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Scorpion's Vengeance, 'Bait'

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the Author

First of all, apologies for no instalment last week, we have a few things going on in my regular job, and I was just too exhausted to try and put the hub together! That didn't mean that I stopped writing though, and we made progress with the story, a few things became 'clearer' in the planning, now to get them recorded before the thoughts disappear!.

In the last instalment, Joey and Sandy went to pick up the guy who stopped the virus, someone thinks he might be a target for the criminals, but we'll have to wait and see about that.

Anyway, now that's been said, lets get right into the story.

Just want to say hello


Take the bait.

The two men were smoking, not that either was too bothered, both were concentrating on the job at hand, both getting ready, and using the cigarette to calm the nerves. “Where the hell are they?” The driver, a big gruff bear of a man growled, he didn't like to be kept waiting for anything, normally it wasn't a good idea, lives had been significantly shortened by keeping him waiting.

“How the hell should I bleeding well know!” the one in the back, the ‘trigger man’ had a distinct Irish lilt, the guy in the front knew his comrade had been with the ‘Provos’, but when peace came, well too much money was made running drugs and guns!

“Yer man on the inside said they should be in that house there, about five doors down” the Irish accent came on strong, “you sure about them?”

“Boss says they good” bear man replied, “they make good money from deal” he really didn't give a damn whether they were or not, they got paid for the job, so that's what they’d do, fact was, if the money was right, bear man would kill anyone, and the money was good, but doing it in broad daylight, in a place where there were cameras everywhere, that made him nervous.

“But they’re English, and selling their country out, you know! Trust but verify maybe?” he paused before continuing, “I don’t trust them, never have”

“If they set us up” bear man turned and faced his companion in the back, a huge sickening grin on his face, “I take great delight in killing them slowly”


“We’re good to go, boss,” Joey whispered into his lapel mike, neither Paul or Sandy saw or heard him, not that it would have made any difference, Sandy knew the situation, and Paul was, too scared to know what to think.

“Roger that” a voice came back through their earpieces, both Sandy and Joey were wearing them, along with the mikes, they knew Jacko and the rest of the team were monitoring them, “Smithy, check in”

“All good here boss,” another voice, with a Geordie accent, came back, “Street’s quiet, but we’ve got a bead on the gremlins”

A ‘bogey’ in any operation is a ‘callsign’ you can't identify, they might be your side (known as Angels) or your enemy (known as ‘Bandits’) a ‘Bogey’ could be either, and a ‘Gremlin’ is one you think probably is the enemy, either way, you ‘lock and load’

Except this time they wanted them alive, and preferably not realising they’d been ‘rumbled’, making them think they did their job, but somehow keeping their ‘target’ alive, “Should to a walk in the park” Jacko had said, Joey’s reply had been something like, “I’d hate to be your dog, if that’s how you walk them!”

“We’re coming out” Joey spoke into the mike as he reached for the door, Sandy was the first one through, eyes scanning the whole street before moving off.

“Bogeys are on your three o'clock” Smithy’s voice came over the mike, “Got ‘em on my camera, just waiting for the move, then we start rolling”

“Roger that” Sandy replied, anyone watching wouldn’t have known she was speaking to the late Mike, “Joey?”

Paul was the next out, though he didn’t actually know it, just as he got to the door, Joey had shoved a bag over his head, bloody thing felt heavy, “It’ll keep you alive” he’d said as he forced the thing down, there weren’t even any eye holes in the thing, he had no idea where he was going, “Trust her” Joey had nodded in Sandy’s direction.

He was literally tied to her’ she was pulling a leash that went around his waist, ‘Like a sack of sodding spuds’, he thought, though he daren’t say anything.

“Black Mondeo closing faster than it should” Smithy gave instructions, Joey spotted it immediately, though he didn’t show it, he just came through the door as if he hadn’t seen a thing, he reached inside his jacket.

The Browning was in a shoulder holster, Joey checked that the retaining clip was undone, he didn’t want anything to get in the way.


The car was at the south end of the street, about seventy yards away, it slowly pulled out from the place where it had been parked, and began coming towards them, the window at the back on the left-hand side was halfway down, Smithy saw something poking out.

“Joey, it’s a pistol shot, repeat a pistol shot” Smithy spoke calmly into the mike, there’s no way even a professional could make sure of a kill from a moving car with a pistol, they all knew that but evidently these guys were either super confident, or had no idea, “Correction, an Ingrams” he screamed the last part.

The Ingrams submachine gun, better known as the MAC 10 is a favourite for the criminal world, the thirty round magazine can be emptied in less than two seconds, and the suppressor on the barrel makes it so quiet the only thing you hear is the cocking action of the bolt as it slams back into place, mind you, it’s doing it a thousand times a minute (if you can change magazines that fast). Not very accurate, but with a hose down rate like that, you don’t need to be”

Joey didn’t wait, he launched himself at Paul catching right in the middle of the back, they began falling just as the first hiss was heard, glass shattering as windscreens gave way to the hail of bullets, Sandy dived for cover as soon as Smithy’s given the warning, she was down behind a car, out of the way, Makarov in hand, ready for any attempt if they got out of the far.

As soon as the hiss stopped Joey was up on one knee, the Browning out and barking, two shots into the back of the car before it took off down the street, two more through the rear windscreen, the orders had been clear, not to try and kill them, but he couldn’t resist giving them a ‘real scare’.

“Trackers are in” Joey called into the mike, ‘how’re they reading?”

'Trackers are in'

“Trackers are in” Joey called into the mike, ‘how’re they reading?”

“We’re all good here” a voice they recognised from halfway around the world, “Signals coming in clear as a bell, shit. I thought they were in the next room!” it was Mildred on the radio,

“Good to hear from you, er boss?” Sandy didn’t really know what to call Mildred, technically she was running the show, but only because they made it plain, no one inside ‘6’ was to be trusted until they said so, and considering the huge amount of cash they’d just delivered, she was happy to spend some of it helping them out, besides, in the spring game, it’s always good to have your ‘allies’ owning you favours!

“What’s the news on the other two?” it was Joey asked, “Back on the beat yet?”

“Officially?” Mildred sort of half asked, but didn’t wait for a reply, “They’re on stress leave, really, they’re on their way to Manchester, as your backup, like we agreed, I’m sending you contact details so you can contact directly.”

“That figures” Mac broke in, “anyone spends a day with Joey needs at least a month off to recover!” a few laughs were heard on the net.

“Okay folks” Jacko cut in’ “sorry to be a sourpuss, but what’s the situation with the trackers?”

“They’re reading good, the car’s doing about fifty miles an hour down the street, we’re following using the CCTV cameras, should have a location for you within minutes of them parking up,”

“Don’t forget about the car switch” Smithy came back on the line, “They’ll probably switch at least once if not three or four times”

“Did I tell you how to do your job?” Mildred shot back, not angry, but clearly wanting to put him in his place, she knew what she was doing, switching cars is one of the first things that criminals think of, at least the smart ones do, and until the advent of the CCTV camera, it was a sure way of getting away, if you had enough space between you and the pursuing cops, today was a different story.

The 'deception'

“I damn well hate this” Sir Michael spoke for the first time since the operation began, he’d listened in on everything, “Flaming foreign agents working on British soil, doing a job we SHOULD be doing” he almost threw the headset across the room, instead he tore it off and threw it into a pile on the desk where his laptop was, he was still connected, and on a secure frequency, but the anger was getting the better of him.

“Boss” it was Chambers spoke, they were in the same place, not far from the action, but far enough away that they couldn’t see any of the players, “we have a mole! If we try anything, they’ll know, we have to let it play out this way”

“I know, I know” he sighed, “but it doesn’t mean I like it!”

“Boss, we gave them a hell of a mess to clean up, and ours won’t be clean until we finish this, let the Kiwis do their thing!”

“Doesn’t mean I have to bloody well like it” he huffed as he sat down again.

Even Chambers wasn't going to correct him, and point out that the team was ‘all British’, it was just that control of the op wasn’t his, and it ate away at him, he paused, they both had coffee, and something to eat where they were, their computers linked to Skype, along with the radios they had everything they needed to listen in.

“Everything’s in place boss” Chamber tried to smooth things out, it only had a limited effect, we’re ready to go with the deception.

“We’re under fire” it was Sandy’s voice broke over the radio channels, they all knew GCHQ at Cheltenham was listening in on that radio frequency, hopefully they weren’t listening in to the secure chat over the system they’d been using, it was a gamble, but they were using encryption techniques that even if they were on the right frequency, they’d have to have the right settings to break the code, otherwise it’d be gibberish.

Hook, line and sinker

Sandy was talking on the ‘open’ system, the one that Cheltenham thought was their ‘secure’ system, they didn’t want the cops to pick up on anything until after MI6 had seemingly ‘cleaned the area’, that was all part of the ruse. “We’re taking fire, the package is down, repeat package is down, require immediate evac!”

“Roger that,” Jacko came on the line, “evac on the way, assistance on the way” Mac and him were in a car at the end of the street, Jacko turned the key gunned it and went screeching down the street.

All this was being picked up by the street cameras, by now Cheltenham would have heard the call, hacked the feed to the street cameras, put a few minutes time delay into the feed so that the cops got the details minutes later, enough time for either ‘5’ or ‘6’ to sort out a response, and hopefully get someone down here to ‘contain’ any damage to national security, all part of what they needed. The ‘mole’ had to think it’d been successful, hopefully, a few calls on phones would report it, and they’d have the location.

"Bug out"

Paul was hurt, but he wasn’t shot, Joey’d hit him hard enough to knock ‘the stuffing’ out of him, he’d gone down hard and damn near ‘popped’ his kneecap, he howled with pain, but Joey’d thrown something damned heavy over his head, and was lying on it, holding him down, he was beginning to have trouble breathing, and was beginning to panic.

“Let me up, Let me umph”

“Shut up and lie down” Joey punched him in the back and screamed in his ear.

“Get this bloody thing off me!” he shouted. His ears were ringing with the noise, the voice sounded kind of muffled, he’d no idea a weapon could be so loud, he wasn’t even sure the firing had stopped.

“It’s a Kevlar vest” Joey shouted back, “Bulletproof, now lie still until we tell you to move” He pushed down harder.

“You’re clear” Smithy’s voice cut over the secure channel, he was their ‘ace in the hole’ but this time ‘overwatch’ had been different, his job had been to just ‘spot’ the enemy, and keep track of them, they needed them to get away, this time!

Less than half a second later he was being physically lifted, whatever it was still over his head, bundled into the back of a vehicle, “Keep it on” Sandy was right beside him and pushing him down, “we’ve gotta make ‘em think you’re dead”

“What?” he was terrified.

“They want you dead, the only way to keep you alive is to make them think you are, now shut up and lie down!”

“Control, this is Scorpion Team,” Sandy began a ‘sitrep’ report over the official channel, “Two gunmen, dark Ford car registration Yankee, Charlie, Pappa, four two five Xray, heading north on Victoria Crescent. Am evacuating the package, damaged, but not destroyed, heading for the ‘Prince of Thieves’ over”

And that's all for this week folks, the art of espionage they say is 'smoke and mirrors' making the enemy think they've got the goods when you just nailed them!

Did the team get away with it, what about the 'body in the river' a few episodes ago? how is this all going to tie together, well we'll get there in the end, but for now we'll have to say, "See ya next week"

© 2018 Lawrence Hebb

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