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Scorpion's Vengeance, "Hook"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

The story is unfolding, and the team are slowly closing in on their 'target' but things don't seem to be going totally to plan, or are they?

But are there any surprises on the way?

Let's read on and see.

Bait taken, but is the 'fish' still on the hook?

Whaddaya reckon?

Whaddaya reckon?

From the previous

Serkhov didn’t leave immediately, he waited a good fifteen minutes, it looked like he was reading the news on his tablet, but he was reading a note that had been on the envelope, it simply said, “all communication devices are tapped, whatever he arranged would have to be done the ‘old way’.

He looked as if he was watching the other park benches, and pedestrians walking past, but he wasn’t paying much attention to the trees and such, he didn’t see the slight rustling of the trees a few dozen feet away.

Less than a dozen feet away Chambers had watched everything, he’d also managed to record most of the conversation, best of all he could confirm the mole had just betrayed themselves.

“Let her go, at least for now” he whispered to himself, he hated the idea, but sometimes a little ‘evil’ is necessary for the greater good, at least that’s what he kept telling himself.

There was one thing he could do though, and that he set about doing. Taking a small plastic piece of equipment out of his pocket, he pressed a button on the side and waited as the small phone came to life, it went straight to the email programme, typing in an email address he sent a simple two-word message, it read “Bait taken”

As soon as the message showed up as being sent he got up from the bench, checked there was no one watching and began walking off in the same direction Margaret had taken.

Continuing on, "Taking the credit"

“Listen” Jacko turned to talk to Sgt Harris as they neared the Land Rover, Smithy and Mac were stowing their weapons in the back of the Land Rover, checking each one and carefully making sure they were locked away in the lockbox, Joey and Sandy were packing the equipment away at the CP, they had another vehicle for transport. “It’s vital that no one finds out about us, WE WEREN’T HERE RIGHT!” he was emphatic.

“Yeah, we got that Harris replied, Billie was with Joey and Sandy, she was getting the same brief, except probably stronger, “How do I explain it though?” he meant how did he explain the Army turning up and taking over, then disappearing, “you made a pretty big impression”

“Just tell the truth” Jacko opened the vehicle's door and pulled himself in behind the steering wheel, “you were running a practice drill when you saw something that just wasn't right” he closed the door and reached for the starter button, “but don't mention us, and if anyone else asks, deny any outside help, and that includes Billie's too!”

That was weird! a bust this big and he was being told to take all the credit, this was a career-making bust, one any cop would give almost anything to be associated with, and he was being told to hog all the credit. It was Billie had brought him the information, she wasn't going to like being shut out, he had ambition, but trampling over fellow officers on the way up just didn't sit right.

“Listen” Jacko read his thoughts, “this is vital, the people we're chasing are very good at disappearing, they're also bloody well connected, they know every move the authorities make, the only way to beat ‘em is if they don't know who's chasing ‘em, and for that we need to stay in the shadows, so” he stopped momentarily, made eye contact and went on, “you ran a practice and found things GOT IT!” he pushed the starter button and went to release the handbrake.

“What about BJ?” Harris still didn't like the idea of ‘stitching another officer up’ and it still felt that way, he could accept they wanted the shadows, but Billie had taken a lot of flak for this bust, she deserved some credit.

“Don't worry” Jacko assured him, “We've got something bigger lined up for her” and with that, he pulled away leaving the copper there scratching his head trying to get the vaguest idea of what he was going to say.

"Phase two?"

“You ready?” Joey shouted to Sandy as he advanced towards the CP. She was coming out with the two laptops, both were in their cases, she opened the back of the Land Rover and lifted the back carpet, two recesses about the size of small padlocks were the only hints to the false floor the vehicle had, she reached in and pulled the catch over the pin where the padlock normally went, up came a lid revealing a space just big enough to take the two bags that the laptops were in, she put them in making sure that both sat snugly in the space.

Closing the lid she took out a small padlock and inserted it into the pin, clicking the arm of the lock into place she ran her fingers over the four-barrel combination lock securing the laptops into place, only she had the combination to the laptops.

“Yeah, ready for phase two, we just got the go-ahead from London” she replied making eye contact with Joey, this was the most dangerous part of the mission, it was also the most important, and there was still someone they needed to explain it to, she was vital to the whole thing.

“Phase two?” BJ had followed Joey who was making his weapon safe, he’d flicked open the lockbox on the other side and was putting his weapon, a colt commando in, he stopped and turned towards Billie, hand outstretched as if saying, ‘Give me your weapon’ she was a bit reluctant as it was police issue, or at least she thought it was!

“Yeah phase two” Joey replied, “this was just the start, there’s quite a bit more to do”

A serious firearm


“But these are the people who killed Akbari right?” BJ stopped, wanting an answer, ‘don’t tell me I’ve been suckered into this!’ she was thinking.

“Sort of” Sandy replied, she indicated for Billie to give Joey the weapon, she began checking the safety and removing the magazine, “They were involved, and that was the vehicle seen in the area, but as for the man who actually did it? No, he’s not in England anymore, but his boss, the man who gave the order, that’s who we’re going to pay a visit to next, and it’s not going to be a social call!”

“Hence the artillery” BJ nodded in Mac and Jacko’s direction.

“Nah” Joey replied, “they’ve got another job to do, just as important, but not the same, this one we’ll be on our own for, but having a copper around is going to prove vital”

“What? How the hell did that happen?” Billie was angry, she’d so wanted to make sure that the creep who’d murdered Akbari paid for it with jail time, now she was being told that wasn’t going to happen, she wasn’t impressed, “How in God’s name did that happen?”

Explanations, well at least part of one!

Sandy stopped momentarily, she slowly looked up and over in Joey’s direction, the look said ‘do you want to, or should I?”

Joey caught Sandy’s look, and decided to take the initiative, “British jails are way too soft’ he began, “Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty rough for some, but for this guy, they would have been like a five-star hotel. The guy was Russian mob with a string of countries wanting him, we just facilitated one of the less pleasant places getting their hands on him, with a promise that he’d get a lot of pain thrown in well before anything ever gets to trial”

“Jeez” Billie was frozen to the spot, “where did you send him?”

Joey had taken her weapon out of her hands, checked the safety, removed the mag then worked the bolt three times before holding it open and putting his finger physically in the breach to make sure nothing was in there, once he was satisfied everything was clear, he closed the bolt, flicked the safety off, took aim at the sky and squeezed the trigger, the metallic click told him the firing mechanism had released the firing pin. All that was left to do was put reapply the safety and stow the weapon in the lockbox, he did that and closed the box up. Pointing to the rear passenger door he said, “Let’s carry the conversation on while on the mover shall we?”

Both of them climbed into the vehicle, Sandy was in the driving seat, Joey in the front passenger seat and Billie behind, she still wanted to know. “Okay, who was he and where is the creep?”

“Who he was isn’t so important as what he was?” Sandy replied as she turned the engine over, “He was a lieutenant in the Russian mafia or ‘Bratva’ as they call it, you heard of it?” she put the vehicle into gear and pulled away.

“Yeah” Billie replied, “not exactly familiar with it, but I’ve come across some” she was feeling just that little bit nervous, if these guys were taking on the ‘Bratva’ then they were in serious trouble, this didn’t sound good.

“He was also wanted in a few places, one of which was for a triple murder in Kiev, and one of the people killed was a daughter of a police chief” Joey added, “They were very glad to have him back, and made the offer that he’d go through a lot of pain before facing trial, that is if he ever lives that long, they have a three year waiting list for trials and wanted to add a few more things to the list, you know war crimes and the like!”

“You mean fitting the guy up for stuff” BJ was a good cop, the thought of doing something like that was abhorrent to her, and hearing these two talking that way really shocked her.

“He killed Akbari in cold blood, and for no other reason than that he was told to” Sandy’s voice rose slightly, “Farid was a friend, he didn’t deserve that, and besides, from what the Ukrainians told us, he was pretty brutal with the little girl, don’t lose any sleep over it!” by now they were on the outskirts of the city, She noticed they took the slip road for the motorway heading back to London, she didn’t see the other Land Rover take the other road and head North.

"Ever hear of a guy called Serkhov?"

“You said he was told to, who by?”

“His boss” Joey replied, “the one pulling the strings here in London, and the one who controls the mole we’re after.”

“A mole?”

“Yep” Sandy answered as the Land Rover accelerated, most ‘Lannies’ have the acceleration of a dead snail, they have lots of power, but it’s all for hauling heavy loads over uneven ground, this one was different, it had plenty of ‘get up and go’ they were flying along at just over the seventy miles an hour speed limit, “Ever heard of a guy by the name of Alexei Serkhov?”

And that's all for this week folks.

Being totally honest I really wanted to write something else this weekend, in light of the tragic events in Christchurch that is.

I decided to keep the episode this week and write something regarding the events there and what they mean for us.

I'm not writing about the events that took place, but about our response and why the hate will never be allowed to win, I don't want to mention too much here, but I'll end it with the prayer for our country we sing every time we sing our national anthem.

The song is called "God Defend New Zealand" and below is YouTube rendition.

Sing with all your might.

Remember it's an anthem and a prayer.

This is why the hate will never win.

2. Men of every creed and race,

Gather here before Thy face,

Asking Thee to bless this place,

God defend our free land.

From dissension, envy, hate,

And corruption guard our state,

Make our country good and great,

God defend New Zealand.

— Verse 2 of the New Zealand National Anthem.

See you next week

God bless.