Squadron’ was on ‘standby’ to deal with any threat within the city, and the buildings in the centre, near Parliament and Buckingham Palace had been given extra attention, “Obviously the ‘improvements since haven’t made much of a difference?” he already knew the answer, but had to say something, “But what is this about then?”

“Sorry that it’s so ‘cloak and dagger’ boss” Jacko cut back in, but there are a few things only you need to know, and too many places have eyes and ears”

“So does this car” Sir Michael replied.

“Did” Jacko replied, “We swept it, and we’re jamming the transmission” he held up what looked like a small cigarette lighter, “Mildred’s compliments” he added, ‘She doesn’t want her message to get into the wrong hands”

“And what is that message?” he asked.

“You’ve got a leak”

"Tell me something I don't know!"

“I bloody know that!” Sir Michael’s voice rose, “I’ve also got a body fished from the Thames, are the two related, is he the mole?”

“They’re related” Mac cut back in, “But not the way you think!”

“And what the heck does that mean?”

“Akbari’s a set up” Jacko replied, “Made to look like he was the mole so we’d back off trying to find them, don’t accept my word for it” he held up what looked like a ‘flash drive’ a small piece of computer hardware, no bigger than the average Human thumbnail, “Our mutual friend Mildred sent us this recording a couple of hours ago, our mole” he waived the flash drive around, “used a different sim card, and phone, but isn’t yet aware we’ve got most of the landline numbers, they used an unencrypted phone, we got the details!” he gave the flash drive to the spook, “Check everything out for yourself” and with that both he and Mac opened their doors, he was half way out of the car when he turned back, “There are instructions on the drive, follow them, and we can take the bastards down!” and with that he got out, closed the door and walked away as if nothing had happened.

"Came to say bye"

“We’ll give you a call when we get back to London” Sandy assured her parents, “Just to let you know everything’s okay” they’d at least ‘play that game’ if it helped her parents stop worrying.

“Flight SQ286 now boarding at gate 24, would all passengers please make their way through to the aircraft” the message came over the airport’s speakers.

Joey and Sandy both reached down for their bags, travel was part of their world, but it didn’t make the leaving any easier, they had a job to do, and there’d been no other way to get on with it, they had to go through the left side, the other way would have been much harder for all of them, at least this way, they’d got to say some kind of goodbye.

They were just going through the final checkpoint when a hand reached out and tapped them on the shoulder, “You think you’re just walking out of here?” Joey spun around not knowing what to expect, but ready for anything, Hene and Sam were both stood there, neither had uniforms on, both still had bruises, Sam had made an effort to disguise hers with concealer, Hene wore his like a badge he was proud of! “Think you’re getting out without even a goodbye”

“Hene, Sam” Joey began, “What the hell are you doing here?” he grabbed Hene’s hand, it was good to see them.

“Making sure you got on the bloody plane” Hene shot back, he pulled the trooper into a Hongi, a traditional Maori greeting. Sam and Sandy were hugging each other, the rest of the family were a bit perplexed, “Er Mum and Dad” Sandy began, “These are the two police who were investigating we mentioned, the two who”

“Please” Sam cut in, “Don’t remind us”

“Oh” was all Sandy’s mum could say, still not totally understanding things, Peter understood, Joey and Sandy had pulled the two out of the ‘proverbial’ only to get their lives saved by them, you might say ‘as clear as mud’ but then again, it usually is in combat.

“No seriously” Joey began, “what brings you here?”

“I told you” Hene was smiling, “New Zealand can’t cope with the damage you do, we’re making sure you’re on that bloody plane!” they were laughing.

“Ignore him” Sam cut in, “we just wanted to come and say a big thank you to you both.”

“For what?” Joey sounded serious, we were only” Sandy held up a finger to Joey’s lips.

“Ignore this one too”, she said to Sam, “He’s milking it for all it’s worth, can’t help himself really” she laughed, “It’s really good to see you, but we’ve gotta get going!”

“Speaking of which” Hene spoke up, “that’s another reason we’re here, follow us all of you” he turned and led them down a short path, past the Jean Batten lounge and into a quiet part of the airport, it was the ‘first class’ lounge, “We had a word with the airline, and got them to upgrade you, you’re in first class, compliments of the New Zealand Police, just don’t tell them!”

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