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Scorpion's Vengeance "Fooled"

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the author

In the last episode, we seemed to be heading to a nice neat ending where all the villains got rounded up nice and neatly, but real life is never like that is it?

Jacko, Mac and Smithy were heading north to head off any problems Serkhov might have arranged for the two protecting 'the pax' that was Paul, Joey, Sandy and BJ had Serkhov in custody, it all seemed a bit of an anti-climax really, what can go wrong?

Let's see how things 'go down' shall we?

The Forest

Macclesfield Forest, Just not the view the Team had

Macclesfield Forest, Just not the view the Team had

In the Forest

Sandy was still working on the devices, a lot of it was encrypted, but there was a huge amount that wasn't, but it was in Russian which was almost as bad, she was struggling with some of it.

“Joey” Sandy looked up from the device she'd been working on, they were still in Serkhov's office, she was at the desk. “Send Jacko a message now, ” there was some urgency in her voice, “oh give me the tablet, it'll be quicker if I do it, I can put all the relevant information in” she reached for the tablet Joey was handing her.

“Any problems?” Joey asked not sure if he should be worried. He came round to her side of the desk to see what she was working on, Billie was still in the room waiting for the crime scene people to arrive, she looked curious, “anything we can help with?”

“Not at this stage” Sandy looked up, then thought again, “second thoughts you know anyone in the Cheshire Police force?”

“Not really” BJ replied, “but I could make a few calls, why?”

Sandy finished typing the message, “cos I think there's gonna be a bloodbath in Eastern Cheshire, around a place called Macclesfield forest in about half an hour, that's why!”

That set alarm bells off in her head, she grabbed her phone and began punching numbers, as soon as someone came on the line she started barking orders, “put me through to the North West operations centre NOW!” turning to Sandy she asked, “What do you need and where?”

“There’s a cop car following our team now, he's got the sirens and lights on” Sandy began, “Tell the maniac to back off, we need a five-mile perimeter set around this grid, nothing in or out, our people are outnumbered four to one and aren't going to be asking questions if you get the drift!”


“Too many bodies cause mayhem” Sandy replied, “and these boys don't need any help causing that, but we should try and keep it to a minimum”

“Okay” Billie turned as the phone came back to life, “this is DS Jones of the Metropolitan police, we've got a situation developing in East Cheshire, in the Macclesfield forest, one of your squad cars need to back off the chase they're involved with” it took a full ten minutes and raising her voice at a few people but eventually she put the phone down, looking at Sandy she said, “you've got it, but they're not happy”

“Be even less happy when they see the result” Joey muttered under his breath, thankfully only Sandy heard him, she gave him a filthy look. “What?” Joey asked, “you ever tried to follow Jacko, that cop's got real balls and I mean big brass ones!” He totally changed the subject.

“SHIT, I DON'T BELIEVE IT” Sandy stared at the screen her mouth open, “Shit, blast the bloody swine!”

Both Billie and Joey stopped what they were doing and focused on her, “what?”

“ That's not Serkhov!” she pointed to the man the cops were putting into the back of the police can, “we've been duped!”


“A double?’ Joey asked confused.

“No idea” Sandy replied, “but he just told a pilot to get his plane ready, he'll be there in half an hour, any idea where that plane is?” she began searching for information.

“Half an hour you say?” Billie was on her phone again, hoping the people at Lloyds could help, “five airports in London, where did the call originate?”

“Pinged cell towers inside the M25 Sandy replied, “half an hour from there has to be Docklands, I’ll see who's got a private plane at Docklands and where they are.”

“Screw that” Joey shouted as he ran for the door, “yer can get that info as we go, let's haul ass, COME ON” as he bounded down the steps.

“JOEY” Sandy shouted as she bounded down the steps after him, it was the first name Billie had heard for any of the team, “Joey, where the hell are you going?” she caught up with him as he climbed into the vehicle, she started to climb into the passenger side, BJ was only two steps behind and was halfway as he started the engine.

“You just said the pilot was told be ready in half an hour right?” Joey started to explain as he put the Lannie into gear, “ the only airfield let alone airport that close is Docklands, that's where most of London's billionaires keep their flying toys, so that's where I’m going” he was just about to pull away, he stopped, then threw the drivers door open causing total confusion, looking back towards BJ he said “second thoughts you drive, we need to get ready, ” it sounded ominous, that and the fact he went around the back, opened the back door and took the commando out of the lockbox along with magazines and grenades.

At the farmhouse

“You” Sam pointed to Paul, “In here NOW!” she opened the door to what he’d thought was the pantry. It was in the kitchen, to him, it looked like a pantry, and it had been in the kitchen so he’d just assumed that’s what it was.

“What, the bloody pantry?” Paul was surprised, pantries don’t have windows, so they’re good for keeping food cool, and the stone walls would protect from bullets, but he was claustrophobic, and, that looked a pretty small space, “You gotta be”

“Kidding you?” Sam asked, “Not a chance, and no, it’s not a pantry, it’s a stairwell, one that leads to a safe room,” she pushed some sacks of food out of the way revealing a trap door in the floor, it had what looked like a barcode reader in the middle of the right-hand side of the door, Hene took out a small device and swiped it over the reader, a faint click was heard as the door raised itself five millimetres, just enough for a fingertip to get the edge of the door. “Remember why you were brought here?”

“That was what you claimed” Paul spat back, “all I know is someone was shooting, that’s all I know!”

“Yeah well, they’re here” Sam replied as Paul’s face turned to one of absolute terror, “look, get down here and follow the path to the room at the end, get into the room and close the door, you’ll be safe there” she assured him. He looked down into what seemed like a black hole, with stone steps leading down into the blackness.

He looked around frantically, hoping that this wasn’t really happening, the fact that he saw Hene strapping body armour on, he knew that’s what it was from the games he played, it was amazing how like the games it really looked, the guns though were a different story, they looked puny compared to the armour they were wearing, “what about you?” was all he could say as he disappeared down the steps, he was still looking up at Sam, hoping for some reassurance.

“We’re just here to observe” Sam assured him, “Help is on the way, they just want us to tell them how many and where the bad guys are, that’s all, Now get a move on!”

As soon as he was ‘down the hole’ Sam replaced the floor tile that was the trap door they’d lifted, hit the ‘lock’ button, a slight click and the door slid back into place, you couldn’t see the joint where it slid in, they were going to put the spuds back but thought better of it, they’d need the extra time it took if they had to make a quick getaway, their brief was to keep Paul alive and get out with him. Hene was in the kitchen checking their comms link as she ran in, “How far away?” she didn’t need to mention which group she was asking about.

“They’re here” Hene replied as he stood up, reaching for the binoculars on the table he began to move towards the stairs that led to the tower in the attic, he turned and carried on, “the team’s about ten miles away, they want to know the lay of the land, see you later” he began to climb the stairs.

The farmhouse was from the fourteenth century, a time when this part was pretty wild, and possessions had to be guarded, and what better way than a stone watchtower that gave you a good view of what your enemies were doing as they approached, it wasn’t a high one, but just enough to clear the tops of the trees so they could see down the road, not perfect, but better than nothing.

Sam got to work, she was monitoring the security equipment they had, right at this moment, she was regretting rejecting Joey’s idea of mines! He’d wanted to put mines and trip wires among the trees but they’d rejected the idea as they didn’t want animals tripping them and causing false alarms, not to mention the panic it would cause any forestry workers who accidentally came across one!

"Shoot the pimples off a Gnat's arse"

“Smithy” Jacko spoke as he began to slow down, “Mile and a half, seven minutes?” he asked as the back door flung open, they were still doing about fifteen miles an hour. “AND REMEMBER, AS MANY AS POSSIBLE ALIVE!” he shouted after the Sniper.

“Make it six boss, see ya” he flung himself out and rolled at the same time, the door closed under its own momentum. Holding the rifle firmly at a right angle across the chest prevented anything from going into the barrel. But all the while he was thinking on the command Jacko had just given and thinking ‘you gotta be kidding me!’ but he had no intention of disobeying, there was too much respect for the man.

Paratroopers are used to hitting things at speed, unlike when a skydiver comes to ground and has controls to slow his or her rate of descent down, a paratrooper doesn’t have that luxury, the ‘chute’ slows them down enough that the jump isn’t going to kill them, but if you don’t know how to control the landing you’re gonna get a bone or two broken on landing, Smithy was ex ‘paras’ and knew just to how to do it.

As soon as Smithy was clear Jacko hit the accelerator again, the wheels gravel flew as the wheels spun and the vehicle sped away, “Two miles to our debus point” Mac readied his weapon, as the passenger he would exit first and cover Jacko as he sought to hide the vehicle.

They were on a track that ran parallel with the road but didn’t go all the way to the farmhouse, about a mile further up it veered off to the left, skirting the forest, far enough away that they wouldn’t be heard approaching, yet near enough to get in close without too much trouble.

The .303 is an old bolt action rifle, but it’s one that’s absolutely loved by hunters! First developed at the turn of the twentieth century, the ten round bolt action rifle was one of the most accurate rifles ever made, and using the MkVII .303 round gave the thing an effective killing range of upto two miles, in the right hands it’s a lethal weapon with few equals, the beauty is that upto a thousand yards, if your ‘Mk1’ eyeball is that good, you don’t need telescopic sights, or as Smithy would say, “Yer can shoot the pimples of a gnat’s arse”

Ambush drills


They were less than two hundred yards away, and he had a clear line of sight, four rounds would cause mayhem, actually, he was confident he could do it in two but didn’t want to miss an opportunity for some target practice.

It was time, he’d been down behind a log getting ready, he swivelled up and lined the shot, took it and was back down before he heard the explosion, no one would want to get caught in the blast of a fuel tank exploding, the three men in the vehicle didn’t stand a chance, but the men in the second one were already running for cover.

One man had survived the first shot, that was because he’d just gotten out of the vehicle on the opposite side to go talk with someone in the back vehicle when the explosion happened. He was blown five feet into the trees, the others were all gone, burned to a crisp.

Half a second later he was up again and took the second shot, diving back down just as the first rounds of return fire began, they’d seen the flash of the rifle, it’s the one drawback of the .303, no flame eliminator like the modern assault rifles, if an enemy was half expecting fire they’d probably see you, and considering the carnage he caused with the first, that wasn’t surprising.

Smithy was already slithering along the ground in a snake-like manner as the second explosion went off, he heard another scream, that meant another was down, only ‘God knows’ how many more to go.

Bullets were pinging into and off the log now, a collection of small arms fire, three or four separate weapons, he only needed to move a couple of yards for his next part to work.

Ten whole seconds later something like a voice of authority began giving commands, Smithy knew what was coming and he was ready, more importantly, he wasn’t where they thought he was.

Two machine guns opened up, from the way they were stopping and starting Smithy guessed they were AKs, he’d have to deal with them, but later, if two were firing that meant three were coming his way!

They heard the mayhem from two miles away, it was the signal

And that's all for this week folks

First some good news folks. I've just finished the editing and will soon be uploading the whole novel to Amazon.

I'm planning on a release date at the end of the month, and I'm starting to look at a way of promoting the novel along with the other two.

We're probably only one or two hubs from the end of the story, but what's here is only the 'bare bones' first draft, the finished result is a little more 'polished' and I'd like to say it's the best of the three novels.

Still, I'd really appreciate any feedback I can get, so don't forget to leave a comment at the end.

Thank you for taking the time to read the story.